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  1. Thanks for all the advice! I'll give my mortgage provider a call. nnails - do what I do, I buy a car for around £700 and just drive it into the ground. I usually only end up getting a new car every 3 years!
  2. Hi all, I have a 30 year mortgage for £69,000. I have 23 years left and the balance is £60,000. With Alliance and Leicester. I'm on a tracker (I think) and paying £345 per month. I've started doing some freelance work since January (whilst still maintaining my full time job) which is going quite well. I've made £4,000 (ish) up until now. As much as a "Round the world" cruise would be lovely! I'm trying to keep my sensible hat on. My questions are - should I overpay on my mortgage? If so - are there any penalties? Should I overpay as and when I can? Or should I save it up off and pay it off in bulk? This is new to me, any advice would be most appreciated!

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