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  1. Yes, which turned into a "large, hugely influential, mutually profitable union of European states." We paid into it because not only was it good for European mainland, it is good for the UK too. And as I said "And we were very happy to do that right until too many Eastern Europeans started moving near brexiters. Then all of a sudden every man at the pub cared deeply about trade deals and EU laws."
  2. Regarding the subject of maximising your own freedom you expect a group of thugs to violently enforce your views on other people. You claim shared ownership of a certain part of the earth and expect the thugs to violently stop other people from setting foot on those parts.
  3. Who decides who is innocent? For example, I may decide that I have been born into an unfair world where a small number of people have already hoarded all the land. By them hoarding the land, I am being harmed through no choice of my own. I am innocent. Is it ok for me to rectify that by simply moving onto their land and living there? No, that is just an attempt to argue from a presupposed position of morality.
  4. SSTC already. Will keep watching but suspect this time it'll stick. Unfortunately properties still selling for high prices in the areas I keep an eye on.
  5. Well exactly. And he goes straight from that statement to ranting about enforcing this leadership.
  6. Do you genuinely like this lot that are in charge? You seem very pleased about them. What is it that pleases you so much?
  7. That escalated! You're not a bad person, you just have the disposition which will look at any proposed change in a negative light first. Perhaps I'm just an optimist, maybe unreasonable. Change is inevitable, better to try to shape it for the best rather than complaining about it all.
  8. Clearly I don't know this person in real life but his posts seem to imply he is a libertarian lite, or faux libertarian. Maximising freedom for him seems to equate to disallowing certain other demographics of people from having their own freedoms maximised. I have noticed that this applies to most professed anarchists. They're anything but. They want tight control of the things that are important to them, which mostly involves decreased liberties for other people.
  9. I do get a lot of enjoyment from reading your posts. You're a walking talking contradiction who seems only intent on disagreeing with any change.
  10. You see. You violently hate the EU enough to participate but are happy to just accept a corrupt lying UK government. To me that reveals you are not really true to your ideals and are more motivated to blame foreigners. To be clear, this is the normal state of affairs, humans have done this forever. I just thought "free thinkers" might have considered themselves a bit better than that.
  11. The part I doubt about you is that you are an anarchist only when it suits you. You don't seem to have any problem with voting for posh ******wits with no intention of ever relinquishing their power to the likes of you in the UK. You seem to reserve most of your energy for hating an institution which is actually more freedom oriented and liberal than the UK. I can't get my head around this.
  12. I don't think that is true. It was always quite obvious who the more motivated side were. Brexiters are extremely passionate about hating the EU, while remainers much less so on the other end. I did try debating with brexiters. A lot. But when all you get is the same repeated propaganda back, you eventually realise it is fruitless.
  13. So if remainders had made persuasive arguments, would brexiters have voted differently. Or to phrase it differently, were there persuasive arguments that remainers could have made? And would this have changed your vote?
  14. Are you saying leave voters intentionally voted to harm the UK because of the attitude of some other group of people?
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