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  1. still trying to pump the market... wealth is king... was who needs that anymore... ?
  2. A price of a semi detached house in 2005... approx £210,000k in London, is now the price of a one bed room flat in London... Zone 6
  3. More over valued properties entering the market... gathering dust and weeds, as the market is full of sellers and minimum buyers ?
  4. Many Labour MPs also have a property portfolio. “Almost one in five MPs are landlords. Parliament has published its register of MPs' financial interests for the first time since the election. An analysis by FactCheck shows that 123 MPs earn extra money by renting out homes and private property. Landlord MPs account for almost a fifth of all MPs.”
  5. 2 years ago... Countrywide PLC was valued at a £1 billion pounds Today... Countrywide PLC is now valued at £90 million pounds. In March, it announced a ‘back to basics’ campaign to reduce its £192 million debts. Emoov founder Russell Quirk said: ‘Countrywide is on its knees. They have to do something.’ Emoov has a valuation of £103 million after merging with online property firms Urban and Tepilo, set up by Channel 4 presenter Sarah Beeny. Emoov, loss-making since it was founded in 2009, expects to post a profit in 2020. Online property firm Emoov bids for ailing Countrywide. Bust ?
  6. Nothing will pass government legislation as it diectly impact tje MPs who have a property empire. They would block anymove that damages there portfolio ?
  7. No need for a think tank to state the obvious.... Its a big blow up doll economy, that will not survive a new era in interest rates. Regardless of what central banks say, everything is heading back to a world of supply and demand. Remove Help to Buy & raising interest rates will cause prices to plummet, simply because wages did not keep up with the everything ballon... Flat screen TV (Interest Free Credit Cards) Cars (Cheap Credit) Houses (Cheap Credit) Air Travel Costs (Low Oil Costs) Cheap human resources from EU (Freedom of Movement) All the smart people have begun to leave... & leaving behind....... ??
  8. probably insider information on what fraud the government will attempt next, to keep these high prices ?
  9. Yep. The public have zero rights to select its members, so the chancellor is ultimatly to blame, as he or she will hire according to the policy which the desire to implement. E.g permission to flood the market with another round of QE.. All business centric, with workers viewed as credit hoe’s, ready for the next shot like a junkie is to cocaine.
  10. Until they run out of lemmings ? Hence my immigration was a beig utter untruthful con, no government was honest in regards to it for over 20 years. They need the credit hoe’s and keep them junked up with fresh doses.
  11. The price of buying homes increases, in turn increases the demand for rental accommodations. Controlling how people behave, if they cant afford to buy a home, more likely to then buy goods as an emoitional pickup... ? While all masters behave like “unreliable boyfriend” all promises and no action; with willingness to join highly political projects, such as like the help to buy scheme, which artificially boosted the housing market and refraining from open attacks on austerity. Are they supporting the people?
  12. I can't work out of a sell of is in motion.... if so who the heck is buying up the shite ?
  13. The impact of Bank of England stimulus & governments Help to Buy are primary culprits of an unaffordable system.
  14. It's rigged, anything to avoid a rate hike... the rate needs to stay like this for 100 years, for wages to catchup to credit stimulus.
  15. it feels like a rigged vote... Look how the pound behaves, just by an additional dissenter. It pushes the pound up and that gives them more excuses not to rase the rate....
  16. They will try and keep the inflated values... I don't see any real value falls.
  17. Everyone will be homeless. Only ultra rich will have homes.
  18. If no ones buying... rents are dropping.... then so will the revenue... and what a shareholder receives for lending it money via share purchase.
  19. These drops are peanuts... they've risen for over 10 years.... requires a solid drop to attract buyers.... more EU rumbles, US rate hikes... should create ample corrections in values.
  20. That dream being scuppered by the Goldman's dove mob - Link
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