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  1. No chance. Working class have just realised that new Labour alway impoverishes workers by taking more taxes giving to fast breeding gimmegrants and feckless chavs fast breeders.
  2. Yes the intervention was socialism not free market capitalism. Clueless
  3. That's socialism for you - promoting moral hazard by taking it out on the taxpayer rather than the irresponsible
  4. Unfortunately this has been cause by Labour policies of swamping the country in previous years will millions of fast breeding immigrants , and socialist feminist welfare policies of allowing feckless single mum chavs to breed like rabbits. Hence the population has increased by nearly 20 millions. Your barking up the wrong tree mate
  5. No . Labour voters have finally realised the Labour policy of importing millions of fast breeder spongers, and helping the indigenous feckless ( and then banging on about equality) , means even the proper "working " class will be fleeced
  6. Lol. I think "slow" Northerners are just starting to realise that Labours ideas are not beneficial to them or the country; that of importing millions of fast breeders form the 3rd World and having an over-generous welfare state to support the feckless popping out sprogs, and then continuining to bang on about inequality (theft from all workers to pay for it all) . The residents of Sedgefield and others must be so thick to have voted Blair continually. Hey ho - the result is now clear - too much demand for houses cos we are overpopulated; and people screaming on here. Makes me laugh
  7. OK with currencies you always need to compare two of them. So yes the £ may be very undervalued against the $ (Us debt is crazy and large part of their economy built on bull sh*t. But with regards an din comparison with the Eurozone, with German economy predominant, the UK has severe structural deficit, trade imbalance. (And do you know how much gold Germans have?) But mainly PPP - forget the Big Mac index as continentals dont often have Big Macs and so a re more expensive. Just look at rent/cost of property/council tax/transport (most thing) - all so much more expensive in the UK.
  8. ha ha have you seen our national debt? As for Barclays it is well known that banksters put our propaganda to pump before dump. Always bet the other way. Sterling has fallen for decades against DM and then Euro and will continue to do so
  9. Precisely why we will have a severe Sterling crisis at some stage. Buy precious metals and Euros. Sell $ and £
  10. The reasons are black and white - quite literally
  11. A thug is someone who violently attack someone. The OP is clearly a clueless loser
  12. ha ha they can always get on their bikes to work in other parts of the UK. I am from Cornwall and moved to the SE as there were no jobs. After working hard for 3 decades I have a holiday home there. Sad socialists lol life aint fair sob. Envy is such a ugly trait
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