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  1. Not really, once benefits are received, they are spent on items deemed as required to survive, hence the flow of money incurs, that the money is returned into the economy.
  2. The pound is loosing credibility on a global stage.... looking forward to a run on the pound
  3. 95% of all benefits received, is ploughed back into the British economy. I have zero interest in who receives what benefit.
  4. Unfortunately social media amnesia has grappled the public from foot to mouth ?
  5. raise 5% each year. cut resource services, & adopt power saving / shared services strategy.... poor mgmt always leads to stupidity.
  6. it's an opinion, with out traction from the lords of money control, it will get buried.
  7. Doesn't look like a crash is happening... they are trying everything to keep the current values.
  8. Government - Minority Inflation - 2.4% Unemployment - Low Wage growth - Low Economy - Robust, consumer spending is declining. GDP - 87%
  9. Blame your successive governments both Labour and Conservatives and chuck in the Central Bank... who've devised an economy driven by consumer spending, and measuring spending while stripping out components like oil, and house prices to make their policies look successful - Link
  10. Robert Shiller - "This could be the very beginning of a turning point." Housing prices have reached an unsustainable height and people are just declining to participate in the market (presumably they're putting up with cramped living quarters, moving away from big cities, or renting in an increasingly monopolized and price-gouging rental market). Rising interest rates are likely also spooking potential buyers. The exciting part is that if this is a bursting bubble, then there will be lots of speculators who paid too much for houses who are overleveraged and getting worried, and if they start to sell, it could trigger a cascade of sell-offs that tank the market altogether. Very interesting article - Link
  11. I still remember Gordon Brown in parliament saying that he will ensure house prices do not accelerate and become unaffordable. Net result MP’s are full of fake promises and zero deliveries.
  12. Its not rocket science, the quite secret, that after the end of the great depression in the ‘30’s... the house prices crashed. The net cause was QE. This ome will be worse because QE is a short term 2 year affair. The US wanted to start the cycle in 2015... but European economics was shagged... 2016 China had a melt down, Brexit and Trump... 2017 was a super inflation injector from tax cuts... Another tax cut looms... meaning American inflation is super charged... so the fed dot path is shifting upwards... normalisation has begun. ?
  13. Yep... but bottom dollar is falling out of the market.. next week rate hike pending now snow annoncements ?
  14. More corrections to come... normal econoic cycles is 4 years up and 1 year down. Quantitive easing created an illusion, and allowed companies to borrow short term credit from centeral banks while attempting correct the mechanisms in the market.
  15. Driven to make businesses look good, burden consumers with debt, create an illusion of an thriving economy while the governments continue to cry wolf ?
  16. gone are the days when shoeboxes were selling for one £100k.... the bubble is gearing up to pa pa pa pop ?
  17. Why are the europeans congrated up north? I thought that was a London thing ?
  18. All information is aggregated to mask the truth behind the countries economy... its not moved an inch in over 10 years, yet they play the fiddle that all is well.
  19. UKIP was formed by hardcore Labour supporters... why has Labour distanced itself from its roots?
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