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  1. 6 hours ago, dougless said:

    If they are still in power.

    They wont last, the Liberals will make a comeback with a local version of we are the world mandate... unfortunately the BoE have control over the money and the interest rate... they continue to say we need to build more... but really they need to raise interest rates... to reduce prices and give employees better bargaining power for salaries.... but they don't want to do it... they are happy to expense four day £1.2 million pound jolly to the US for its execs but they are not people centric... Hopefully Brexit happens and it is hard and nasty because it will open up the nasty can of worms being hidden, exposing the truth of the countries behaviours regarding people and money. 

  2. 59 minutes ago, Pop321 said:

    I think you are spot on....this never seems to get a mention. 

    If we voted out then ‘immediately’ rates would rise, equities would fall and house prices tumble. The very exact opposite happened. 

    Now I am not commenting on what should have happened, nor how people voted or what may happen long term....rather that the the economic experts and Mr Carney were so wrong it was almost unbelievable.

    They are self centred ego driven... 

  3. 1 minute ago, highYield said:

    Nope. You are describing the classic English Conservative party leaver electorate - whom would desert them in droves if they realised that their Brexit vote highlights the fact that they don't live in a properly representative political system.

    The Tories care much less about riots on the streets (we haven't even reached anywhere near the Gilets Jaunes levels yet), than they do alienating their oldie blue rinsed core constituency, under their beloved FPTP system.

    if they agree that deal, all political classes will collapse as the UK will no longer be is a single power, but a sand bag for the future EU. 

  4. 34 minutes ago, Kosmin said:

    I don't think it can go to zero, because too many people think it has value. $100 might be possible.


    The difference between the booms and crashes is there was an increasing awareness during each of them. People weren't watching the price go from nothing to $30 to $2, then buying. People who typically buying when they heard about it, or when they had researched it enough to think it was a good idea. There is little prospect of another boom based on wider awareness, as almost everyone is now aware of bitcoin (certainly everyone who has significant wealth or manages wealth has heard of it). The only possibility for the price to increase significantly is people who have already heard of bitcoin choose to buy when they have previously decided not to.

    Markets don't work like this. Some people think gold is dog shit and people should only buy things with a yield. Others think its worth holding as part of a balanced portfolio and others have a high allocation.


    It started at zero and it will go back to zero... too many suppliers and the currency can never work without central bank blessing. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Dave Beans said:

    Although over the years, it seems as if the UK have been reluctant members of the EU, outsiders even, where we felt that we've never really belonged, and we have request ever more opt-outs...we're more suited on the outer fringes of the European project.

    it's all a money game...Germany accounts for 1/3 of the EU's economy machine, the UK accounted for 1/3 of the same. Germany's 1 & 2 biggest exports are to the UK & USA, while opening up in China. The US are renegotiating trade deals, the UK being the US sand bag will toe the line, and China's experiencing a money withdrawal, and heading back home to Washington.... hence the EU economy is gearing up for a crash.

  6. 42 minutes ago, ebull said:

    The reasoning is incorrect IMO.

    The cause is that benefits paid high rents for all newcomers using FOM regardless of their UK-tax-or-NI-payment-history.

    Freedom of movement alone exists in many other attractive EU countries where the same effect has not been seen.

    Our past governments [Blair-Brown-Cameron] should be blamed not FOM. The current gov has not yet fixed the problem either.

    Simply require a few years tax residency before benefits can be claimed and a lot of housing problems will be fixed almost overnight. This is what all our EU neighbours did and do.

    Benefits are a myth to me. If an average earner take in £2000 per month.. after tax... do they qualify for benefits? 

    From my prespective they all come to bank pounds, and will leave accordingly. The ones who stay behind will expereince a squeeze, as inflation is chomping away at standard living costs... henec why food banks are becoming more the norm. 

  7. Unfortunately, we're living in a supply and demand crux. Being within the freedom of movement, has driven up demand for accommodation, as many with prefer a UK life, over the other 27 member countries.

    Governments who propping up prices since Year 2000, with many MP's acting as landlords

    Low Interest rates to attract young into spending beyond means... forcing them into a continuous life of debt.

    It is what it is. 

  8. At the end of the day the ...

    20's have no savings, hence they cannot buy, and rent till...

    30's have negative equity from help to buy, and in debt till...

    40's have a job, bills, break even, expecting technology doom, end up in credit hell till...

    50's think wealth is bricks, till...

    60's have a pension that is insufficient to live in an over priced country, till...



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