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  1. Im looking to move to Dubai in the future once I have my own place here, tax free, sun and thriving economy. Sure its soulless and an arab country, but many expats are there and after 10-15 years you can probably retire to somewhere nicer in Asia Plus property is still reasonable e.g. 2 bed 200k in a prime location e.g. Mayfair equivalent.
  2. Personally I see 2 beds in my area of search priced 350k-400k not selling over the last few months. Anything 340k and less still sells quicker, pre brexit people were paying 350k+ but now that has stopped, hopefully the message will slowly get through to sellers and EA's and the 80% in the 350k+ price range get reduce. This is something which hasn't yet happened...deluded vendors and EA's.,
  3. I think a large slow fall downwards is needed i.e. 20-30% drops, a sudden crash would ruin the economy and govt just wont allow to happen.
  4. Sad day, he has put in a lot of work for the cause and is a great speaker. Thanks to him I might be able to buy my own place!
  5. Their control is not as strong as you think, they cant control market forces at work, if people are losing jobs, stocks and shares I.e.pensions taking a hammering (as they are now), they will feel the effects more than most. This is the biggest thing that could happen for HPC enthusiasts like me and already I am hearing EA's advising buyers are reducing offers or pulling out Sure foreign cash buyers will benefit but they only make up small numbers and they no longer have EU protections
  6. How does that work when all LibLabCons are anti brexit anyway? The silent majority have spoken, people are fed up of the status quo this is a great day for possible HPC and short term pain but long term gain As a FTB I am happy, Osbourne said house prices would fall if we voted Brexit, so I did!
  7. Uncertainly in the markets will inevitably lead to a fall in prices, people less sure about their job prospects, hopefully less immigration over the years so less demand, this is one of the best things that can happen to house prices in a generation and a great opportunity for change all round.
  8. I agree with the automation point, in banking many legal jobs have been cut due to the standardisation of some legal contracts relating to derivatives (just to name one example). I have many friends who studied law (post higher rate fees so 1k per year), and then self paid to do the LPC for 10k+ expenses and still couldn't find a training contract, most now work as paralegals on 18k or general lower paid bank roles (where a law degree wouldn't have been necessary). Now to study law you pay 10K per year, plus 5-8k accommodation, plus 3k+ living expenses. x3 then if you don't manage to get s
  9. I am from the Midlands and moved down to London for work a few years back, "up north" the job market is very competitive and due to the lack of competitions in most industries wages/career progression are quite poor. I was earning 20k in Birmingham 4 years ago and now earning 60k in London, in Birmingham a 2 bed house commuting distance into the city where I worked was still 160k (much cheaper in no go areas like Handsworth), that on my income was still unaffordable. Of course its different ball game if your a couple. But job wise myself and others were going no where, employer knew we had
  10. IPAD's/TV's which are no longer luxury items, do not make a difference when it comes to buying property in London - trust me I know. Plus as humans we need some things to help our existence it cant all be 100% working to live.
  11. I am a single FTB in the SE looking to buy a 2 bed in and around Bromley/beckenham. I have been looking for 12 months+ and struggling with a salary of just under 60k and a deposit of 90k. My max is 350k and anything half decent near a station is going above that.
  12. your an immigrant and came here for better life, but seems like not possible. So what are you doing here, chasing minimum wage receptionist jobs.
  13. If you have a family/kids and are looking to buy for long term its a bit selfish to keep everyone suffering based on your fears. Prices might fall a bit short term but this "crash" is not going to be allowed to happen. All you are doing is missing the boat (if not already missed)
  14. Anywhere with such good links into London have already risen, look at some of the pits in South East London, for 350k you struggle to get a decent 2 bed, likes of Catford and Grove Park etc.
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