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  1. Is this a joke? There is a lack of rental properties in Germany. And in the UK the population is going through the roof
  2. This is actually intelligible. A prime hypocrite too
  3. Lol - thanks for the great argumentation in this post, almost as good as the grammar - compete drivel. I was going to also say - if you cant compose any decent arguments , just shout "racist". Laughable
  4. Sounds like the truth hurts; if you think we can take continually take in those from the 3rd World (billions) who have high birth rates and overpopulate their own countries, and give them generous benefits without damaging the UK (e.g. by creating shortage of housing, drain on resources) you are clearly a complete idiot. Furthermore do you think its racist if the Gov allows people to come into your home empty your fridge etc, and you disagree? After all its not your close kin so you not wanting them in is "racist". Sorry if wanting to fight against creating moral hazard make me an "angry ma
  5. Can you let me know which race of people I am having a go at? Pathetic idiot
  6. Ha ha an academic and interloper. Creating Communism just aids fast breeders of his ilk and exacerbates the population replacement. Yep anyone who overpopulates their own country can come here on a dingy and muppets like many on here want to "level" things up! Already our benefit system is so generous they risk drowning. Clueless - as well as creating moral hazard
  7. Thats not the point - if you want to go after "unearned" income, fair enough , then rack up capital gains tax.
  8. Clearly you are thick, you have completely missed the valid points. PS if you have not inherited a penny, saved from earnings then wealth tax is a retrospective income tax - muppet
  9. yeah I read that - like th esaving son socialising and non travel in 1 years are equivalent to a house cost lol
  10. There is no chance the Gov will raise IR significantly. They need to inflate away the debt and also raising IR would be v unpopular with the perceived electorate. Unlike Germany who rightly fear infaltion , we tend to go the other direction, They will instead allow another Sterling crisis. Buy precious metals or Euros. Not $ as US economy based on BS like the UKs
  11. The fact that several million EU incomers the last two decades have pushed up prices seems to have deluded a thicko Remainer like you.
  12. Why stop at Cornwall with remote working https://www.croatiapropertysales.com/croatia-trogir-ciovo-house-for-sale-3066/ Council tax they tell me is £86 per year;
  13. lol - the article is well behind the curve and is a lot of drivel. Labour thickos are starting to realise importing millions of fast breeders form poorer part of the world only make thehousing crisis and prices worse
  14. Wrong - its the other way round. Benefits way too high - if these were reduced taxes could come down on both employee and employer, both having an effect in increasing wages
  15. ????? Are you thick? The damage just doesnt reverse when the Tories get in FFS - or you think those extra tens of millions "disappear"
  16. will stick to Croatia, - warmer seas, almost guarantied weather in Summer and early Autumn, nicer cheaper food, better built houses with concrete floors and substantial cheaper to buy /live there
  17. Before you snuff it buy assets like a house in Croatia or Slovenia- zero inheritance tax. I mean if a Slovene or rich Croat dies and his kid move to UK , he doesnt have to pay IHT - best get rid off it. Cut spending instead
  18. No chance. Working class have just realised that new Labour alway impoverishes workers by taking more taxes giving to fast breeding gimmegrants and feckless chavs fast breeders.
  19. Yes the intervention was socialism not free market capitalism. Clueless
  20. That's socialism for you - promoting moral hazard by taking it out on the taxpayer rather than the irresponsible
  21. Unfortunately this has been cause by Labour policies of swamping the country in previous years will millions of fast breeding immigrants , and socialist feminist welfare policies of allowing feckless single mum chavs to breed like rabbits. Hence the population has increased by nearly 20 millions. Your barking up the wrong tree mate
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