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  1. If Italy leave then the euro project would cease. They want to reduce income tax and retirement age, both would be blocked by the EU. Makes you wonder when will the UK stop wasting money, and state the obvious. A hard exit is most likely.
  2. Agreed. One major factor is the country's reputation is valued on the basis of its currency. The markets are not buying into pumping up Sterling anymore. So I expect inflation to start shooting upwards, when the currency value is felt across the wider economy. They will attempt to protect consumer debt at all costs, as it underpinned the GDP growth over the last 10 years.
  3. Emotional Experts. If anyone has a look at LIBOR... the 12 month rate is on an incline based on US Interest rates. With Sterling being dumped, Testing situations in southern Europe (Spanish & Italian debts). Increase costs in lending is occurring regardless. The choices are to have a clear out crash the system and reset it or enter stagnation. Zero growth over the next 50 years, while advertising / marketing props are used to hold the economy in a sideway channel until its considered normal.
  4. They will never go up.... the government tap into age cheap debt pool daily.
  5. so the government considers this to be affordable
  6. The problem is who is going to buy sterling... it may come to a stage when its cheaper to use £5 notes as wall paper than actual wallpaper ?
  7. Its relative... unless they cash out and run away with the loot ?
  8. And sheads too... maket the same message long enough, equates to brainwashing.
  9. He’s gearing up to drop interest rates - Link Bricks will become move valuable than the currency ?
  10. Its either flatline or a soft drop. The government will keep help to buy, to continue its flat building saga, to have a nice gdp ranking. The central bank continue to pray that a low interest rate economic crash is minimal and everyones wealth has increased, yet does everyone feel wealthy? It the props are removed, and the central banks deems savers are the way forward... then a crash is on the cards...
  11. They can pay it all through the accumulated wealth from house price inflation... (Bricks ;o)
  12. Nope pretty much sums up that they are controlling with intent to support their nanny state logic... not helping the average struggling joe schmo making barely enough to survive on, zero sum savings... living off cheap credit.
  13. Its going to baseline around the $1.30 mark... the markets have grown tired of the boy who cried wolf ?
  14. Brexit vote has cost each UK household £900, says Mark Carney - Link
  15. Amazon or maybe Lidle this country has no owners in this country ?
  16. if thats the new figure for the average class, I guess the gulf between rich and poor just became wider.
  17. I wonder if the royal wedding will provide an uplift in retail sales ?
  18. Why doesn't the government validate whats being published, factual information like this is being used to generate sentiment, especially when the going is good... "Look how successful our country is..."
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