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  1. The media are a fickle bunch... todays article... buying bext to a supermarket adds value to your home. Anything to distort values. The only true value is the actual recorded transaction of a purchase by the Land Registry... anything else is just predictive to convey the position of the author to sway sentiment.
  2. Funny thing is the exit hasnt happened yet... but leaving one club without joining another is a problem, but the real issue what does the UK export to balance what it imports ?
  3. Normal economic cycles is 4 years up, 1 year to flush out the crap... QE has created an illusion of were all great and skipped three toilet flushes. Now as they gloss over normalisation and switch short term credit lending (LIBOR) back from central banks to the new and improved previous system (pre-2008)... everyone will feel the hangover ?
  4. They will be going back for a second referendum... I have no doubt of that.
  5. Well now they never have too... who wants to be controlled by a parilment so far away and without tacit knowledge of the country.
  6. RM dont control whats advertised. Thats up to estate agents to manage. Keeping STC post completion is just another attempt to attract potential buyers ?
  7. Exactly why I’d come out of voting retirement and vote. He is exactly what the country needs. A spark that ignites the flames of ruin ?
  8. Labour is confused. Half if them are red ties, with blue hearts. Those are not true Labour.
  9. Two days on the Trott the mob are hinting that they are going to raise the base rate.... Super Yawn ?
  10. Peak season, it depends on credit they are pimping out to the mass of phools... ? Straight from the horses mouth "From this data, a "standardised" house price is calculated and property price movements on a like-for-like basis (including seasonal adjustments) are analysed over time. The annual change is calculated as an average for the latest three months compared with the same period a year earlier. These figures provide a better picture of the underlying trend compared to a monthly year-on-year number as they smooth out any short-term fluctuations." Link - "Leverage a proven methodology that has remained consistent throughout the Halifax HPI history, enabling direct comparability of current index levels with historical values" If the trend is down, based on Land Registry, the xtra mob will see how much was borrowed and create a fudged order of magnitude estimate (a range between negative 5% to a positive 75%) for the masses to follow ? Does anyone read the fine print?
  11. Hopefully Bitcoin will lead the way down "an economist at IHS Markit, cautioned that a renewed drop in new work “hinted that the recovery could prove short-lived”
  12. In Europe, all fees are paid by the owner, not the renter, including "...utilities, communication services and Council Tax" This is all wrong, my country seems to have lost it identity...
  13. The current setup is causing a wealth trap... the values being positioned are circumstantial demand. Through all the quantitative easing pumped through the market, you'd expect everyone to be swimming in pools of money.... Have salaries gone up - Slightly, because of push side inflation (After 10 years). Are more house being built - It depends on point of view, at present construction has halted. Are house being sold - Rate of sale transactions have declined. Employment Market - Self employment is on the rise, yet the rate of return is less than 2008; Retail & manufacturing jobs are declining; Service sector is flatlining. Inflation - Above 2%
  14. Thats the unfortunate part of a country being taken over. It looses its identity.
  15. I thought that once a person maxed on a credit card, they transfer the bill to another lender with a larger credit facility?
  16. Unless the UK is willing to continuing accepting European rules... They will not get any deals... If the country is so great then it doesn't need the EU. Presuming the government will adopt rolling wave planning approach.... basically wing it ?
  17. Basel3 is kicking into effect... Still a crash requires interest rates to rise... LIBOR has already started the increase in mortgage rates... just need a few hikes as a final nails in the coffin of UK super con economy.
  18. The public is flickle. I’d love the prices to crash from the insanity created by successive governments and a corporate dove central bank. Sadly Labour are not singing the right tune to win the election, Con-servatives are still trying blindside the public with more gimmicks.
  19. European culture... mostly rent driven, as they cannot afford to buy. Hence why the rent market has been driven up. It is because of expereinced renters are willing to fund it. Once the exit happens 4 million renters abandon the UK and turning the country into a ghost town.
  20. Wow 110% of final salary... Now thats a country I hope will resist the changes, that the UK didn’t. The UK bented over and rolled over.. some got rich, many are Brickionaires, the majority are FOMO’s ?
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