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  1. Human aspiration is home ownership... not an overpriced flat with super expensive service charges.
  2. If Corbyn were to ditch the Bank of Englands CPI in favour of RPI... I nay actually vote for the first time in over 20 years. Thats how much I want this capitalist overdrive to end.... Raise the interest rates.
  3. RPIH... measures the owner occupied housing cost and council tax to cpi. It is missing the main ingredient of house price inflation... the amount of interest being paid on a loan. CPI Has been the ONS headline measure of inflation since 2003. The measure targeted by the Bank of England's rate-setters. Calculated based on collecting the prices for a basket of goods. Goods are bunched into categories and then weighted based on how often they are bought. RPI Was the headline measure of inflation until 2003. Uses a different basket of goods and different formulae to CPI. Includes mortgage interest payments and council tax. The formulae used are no longer considered best practice so RPI is not a National Statistic. The ONS discourages its use.
  4. New homes... cheap imported bricks from china... poor grade quality
  5. its discrimination, and a form of mental health addiction... please spend money so we look shiny on the outside... don't care on the inside
  6. The country is on the verge of a reset.... it will be imperial once more
  7. UKIP was formed as dissidents of left Labour. It will be interesting to see what becomes of those voters. The country has no policy on HPI, it was disgarded by Labour when switching across from RPI to CPI... I’ll only vote if they place a mandate to return interest rates to historical norm’s (approx 4%) within the next two years. All this debt binge is not the country of old.. money management has been replaced with plastic slapping... ?
  8. Ahhh yes.. the red tie, blue heart Blair fan club way to power.. unfortunately they cant use the original line to waltz into power... “Afforable homes for all” ?
  9. The overdrive to build is only the dream of supply and demand... who wish to balance out the asset value embalance by building more, rather yhat using normal tools such as interest rates.
  10. So thats £5780 x 986 = £5,699,080... Over the entire lease life... and again if the charges remain static over the course of the lease.
  11. As the freeholder, they have entitlement to cancel the leasehold and pay any outstandings based on fair market value. https://hmlandregistry.blog.gov.uk/2017/02/14/cancellation-of-leases/
  12. Service Charge per quater is £1445 Property has a lease of 125 years £1445 x 4 (Q1 to Q4) = £5780 Lets say a mortgage for 25 years was taken out and on leaseholder flat... £5780 x 25 years = £144,500... if the service charge does not increase over the mortgage lifespan ? is it worth borrowing a flat... technically its not buying... but rather leasing like a company car ?
  13. Each has there own sway... its a long con... Once trapped by high asset ownership, forever are you enslaved into working it off.. accept salaries are not increasing to correctly be affordable.
  14. The whole point is to enslave. Across europe, renting is the norm, not many can afford to own. The same occurance is happening in the UK, highly inflated asset prices, drives more to rental. Neither the government nor central banks view ownership as high on there asperation list.
  15. There job is to sell mortgages. The final figures relative to the final sale price which determines growth is the HMRC / Land Registry.
  16. The problem is central banks mandate is 2% inflation on the basket of good they feel are worthy.. what one pays for residence was removed by the ‘99 Labour party...
  17. Grey was last month Green was forecast Red was actual
  18. Forecast / Actuals paint a picture, of what is desired and what is actual.
  19. Thats because they take a cut from all those reeled in of the bait. I guess the pound will see some daily whipsaw action... FTSE100 drops everyone thinks the economy’s tanking... drops occur each time the pound’s value inclines over the dollar... hence why the BoE has a dovesh view point. If yhe pound’s value accelerates, then more likely the 60%’of the FTSE100 is American owned and would look ripe for a profitable sell off ?
  20. Immigration played a role.. going back to 2010, EU expereinced high unemployment. Chead credit fuelled a large expansion in services... the rest well now were in a bubble, with a reluctant central bank who do not wish to increase the borrowjng rates, but are being forced to.
  21. Build to Rent... leads to the death of a British dream to own there own home... ?
  22. A nice correction does no harm... who buys Facebook shares anyway.. some pointless companies are overweight and need to shed a few pounds ?
  23. All the left over electric credit from QE... has to go somewhere to keep the economy flowing ?
  24. A nurse earing £22k pa has a potential salary increase to £28.6k pa... sorry politians still not enough... the average salary for a minimum life style is approx £60k... percentage headlines are no match for an actual take home pay packet!
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