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  1. Next week's CPI figures should show an inflation increase, as the pound drift lower.
  2. Rightmove doesn't set house sale prices, estate agents do. Estate Agents are responsible for setting updating and removing prices as the purchase cycle completes. Unscrupulous estate agents sometimes operate outside of the law, placing sold properties on the site as a means to draw prospective buyers into their web.
  3. I think the question should be changed to what do you think the government should do next? I think they should raise the interest rates, and stop fooling the mass by saying we need to build more houses and raise salaries per hour to £15!
  4. Wealth used to be savings and cash. Now its bricks... although you cannot barter for goods and services using bricks ? Looking forward to the Wealth Tax ?
  5. Labour Party “People have had enough of years of the elite pinching wealth from the pockets of ordinary working people. Labour will overturn the rigged economy that the Tories (Conservatives) are obsessed with protecting,” - Link
  6. It's a trend... continuing it's upside trajectory... the mass are renting until the interest rates are used to correct the balance of money or salaries get a helicopter money injection... to simplify the country enters stagnation... A japan style flatline.... they all fear an economic crash... ?
  7. Salaries will never catchup to affordability.... The govt props and low interest rates are the root cause of this madness. Attempting to make these prices normal in the mind set.
  8. Just tax people on the wealth of their properties... employment is booming.... I'm sure they can afford it.
  9. This is not a supply issue, its an affordability issue, but the westminster clowns will attempt to fool lemmings via social media. Either salaries go up or prices come down... ?
  10. If the locals dont want to work... then the imports will take over the road show ?
  11. Yep. CPI is meausred for standard of living costs.. but RPI is still used for student loans, gas; electricity; water and rail fairs... its a laughable fraud... yet people run out to vote for these clowns non the less?
  12. A 6 day event, that contributed to a hold in bank lending rates. Basically the country is stagnating.... Similar to Japan 90's... 2000's... 2010's... Inflation goes up = GBP goes down.
  13. Twist & Turns.... next month it was too sunny for consumers to go out ?
  14. Unfortunately the central bank have an inflation target based on a basket of goods.... Bricks and mortar is not in that basket. ?
  15. Because is was very snowy during the first quarter.... waiting for the second quarter weather forecast.. to confirm stagnation... a country in flatline ? 0.5% interest rate Borrower at max capacity Prices continue to rise New Borrowers are in decline.... (Have more kids!) ?
  16. Last month the excuse was snow. This month the excuse will be its too sunny ?
  17. Indirect impact through demand for accomodation. The true impact is through fiscal policies since 1999, componded by QE (quantitative easing). Now we all wait for the impact from the unknown.
  18. Well if they cannot afford to pay it out.. They sell up... simple.... no need for ramification of PPI loans as they get compensation from the lenders.
  19. but the house prices have increased 10 fold since the 90's... I don't see what the big deal is. Sell and buy something outright. A house purchased in the 80's for £50,000 is now worth £500,000... no big deal ?
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