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  1. We'll just have to pay them more. Everyone knew brexit would result in more costs and red tape, but the up sides are worth it. We'll discover what those are any day now....
  2. Brexit is a good thing, for the older generation who wanted it and won't suffer any of the fallout.
  3. Wrong. I don't hate pensioners, I hate that they keep voting for policies and parties that negatively impact the youth and I won't support a policy that gifts even more wealth to a generation who we will never be as wealthy as.
  4. But when we did that across the whole of the EU it was called undemocratic.
  5. Nothing throwing money at can't solve. Just brexit costs, totally worth it for the inbound up sides.
  6. EU pensioners rely on state pensions more than the British do, because we (the working young) are paying for all the defined benefit contributions for the older generation. As someone who will never afford as nice a house as my equivalent older self, nor have access to a juicy defined benefit pension, I don't think I'm going to support policies that make me pay more tax to increase the lifestyles of the already lucky generation when we'll never attain those same lifestyles. Short: UK state pensions are less generous because we rely more on personal pensions and taxation policies that pro
  7. I voted remain and now I want the UK to rejoin but only once we have cleared the air. If we rejoined early enough it would just lead to the same bitter resentful europhobes who tormented everyone with their incessant 40 year campaign of lies. Time for them to show us what we can do outside the EU. They won't, because they're like all similar politicians in the past, all they have is negative emotive fears of outsiders to win arguments, nothing positive to deliver. Therefore the same people who thought life was so bad in the EU are still going to be thinking life is so bad outside the EU in 10
  8. No it isn't since the EU has never run a single referendum. Why must brexiters always lie?
  9. So, what does this tell us? Someone who initially supported brexit but changed his mind?
  10. The question shouldn't be how often he has been correct but how often he has been incorrect. It's easy to always predict things and then silently drop the predictions that fail.
  11. Why do you post stuff like this? I don't understand the reason for rubbing your winnings in people's faces.
  12. I laughed. Everyone should do a freedom of information request to their local council to see how much land has been made available for private purchase and build via the "self build register" and how many have actually been sold. It'll probably be somewhere around zero. Another Tory "promise" which delivers nothing. They're in the pockets of the big builders.
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