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  1. Most are just fast breeders who overpopulated their own country and come here for benefits. They are parasites
  2. If the wgs did that too me they would be sliced to ribbons with my samurai. And yet sad jeallous commies on here thinks its funny. Whats a sick forum
  3. Plenty of Mohammeds up and down the country with 5/6/7 kids because of our benefit system. Deliberately milking the system, like many (not all ) feckless young single mums, and in future push up demand even higher, due to pop growth. Meanwhile the thick socialist muppets here bark up the wrong tree . It so amusing
  4. It always makes me laugh when muppets try to change the subject. Yes offshore tax evasion is evil and need to be cut down but drop in ocan compared to the welfare budget; jobless Karens are more than annoying. I lived in an ex council house where the woman opposite same age mid 40s never doen a days work in her life pumped out 4 daughters who deliberaltey got pregnant to get a council house each having 3 kids. So thats 5 council properties - market value in Surrey 2.5 million - plus all child bebefits etc. Meanwhile I am scrapping ice of my car to go to work at 5.30pm
  5. The Afghans have very large families, in fact the root cause of poverty and thus extremism and civil war and strife. One aid worker suggested to a woman that she stop having more kids after the 7thm and she aggressively retorted Allah will give her many more. Well is Islam forbids contraception and these people cant take resposnsibility then why should we help them (especially as they coulndt be bothered to fight) Just creating moral hazard and out country is already overpopulated. Moreover we will have a civil war because we are becoming like Bosnia.
  6. Overpopulation leads to poverty unemployment extremism war. if Islam prevents contraception then not our problem. Giving refuge and helping out the irresponsible causes severe moral hazard, and does ur generous benefit system for indigenous and migrants pumping out kids. But the sad socialists on here cant see the real cause of housing crisis and just like to steal.
  7. Stop spending instead; especially benefits. No wonder they come across in droves across the channel.
  8. No they are brash backstabbers loud obnoxious two faced and obsessed with money
  9. Falmouth - prices have gone crazy people needing to put substantially higher offers in. Still cheaper still than oveercrowded SE and a nice vibe, Uni, and rail line.
  10. All I see in my home town and where I live is Mzlims and E European poppin out kids, still the over generous welfare state will ensure we all go down to the lowest common denominator. Just helping long term population replacement under the guise of welfare/levelling up ect
  11. Whatever happens to inflation the Gov would not let the BoE raise interest rates hugely. Would be political suicide as so unpopular for mortgage holders. No the Gov will prefer a severe Sterling crisis which is now inevitable
  12. Is this a joke? There is a lack of rental properties in Germany. And in the UK the population is going through the roof
  13. This is actually intelligible. A prime hypocrite too
  14. Lol - thanks for the great argumentation in this post, almost as good as the grammar - compete drivel. I was going to also say - if you cant compose any decent arguments , just shout "racist". Laughable
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