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  1. The country needs more children, to enslave into its taxation system... They will continue to squeeze the benefits system to force them back into work. ?
  2. I here Sheffield is all the range and plausable for a house price boom location. On par with northern powerhouses, companies are distributing labour across the country abet paying less of a wage in the process.
  3. The markets are fickle, and easily swayed. The only way to combat inflation is via the calue of the currency. If they dont raise the interest rates, then gear up for inflation, as the dollar & oil are on the move. If they do raise the interest rates then gear up for a puncture in the credit / bond systems... its a classic catch 22. The real question is when have they ever been spot on with there expectations.
  4. None. Business is Business... Thats the current theoric of the UK. Its not people centric, as it once was, through hard work stretched goals like owning a home were achievable, through combination of savings and responsible lending. The current verson of the country is a 2% inflation target, and global branding / image.
  5. Centeral banks cant talk their way out of Inflation, by continually saying we’re going to and then finding excuses not to... the pound would end up base jumping of a cliff top ?
  6. Adam Smith 1723–1790 - The Ten Most Influential Economists Of All Time
  7. "The BoE said in March it was considering strengthening banks' capital buffers to rein in loose mortgage lending. It also noted "elevated" consumer credit growth and stretched commercial real estate valuations." - John Vickers. The tune has changed very quickly... I am enjoying watching their counterparts across the pond... continue to raise... it creates a disparity between the currencies and inflation rises. The only reason Inflation subdued was because of the hype regarding a potential interest rate increase via media spin.
  8. judging by the local elections, I don't see much of a power swing... I doubt much noise regarding housing will have much sway over the next general election.
  9. What happens when a system has maximised its generation of money, it needs to find the next gem... it no gems can be found... pop the current ballon, and start puffin into a new one.
  10. I’ve never heard of a virtual run on the bank. It would be a death by computer.
  11. Normal economics is 4 years of growth 1 year to cull the trash. If you listen to current media bs... 10 years of continuous growth... through cheap credit allowed businesses to continue to thrive on very little liquidity (actual profits).
  12. I’m surprised a run on the bank hasnt occured... ?
  13. Its always going to need money... Its ok the government prints money freely ?
  14. I do wonder if the UK will experience a population decline. A low pound is not attractive to migrants who want to milk the UK cow. If the cow runs out of milk, and people go in search of milk, then empty rooms will lead to loss of earnings and loss of earnings will create a flood of over valued flats entering the mainstream... Another major issue is inflation goes up as pound goes down... Oil becomes more expensive, and subprime cars enter the market. On the brightside, the centeral bank may adopt a EU / Japan style minus base rate to stimulate the economy... as i feel... Japanese stagflation has spread to the UK ?
  15. Yes. They could have reset the system... but what would the people say
  16. It must be getting very hot in that computer room ?
  17. These are ripple effects from London 2 years ago.. as affordability cannot be attained in area of choice, so they jump to the next area driving up value... until a point when London becomes affordable again then prices reverse. Which they will from combination of business closures and the european exit creates less demand for goods and seevices. Thats the key to stopping the false dawn of wealth affordability.
  18. Sadly TSB outsourced its technology to its Spanish head masters... Poor project management, poor risk mitigation, blew the management reserve wide open. This is damaging to the banking reputation and the countries hopes to be the global AI head quaters to the world. This is a laughable drag on FTSE 100 banking sector stock valuations... ?
  19. A high dollar value at the sametime, the barrel of oil prices is continuing to rise... means the buying country is paying more its currency to meet its supply demands. The US Treasury Bond prices also indicate that changes in the current baserate forecasts are looming.
  20. Fear Leads To Anger... Anger Leads To Hate... Hate Leads To Suffering... Suffering Leads To A Slave In Debt, Not In Chains... A Slave In Debt Has Only One Master... A Bank.
  21. Nothing new. Same thing happened after the 20’s great depression. The market crashed.
  22. Slightly different ball game, back then they were straving off stagnation... now they want to force other centeral banks to raise rates.
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