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  1. why allow anyone to save, when the economy is doing pants.... make them spend spend spend... until they are broke and living from paycheque to paycheque.... best way to credit a consumer army that can never leave... they can't afford to.... thats what's occurred over the last 20 years...
  2. One thousand and forty nine pages later... nothing has been agreed, nothing has been changed. Same shite different day ?
  3. Ploy, I've seen an agent keep properties that have been sold on rightmove as unsold to drag in more enquires ?
  4. I'll wait for it, to be the same value as Poundland...... £1
  5. 7% loan secured from a mortgage with specialist finance company. Errmm.... the lender is ???????
  6. How the markets are reacting is very interesting. The Fed will continue to hike, ECB will continue to crow dove, driving up euro stocks, Trumpet is gone to trade war, and found an opportunity to expand into North Korea... The Pound is will be killed until the gamers realise that no one is interested in a weak pound.
  7. an increase in supply alone does not drive prices down... All buyers should go on strike... until house prices are included into CPI....
  8. Is this tax payer funded schemes or are they under written by the central bank?
  9. Look at what Help to Buy has done to the housing market....
  10. They have no choice but to try and convince all in the ponzi to keep it going... but the ring leaders are these guys.. the CON servatives....
  11. Help to Buy is driving the market values. Plus its a prime measurement of GDP ?
  12. They have no price control, imagine construction of homes being built then sold off at over inflated values, while councils are give an eighth of the quota under social housing. The true answer is raising the interest rates to return this country the values and customes preaent 20 years ago, when saving for an idea or a dream was the norm. Now people are stuck in debt with no backup.
  13. lol CPI came in at 2.4%.... "Statisticians said the falling cost of computer games, sweets and chocolate helped to offset the rising price of petrol"..... its ok most of the public cannot afford to buy a home.... but it's ok they can buy chocolate to compensate for the fact ?
  14. They are behind the curve. missed the boat... more job losses, more plausible a crash, doesn't matter what the rate is, because people went beyond means to get a foot on the ladder, without a job, all bets are off ?
  15. "More equal societies are marked by strong community life, high levels of trust, a greater willingness to help others, and low levels of violence. As inequality rises, all this goes into reverse. Community life atrophies, people cease to trust each other, and homicide rates are higher. In the most unequal societies, like Mexico and South Africa, the damage has gone further: citizens have become afraid of each other. Houses are barricaded with bars on windows and doors, razor wire atop walls and fences. And as inequality increases, a higher proportion of a country’s labour force is employed in what has been called “guard labour” – the security staff, prison officers and police we use to protect ourselves from each other."
  16. Rolls Royce axing 4000 employees in Derby.... and the unemployment hits just keep on coming ? Link
  17. Unfortunately the days when new arrivals came, were given £5 and told to get on with it has died. I wish it hadn't, but its been replaced by a system which has no respect for money. As for systems, if the UK wishes to adopt a system of such, then the system only saves 10%, as thats how much has been handed out to non uk citizens.
  18. They are making life for themselves, that shows people migrated the UK and setup a business, so business people are creating jobs of sorts. ?
  19. Ghetto fabulous... its ok the Bank of England will open up the cash sprinklers and spray money to continue the illiusion that all is well ?
  20. Nail bar on one side, chicken shop on the opposite side.... ontop of both sides are micro luxury flats... ?
  21. Which ever side one sits on, always presents a compelling case for debt. The facts are that at current values of properties are not aligned to growth in wages, hence affordability has been skewed by disproportionate credit facilities.
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