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  1. Lower EU migration = Higher Commonwealth migration Rubbish. Why? Only if we let it happen
  2. Sterling is still 20-30% overvalued against the Euro. Predominantly it is about PPP. A rail ticket for a 45 min train journey cost me equivalent to £1.75 and 2.10 in Spain and Germany respectively The trians were clean and reliable and not overcrowded.. And look at property prices and what you can get for your cash in those countries. I have been following the DM/Euro FX market since the 70s. Currencies do no revert ot a long term figure but move in trends often long term decade trends. UK and US economies built on BS. So precious metals or Euro
  3. Yes many I know are angry. Destruction of democracy, no free speech, unabated immigration and the middle classes propping up the bankster and governing elite, as well as the feckless fast breeders
  4. If you don't understand simple basics of supply and demand that's not my problem. Easier to try to take the pee than address the facts. Sorry if the truth hurts . Note HappyGuy and Zugzwangs comments - it's not me that come's over as thick mate
  5. The thick Germans cant link the problem to the million + immigrants of late. Even the housing campaigner is Rouzbeh Taheri, a great German name.
  6. No. 12 years has always been the case for UK income and the 7 years for overseas income has now been extended to 12 years in line
  7. 12 years has always been the case if you are found under-declaring now also for foreign income: https://www.burges-salmon.com/news-and-insight/legal-updates/hmrc-tax-assessments-time-limits-increased-in-relation-to-offshore-matters/
  8. Not true. 12 years now in force for overseas income now too. We had one E European tax dodger on this forum that as a UK resident thought he could get away with not declaring foreign BTL income https://www.burges-salmon.com/news-and-insight/legal-updates/hmrc-tax-assessments-time-limits-increased-in-relation-to-offshore-matters/
  9. Surprised by the anecdotes here. £500 million and 1.5 million landlords equals on average £333 unpaid tax. This suggests most do declare the tax. Its just not worth it. Penalties 2 to 3 x the unpaid tax plus porridge depending on severity and being forced to show all documents last 12 years. The latter is probably the biggest nightmare. Sleepless nights and fear of being dobbed in.
  10. "My parents (and in laws) when they die will provide me with a inheritance say £100k each," Very naive - what if they need to go to a care home?
  11. Thats precisely the point. None of the money sponged by the Greeks has been paid back or is likely too
  12. Clueless. The German taxpayers has been bailing out the lazy corrupt tax evading Greeks to the tune of hundreds of billiona
  13. Overpopulation caused by the last 40 years of unfettered immigration and over-generous welfare state encouraging fast breeders. We are f*cked
  14. Yeah and funny how the selfish Icelanders voted not to give the money back to the UK even though the stolen money from their banks ultimately went into the Icelandic economy where healthcare standard of living is one of the highest in the World, and we have foodbanks. Just like the cods wars the selfish lot threatened to leave NATO. Horrible people
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