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  1. It's so funny how buy to let landlords thinks they're clever economists and give advice to other BTL'ers, you see it time and again on YT, 'intwest wates are not going to wise because US will not waise wates' 😅
  2. No both can be true. It's a civil war, **not all of the people and regions Ukraine want to be part of Ukraine**, whilst at the same time US want all of Ukraine in the Western sphere of influence, and Russia want all of Ukraine in their sphere of influence. Please read several times to get this hard concept through that thick skull/
  3. You're yet to express any alternative Satsuma, which leaves me to assume you believe any narrative as long as it comes from Britain or Ukraine. The west told us Russia was running out of missles in 6 days, yeah that was 6 weeks ago. Just keep believing brother. Are you capable of formulating an opinion or just chip in with this silly dismissive comments with no substance that only tell us you no nothing about the geopolitics of the area.
  4. Yeah I do, remember the 'ghost of Kyiv'? the 'Go F yourself' of Snake Island, all lies. You know F all about this war, LPR and DPR are not invaders, it's their land, they have been independent states under attack from Ukraine, have their own police, authorities, passports, this is as much a civil war. It's a fight for Ukraine between the West and Russia.
  5. Is it true Ukraine sold a HIMARS to Russia? They appear to have one in their possession.
  6. He gets sources from both sides, both side lie and both sides tell the truth. (You didn't believe the Ukraine million man army offensive did you?) If you watched it long enough you would see he has a Russian sources map and a Ukraine sources map.
  7. If you want to know what's going on - on the ground, this guy gets his source from both sides, speaks the language and is absolutely meticulous.
  8. Renters attacked and abused before being thrown onto street by rogue landlords in surge of illegal evictions https://inews.co.uk/news/illegal-evictions-rise-renting-uk-1653993?ito=social_itw_theipaper&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1653833701
  9. Bit off topic but thought you guys might like a listen to this
  10. Nope I don't HPC'ers there an interesting tweet here and the replies are quite fascinating.
  11. NIMBYS get right on my nerves, the houses they live in were once green fields, if we could magic them back to green fields would they take up the offer? Whatdoya think?
  12. Kids staying at home till 30. Sheds in gardens. and HMO's, there has been thousands converted to HMO's in parts of Bristol, anyone familiar with Filton will tell you it's just crazy with HMOs.
  13. It's just disgusting, as if all the private investors hasn't done enough damage. As mentioned in a PUSHBACK talks podcast (that you should all be listening too) this is happening in other countries too, and the reason? It's not just for rent income, Banks think house prices are undervalued and are yet to go much higher.
  14. Hearing this news today really annoyed me, while it's good that the refugees are getting help, it's so blatantly obvious they know their position is on shaky ground and they are coming under a lot of fire, (Cornish residents being kicked out so their landlord and stick the property on Airbnb) they are simply buying good PR, and it's working, world leaders patting them on the back. https://news.sky.com/story/airbnb-says-it-will-temporarily-house-20-000-afghan-refugees-globally-12389469
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