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  1. I saw this then saw SerpentZA as the person you mention in the video. I then laughed as some of those MUMSNET types are correct at times. That you seem to believe all things you see as confirmation bias. I'll break this down for you: Quite simple SerpentZA has no credibility whatsoever. First off he isn't an expat. He is an illegal immigrant in China. Marriage like in the UK and most countries does not afford you the right to live in that country. Why is he an illegal immigrant? It's because he doesn't qualify for a Chinese Z visa. For a Z visa you need a undergraduate degree and 2 years experience in your field of work. This all changes in September with the A+b+c tier visa (A are desirables, B are useful people C = are low skill trash). SerpentZA is a C class as he is not from UK, USA, CAN, AUS or NZ. South Africa was knocked off the list of Native English speaking nations from most Asian nations years ago. He's a South African who failed in South Africa so moved to China to be a PUA. He worked illegally as an 'English Teacher' for several years. English teachers in China no matter what they say make not a whole lot of money. 9000RMB is typical. While there are liars who claim 10000s of RMB a month these are pure fantasy. Illegals get paid even less than this. He is married to a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner... somebody who makes no money either. So his rant about oh I refuse to buy a house in China is more like I don't have money to buy a house in China. Lastly he's upset somebody high up in the CCP (Chinese communist party) considerably. Therefore once he leaves he knows that he will never enter China or ASEAN countries again. His lack of qualifications means he can't get any visa aside from a tourist visa. So he has a significant axe to grind. Next? In Asia things are different. They do not lend out willy nilly. In my home country (S Korea) you need a 45% deposit as an absolute minimum. When my father bought a home at the end of the 00s near Daegu he had to put down 76% deposit. This is normal across Asia. Hong Kong requires 50% LTV, Taiwan needs 55%. I mentioned before about my relationships failing. As a Korean to be eligible for marriage you MUST own a house. Without it you will not even be considered for dating. The 'ghost cities' aren't ghost cities at all. It's simply future planning. S Korea built 'ghost cities' people laughed then. However this was Roh Moo-hyun planning for the future where the KTX route was to be located. These are now commuter belts like the satellite towns of London where people commute in by train (high speed train in Korea). A good example of future planning is the mega city of Jing-Jin-Ji where Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei are to be merged into one gigantic city. People laugh when they see train stations that lead into fields or there are super modern train stations...but when you go up the stairs to the exits there is nothing there. This is future planning. Exactly the same happened with many Korean cities all the infrastructure was built and plugged in first THEN came the development. On the other hand it seems the UK just builds more houses/businesses and connects the stuff to the existing infrastructure. So don't believe all you see. As above SerpentZA has a serious agenda and an axe to grind.
  2. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2017/06/cant-afford-home-vote-tory/ In a nutshell - Tories are burying their voter base.
  3. To be honest I'm starting to think you're all wrong. I've been watching this forum since 2005. Prices have NOT crashed. The government will do ANYTHING TO PROP UP THE HOUSING MARKET. What have I got to show for those 12 years? My life has been on pause for 12 years as I've been in short unstable rental contracts. All of this meme of it will come soon sounds an awful lot like Labour in the 1950s. Labout in the 1950s kept saying just wait a bit longer and the new Jerusalem will come. It never came and TBH I don't think it ever will. I'm 42 I can't wait another 2-3 years. This house price crash meme is like nuclear fusion always a tiny little bit in the near future. Yet it's never come. Numerous partners have come and gone as I've not been able to settle down put some roots.
  4. The question is SHOULD it be VAT in the first place? VAT being value added tax. What value does and estate agent add? I mean a sandwich shop the employees (or in Pret's case work experience non paid employees) they change bread, meat and vegetables into sandwich. Sandwiches can be sold for a higher price than the raw components therefore they add value. But estate agents?
  5. There was a thread recently about the UK being a confidence trick. BUT all the numbers say otherwise! There is growth! Look at GDP + X% with retail (all on tick of course). GDP is often vaunted as an important figure of growth, it doesn't paint a full picture. It's also badly flawed probably as flawed as CPI. Things such as imputed rent are make up over 100bn in UK GDP. I've been searching through figures and data for a couple of weeks now, just trying to glean some information from things. One figure really leapt out at me: the UK's level of disposable income, this is a pretty good indicator of how well-off the average people are doing in a measure, how much free cash they have. The UK's disposable income has gone nowhere at all. For 10 years. Eurostat marks UK adjusted disposable income per household 2005: €23,115 2015: €23,646 A 2.3% increase over 10 years. Averages out at a measly 0.229% growth per year. Comparatively Germany experienced. 2005: €21,732 2015: €28,231 A 29.9% increase over the same time period. Averaging to a near enough 3% growth / year. Now this is an outlier as Germany benefits from economic geography factors as well as others, so I looked at other Western developed countries % increases over the same time period. France: 22.7% increase Belgium: 22.9% increase Netherlands: 13.3% increase Even the struggling economies in the south have seen better growth: Spain: 10.05% increase Italy: 11.09% increase Portugal: 16.33% increase. http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/tgm/table.do?tab=table&init=1&language=en&pcode=tec00113&plugin=1 It's not the immigrants as Germany, France etc have had much higher levels of immigration legal and not legal. I can offer some guesses as to why they above happens to be. That UK companies are short termist and simply don't train their staff where everything is becoming the gig economy. Plus the government doesn't allow tax relief for personal training that presumably will improve one's own job prospects, better training = higher salary = higher taxes paid so it's all a virtious circle S Korea allows you to deduct training expenses as do many East Asian nations. The blagging culture. Whereby people simply never had the skills or qualifications in the first place.
  6. It depends which figures you look at. If I could post a new thread I would, but GDP increases do NOT mean an increase in the wealth of the genera population
  7. It reminds me of Red Dwarf. Rimmer and Lister are 3rd class technicians. I don't remember it exactly but it went along like this. Why aren't the maintenance droids doing this? It's because they've got a better union.
  8. 9.5K per term? Surely you mean YEAR? Surely I didn't fall into a coma and hyperinflation occurred while I was under?
  9. When people have justifiable grounds to sue manufacturers. For instance it says baked beans. Yet when you open the tin it's just one bean. I still remember cans being 500g -> 475g - > 454g ->450g -> 430g -> 400g. The last tin of soup (don't judge they're useful for camping) was 390g.
  10. Some will, just look at divorces. Individuals in good positions with great partners. They will make a leap to another partner for something that is perceived to be better. Problem is those BTLers think their renters have is infinite and or they will cut back on other things to pay their rent. There was something in a London news paper about 70%+ of take home pay being used to pay the rent. Take off council tax and other bills and it makes you wonder why would anybody bother? Why wouldn't they eventually simply down tools or do the modern equivilent move up north do a much crappier job but end up with more in your pocket. Add in tax credits and you're laughing.
  11. I completely agree with this sentiment. I write on another forum. One of the younger ones was asking about advice to find a job. I gave what I think at least some good advice. The advice was to get some good recognised qualifications and get some solid work experience. I was pilloried by everybody as they called me a moron. It's not Korea here they said things don't work like that here. They suggested lying and blagging their way into a company and making good friends with the bosses or managers so they would be hard to fire. If this is what it's like up and down the country no wonder productivity is so terrible. I guess though it does sometimes bite others on the bum eventually. I got qualified (not saying what I do) and got a masters degree and 8 years work experience. Every single one of my English colleagues called me a moron as they got paid the same or more than me without any qualifications or fake qualifications. Then an audit happened and the only person who was qualified in the whole department was me... not that I got paid a whole load more AFTER this happened though.
  12. The thing is so my accountant said... is that if businesses incorporated or not if you don't make money for 6-8 years Inland Revenue (this was a long time ago) will seek to wind up your company.
  13. The odd thing is was that it was an open house type viewing. A bored young estate agent who sat in a corner playing with his phone. The other 5 people who were there at the same time were ALL BTLers. Apparently S24 hasn't sunk in yet.
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