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  1. Read this . I was wondering why our european countries cant stop a few immigrants arriving at European shores. It must be that they dont want to stop them . http://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/ If you read down to the 10th paragraph you will see an Angel Merkell connection .
  2. 5% Mortage rates. Then banks could make a profit again.. Pay savers 3%. the way i see it if you want to borrow money you should be expected to pay for it. If your willing to save money you should get a return on it. An increased mortgage rate would slow things down quite a bit. At the moment everything is **** about face.
  3. Started watching it , what a sack of crap, nearly hurled a mug of tea at the TV. Foreigner lived here 15 years he has a job pays taxes and was still worried that he would be sent home because of the brexit vote.Cant he read a news paper . oh yeah probably dont integrate with the scum english. There was a London Mews house probably owned by a foreign invester £3.5 Million The garden was a window box.They kept having to reduce the price. Same old were short of builders and we are going to have to import more foreign (cheap labour) crap, Ive watched foreign brickies it takes about 4 of them to do the work of 1 english brickie., and they leave a complete mess.
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/billsguides/article-3709622/Natwest-warns-charging-current-accounts-NEGATIVE-rates-mean-you.html Natwest to start charging for bank accounts. Santander to change 3-2-1 account to 2-1-0 supposed to be reducing the interest rate to 2% How are banks supposed to earn money out of almost 0% mortage rates. phone the local school and ask a few kids advice, Because none of it makes any sense to me.None of it adds up. They want everyone to do everything online, direct debit etc, But using banks seems unnatractive. ( a big fireproof safe needed). They reckon all of this is caused by the 2008 financial crash nothing to do with brexit.
  5. Someone won £10,000 with £300 worth of bonds. Someone Won £1000 with £7 worth of bonds......................... a couple of £1000 wins on £100 worth of bonds. A £1000 win on £25 worth of bonds.etc http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-1637084/Premium-Bonds-winning-numbers.html Check the list yourself . premium bonds are completely RANDOM. I stopped buying the lottery and have premium bonds instead.
  6. They should just shut the benefits department down. No Benefits unless genuinly dsabled, blind or whatever. The country would be empty, you could probably have two houses each . no need for this HPC site. What a brilliant suggestion
  7. I dont see why everyone is hating boris. And who ever even said he wanted to be prime-minister.? Just cos he looks human and dont look like normal stiff fossil of an MP.; May looks like shes about to die, her voice breaks after about 4 words of a sentence. If i was him i would set a plastic claims lawyer onto everyone that writes a rubbish story, No win no fee.
  8. You have to trust who you are buying off . could be lump of lead painted gold. How do you test it. imagine owning your gold for five years and finding out its counterfiet when you come to cash it in. The royal mint do 1kg bullion bars. I reckon if you used 1kg gold bars as door stops , who would suspect they were real.
  9. Listen to this young girl on film explaining her reasons for protesting against brexit. completely upside down way of thinking.. 3 favourite things about the EU she replied 1:" Weve got the NHS" 2: "We are all united together" 3:" Well i would invite everybody to our country." Give us 5 Words that you would associate with Great Britain 1: "Great Britain" ." Um Er Well" Proud 2:" Dunno well For me its all negativity"." I dont know what to say.". Seems like she just wanted to join a protest.
  10. They like the competition , competing with 300 others for every job. They like waiting 2 weeks to see the Doctor . They like the thought of wasting money paying dicators to tell us what to do. £13 Billion paid in to the EU £4.5 billion paid to uk Net contribution £8.5Billion They like competing for housing They would rather have the Euro rather than the pound Lack of Soverignty they wouldnt have to Vote again. They like our Fishing industry devasted by EU fishing boats (ask any private sea angler). They think that EU actually give us Money every £1 we get costs us £2. could go on . INNIT. https://fullfact.org/europe/our-eu-membership-fee-55-million/
  11. https://fullfact.org/europe/our-eu-membership-fee-55-million/ I am just dissapointed they are squabbling like schoolkids just envoke article 50 and get on with it. I did a lot of reading and nothing would have made me change my mind. Reasons 1: Cost of the EU in 2015 we paid £13,000,000,000 EU spending on the UK £4.5,000,000,000 Net contribution £8.5,000,000,000 2: European Army 3:Joining Euro Currency 4: TTIP 5:Soveriegnty 6:Immigration.Needs stopping until every Brit is in work. 7:Furious that my hard earned was being wasted on fatcats that werent answerable to anyone.
  12. Im insane with anger listening to all these losers whinging i bet 1/2 of them didnt even vote or learn anything about what the vote was about . I still havent met a single person that wanted to vote remain. If i did i would probably cross them off my christmas list. These useless politicians want to hurry up and Elect a prime minister and evoke article 50. Were not getting out quick enough as far as i am concerned. Lets hope the rest of the EU comes tumbling down. Then each country can get its indentity back.
  13. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/683528/John-Kerry-London-UK-USA-special-relationship This is probably the USA 's second attempt at forcing us to stay in the EU 1: Obamas visit to UK To convince Cameron recently. 2: John Kerry coming under the guise of smoothing things over with the US. lets hope that the 3rd attempt is to remove all Mcdonalds. Lets see what news comes after this visit.
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