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  1. Not battered enough... False pricing due to the quantitative easing mob... cheap and cherful credit brigade still trying to matain an illusion of everyones wealth has increased... if so tax the wealth and reduce the tax on wage... ?
  2. Not according to US 10 year bond yields.. its rising ?
  3. I'm taking my guidance off oil prices... the current prices (Last 9 months), have yet to hit the wider economy as its purchased at future prices. If BoE fail to raise in May, the pound will nose dive and inflation will go higher. US 10 year bond yields passed the 3% threshold then dropped again, tells me the US market is over heating.
  4. LIBOR was bound to rise. The central banks stop dishing out cheap money to the banks, the banks have to begin borrowing from each other again... The bond market is where the actions at... and the flat yields between the various time frames paints a pretty little problem.
  5. Looks like the governor decided to dampen expectations... funny enough the timing coincided with a trump tweet regarding high oil barrel prices, which would force inflation to continue its journey to the moon and beyond
  6. Monster Raving Looney Party ? Lets have crazy people run the show... it might actually be better
  7. What I find intesting is that Libor has actually been on an upwards march of over a year, its a sign that the central banks have stopped acting as a substitute for the short term credit market. So banks will have to borrow from each other again. The signs are when cheap credit dry’s up businesses fall of the clift top along with zero hour employment contracts:... ?
  8. It would cause a negative sentiment. Too many who report, vote in parliment, affluent have so much vested intrestnin houses, this would never gain much traction... In 1929, when the market crashed, wealth was shifted to housing.. when the market recovered, housing crashed. The only major difference was the ability to save money.
  9. If Last quarter, London expereinced a decline of -0.7% & this quarter was negative ( -3.2% ) Technically London has entered into a house price recession ?
  10. Well thats another government prop to get people to shift from UC into there precious ‘full employment’ mandate... they love percentages not actual numbers.
  11. Looks like the Health Minister has built up a nice portfolio of properties in Southampton, with power comes sway to influence policy and financial decisions to benefit......
  12. They will try... I wonder what the next gimmick will be... even the Indians are moving back to Asia....
  13. The problem is that in normal economics usually 4 years up 1 year down to flush out the shite. Quantitive Easing & before QE led to a borrowing boom, people continued borrowing.... they are still borrowing... and continues to fuel the price madness. Doesn't matter which government is in power post 1997... the people have been failed.
  14. Tell thise young unhappy people to quit facebook, twitter and all the social media jazz.. hey presto happy again.
  15. What a droll example of just about managing... the conservative solgan ‘JAM’... but on the flip side the wealth accoumulation makes it all worth it. Until the new pension law kicks in and mandatory savings are looming / grooming... so the government and get some money back to invest in china... ?
  16. Once Corbyn says his party, wants Interest rates to rise to the new normal quicker, then I'll come out of retirement and vote for his pond scum party.... all the others seem to be instructed in maintaining this wealth illusion.
  17. At the rate Its going, it will buy a Bank... I suspect maybe Barclays considering the following recent US purchases... US hedge fund Tiger Global bought a 2.5% stake Sherborne Investors bought a 5.2% stake Barclays doubles its dividend payments to previous norms, with plans to payout more. Future plans to buyback shares at premium price Feels like either a buyout or hostile takeover.... what else do American businesses with wads of cash
  18. I agree. Preference is leaning towards a full reset, as really this debt pile cannot be reduced within concepts on economic normalisation. Unfortunately the EU brigade have much to loose and will build damms where ever possible. e.g Post exit, European potato trade from Ireland will continue to be trucked to Luxembourg through mainland UK.... but the UK tax payer foots the tax bill for all infrastructure related bills. They should be made to pay a levy.
  19. Historically when have Government's stimulated the economy?
  20. At some stage.. Amazon will buy a country and rename it Wealth inequality and assets valuations were used by countries to advertise all is well... but now it's clinging onto the cliff top for dear life. They have to follow the USA's example and start raising interest rates. It has no choice because from percentage land the reports are... Wages are increasing Unemployment is low Inflation is rising
  21. The country defaulting on its obligations is like an armageddon.... I doubt it would ever happen, as they have the ability to print money if and when needed to prop up the debt and bond markets e.g 2008 to 2018
  22. To combat inflation..... less is more.... from full yoke to two thirds..... but double the price
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