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  1. Politicans with BTL’s will always side with maintaining there empire... no matter what is said. Renters are techincally slaves, they can never afford to buy because the wages dont fit into an affordable society.
  2. Presume Gold will be at $1400 by December.. trade wars loom.. I look forward to it.. it causes inflation.. inturn causes interest rates to go up... hopfully ending the era of cheap credit debt binge ?
  3. Intresting to see Loan Star Funds (Texas Leverage Buyers) are offloading Quintain Estates, the owners of Wembley Park rebuild project for £3bn approx... They purchased the debt load for £745ml in 2015.... http://www.quintain.co.uk/ I wonder who will buy the new debt load. ”
  4. Maybe it depends on which side of sentiment one sits on.
  5. I guess that brexit, causes the country’s renting population to move ?
  6. Normally the markets rise according to risk appetites. The corrolation between USDJPY and the markets is a signal... The Yen is considered a safe haven during times of uncertainity....
  7. Broad market fall... Facebook, trade tariffs, budgets, interest rate hikes... see what delights next week brings?
  8. They are delivering to the mandate they were voted in for... Houses will fall in price as no one is actually buying at moment.
  9. All it takes is a few interest rate rises, then the current supply pool becomes affordable. Its a simple trick.
  10. Wealth is assets owned Cash is how fast can that asset be converted into liquid cash to pay of that debt. I understand desire to own a home, but struggle to get a foothold in a rigged value environment.
  11. “Help to Buy.... kept a housing bubble’s high prices...” A 95% debt death trap... only works if asset values are rising, to create a wealth illusion. Yet tappering hasnt really kicked off and the market has already started to wobble... ? https://www.ft.com/content/6174a1f4-208e-11e8-8d6c-a1920d9e946f
  12. I saw across someone who ploughed £100k in @ 20K a pop... I laugh as I watch this shift down gears and continues back to naught...
  13. New Zealand ban foreign ownership, Canada slap an additional 15% tax on foriegn purchases... the UK well they have a help to buy scheme... shows how much the UK government, care about true affordability.. not gimmicks ?
  14. Thats what Help to Buy is there for.. trap you into financial slavery... a slave in debt not in chains.... until it all goes tits up.
  15. According to Lord Robert Skidelsky, biographer of John Maynard Keynes: “We got into the Great Depression for the same reason as in 2008: there was a great pile of debt, there was gambling on margin on the stock market, there was over-inflation of assets, and interest rates were too high to support a full employment level of investment.” The pile of debt has got bigger, gambling still exists on the stock market, over-inflated assets are x2, full employement comes at a cost of stagnant wages... but according to media trash, all is well... until it crashes all over again ?
  16. Introducing a wealth tax would help tax revenues... might be a good vite getter for the corybn mob ?
  17. I’d say approx £85k a year to manage is my thoughts on the south east.. & £65k up north. Wages increase along with inflation.. but the central bankers dont actually want inflation.
  18. Average wages in the UK is £512pw.. the post tax take home wage is £430pw... I doubt the average wage pushed out to the public is the real average wage ? https://www.ons.gov.uk/employmentandlabourmarket/peopleinwork/earningsandworkinghours/timeseries/kab9/emp#othertimeseries
  19. Government pledge to build more houses.... I guess another failure through successive election pledges
  20. Its speculation. The BoE will continue to lessen the impact of each hike. They are trying to cool the market.
  21. Its all fake. By next week everyone will have forgotten what was said, inclusing the speaker ?
  22. They need tax slavers... to continue the max tax, minimum wage structure ?
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