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  1. Its a free country - people can invest their hard earned savings where they like. Stock markets are liable to crash.
  2. Yawn. The hypocrisy from a writer of drivel. Seems like I have touched a nerve. Truth hurts eh? ? hun
  3. Giving everyone and anyone all they need without having to work (or suffer) will result in a section of the community just breeding, a bankrupt country, and capital flight of workers. We are in fact a very socialst country when we look at total welfare. My chav neighbout who live in £500K council house in Surrey did no work apart from popping out loads of daughters who at 15/16 did th e same - each one "given " a house worth £500K .
  4. Better cut welfare. and have taxes on 3rd kids. What about those who have worked their butt for decades and have second homes as a pension?. Still easier to steal from hard workers and give to fast breeders. - and help population replacement. Envy is such an ugly trait and condoning theft worse. Go and live in N Korea if you love communism, saddo
  5. Especially the fast breeders. Labour want to take from hard workers give to fast breeders. Its just a way to continue the population replacement. Forget wealth tax - a tax on breeding would be better with high unemployent and an overpopulated country living on benefits
  6. But muppet Johnson has allowed 2 million Chinese HK to come here 200,000 on their. Mainly tax evaders.
  7. They are stupid muppets. What about modern slavery in the textiles sweatshops of Leicester and Birmingham. Deafening silence
  8. They need to cut their pensions for their highest earners. (My pot has gone down by 30%. )Most are useless thick and lazy, Of course will never happen
  9. Yeah Bliar let in tens of millions, and now Labour wants to tax hard workers more to pay for the fast breeders
  10. Demonic - envy and greed and people have already paid tax on it. Still , steal from hard workers and give to fast breeders. All part of the NWO to ethnically cleanse the West
  11. whinging sluts - only work they have ever done is opening their legs
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