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  1. "The figures follow July's Office for National Statistics audit that found households were spending more than they earned for 30 years." link
  2. "House prices rose when interest rates fell and banks were happy to give out mortgages." .... so hence why they ever so slow raise interest rates.... hence what Brexit will do... lead to a rapid rise in lending rates, to shore up the value of sterling... ? The research was commissioned by Sky News and carried out by Neal Hudson, housing market analyst and director of Residential Analysts.
  3. Sky News one of there better balanced attempts... link "House prices rose when interest rates fell and banks were happy to give out mortgages." The research was commissioned by Sky News and carried out by Neal Hudson, housing market analyst and director of Residential Analysts.
  4. No one can afford London... The whole qe programme has caused a disfunctional system.
  5. The blame for this lays squarely with the Central Bank and the Chancellor. They never gave a shute about the people whom they serve.
  6. Only if it were true... why would rich people use help to buy... they are rich.... any excuse plausible, to withdraw it.
  7. Hardly a drop... more like a pinch in the ocean... looking forward to Brexit and the innovative distruction of the Housing valutions... to normalised on the backdrop of interest rate hikes, and stagnant salaries ?
  8. 1. US Turbo Charged Economy / Fed Interest Rate Hikes. 2. Brexit, BoE Interest Rate hikes, to shore up a possible run on the Pound. 3. China relectance to reform on inbound International Trading.
  9. I’m sure new versions of the latest gimick will surface shortly, followed by so much infomation the original point will be erased from the mind.
  10. The ploy is not to stipulate SSTC online, but to haul you into the office, then say that house just sold, but we’ve got these properties... its a classic sucker trap ?
  11. One big trap... Borrow to the hilt to fund an education, then get a job warning a stagnant salary, trapped by unaffordable living abodes.... don't worry the Bank of England has facilitated the opening of many fried chicken shops.... so while living from hand to mouth... your KFC is cheap enough so you can get your one square meal a day.
  12. £50k loan from the government to help keep the deception going.... but your service charge is added to your bill then 5 years later, your purchase has declined in value, but your debt has increased in value..... Sounds like a scam ?
  13. Sadly salaries are not... plus all the news is filled with imagination with partial facts.
  14. The governments over the last 20 years have painted a lalalala land picture. Credit infused debt deam. Unfortunately, the basis of the ability to repay is in the hands of private companies willing to pay employees to maintain that dream. The crux is that salaries have never kept pace with the borrowibg cycles, and a couple of small increases in the interest rates have everyone running scared. I look forward to the US leading the way.
  15. If market sentimet goes then all hell breaks loose, espcially those who bought for return on investment purposes. Grow cash.
  16. Its all news catching attempts, but they shot themselves in the foot. Those who wish to leave wanted a hard exit all ties cut, not a tip toe affair... personally it should either be both feet in or both feet out. If anyone cares to note, all the main current MP’s have a nice property portfolio which will loose aerious value upon exit, and a centeral bank, that has a problem with pumping more QE into the mix, the lower the pound goes, the higher inflation goes... ?
  17. “What you are doing is lending them more money backed by the taxpayer to push up house prices even more,” he said. Mr Edwards explained that while US property prices corrected back to normal levels following the financial crisis, the UK market has become a “bubble on top of the previous bubble”. - Link
  18. Gilts range from 3 months to 30 years... why buy long term debt when rates are rising, basically the value of a bond becomes less each time a interest rate rise occurs.
  19. It's already begun to change. All the new build flats are being converted into student digs. The UK has started the global education system ra ra ra... electronic cars.... basically they will ultimately align with the US, and join the lands of tax haven. As the the UK residents, they get shafted.
  20. In February '18 a Bank of England committee member publicised, that they have made everyone wealthier, an approx. £12,000 better off. They would be loath to rase interest rates as they own 25% of Government debt, for which a government hasn't the means to pay off the debt. It's a classic.... The country's high street is dead doors. Consumers wages have been static for 10 years. Interest Rates are moving upwards Unemployment is starting to rise Unstable Government Upside Inflation Upside Oil prices Hard Brexit The question is will the bank, stop a run on the pound or let it head lower? ?
  21. Opinion's are always bent, to sway the popular of lemmings who believe all they are told, with a statement that evidence is forthcoming. The winds of change are in the air, basically the US economy is on a runner. 10 years ago the globe dropped interest rates to follow the Federal Reserve, they will follow again as rates begin to rise.
  22. Yep, everyones become wealthy according to the Bank of England.....
  23. Get a second job then. Migrants work more than one job, what stops you?
  24. I do wonder if a cleaner system would have evolved had they not been bailed.
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