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  1. That our media is dominated by liberals. 75% of our media is right wing and controlled by three right wing entities. They have vomited lies about the EU and benefit scrounger and immigrants for decades. It is a widely held view that we have the worst press in the world in the developed world.
  2. That's just some words on the internet. Back it up or I distrust your biased reasoning. Of course you do, as your sort have thought the ages, because blaming immigration is as old as the hills. Brexit is nothing new, it's just the same reactionary politics since forever.
  3. No you don't, but Brits are trapped by the corrupt political class. We cannot change the system because they won't allow us to. It's a ******ing disgrace. And the sheer never of brexiters to tell us the EU was undemocratic.
  4. This old nonsense. I trust you voted against the Tories recently because of their new immigration policy which is to only steal the best and brightest people from developing countries.
  5. How doesn't it work? I've checked out, I don't care what party runs the UK. I will make it work for my family. If it runs the country into the ground, so be it, the people got what they wanted and I have the freedom to leave by virtue of being one of those "desirables" who people want to have more privilege to move around the world. Sorry but the people of this country decided they're ok with corrupt liars and a completely undemocratic system where my vote either doesn't count at all, or counts for less than someone in a different constituency. I will leave them to it.
  6. Lots of people believe it. You don't and neither do many people who do not want to believe it. They made up their mind already, want an easy answer, and so do what humans have always done, blame immigration. You think that this one time in all of history, brexiters are suddenly correct and immigration really is to blame.
  7. You literally just invent arguments out of thin air to justify your preformed conclusion. Try to be more honest.
  8. Yes, of course the studies are wrong, because they don't suit your narrative. Welcome back by the way. And, you're still not getting the lump of labour fallacy.
  9. Similar for me. My team is more than 50% foreign born. Where do you live? The SE (greater London) has had constant huge demand for trades people. Wages have gone up over all the time that immigrants have been supposedly depressing them. Go and get a quote for some building work, plumbing, gas engineer, diy, fitters, brickies. Tell me the wages are depressed. Virtually every single study which looks into this states that there has been little to no impact on wages by immigration. People keep talking as if there is a fixed number of jobs and immigrants take them, leaving British pe
  10. I know, which is why I will not longer participate in our sham democracy. The UK has proven conclusively that it is an unreformable, corrupt, undemocratic mess. Now I'll just selfishly take what I can get and concentrate on being happy in my own circles.
  11. You've completely missed the point of my post which is that "Labour" should not even have to exist as a single party and lose as a single party. Try to read my actual post next time. There is a large percentage of people in the UK who don't see it through your eyes. We see ourselves as European, just the same as you see yourself as British and you think it is natural that British people from Wales, Scotland, Ireland (N) and England can move around the union for better opportunities, so we see the same with Europe. We don't see it in the dehumanising manner you see it, where real humans mo
  12. Labour should not be forced to choose. We should have left wing parties that respect both sets of voters. We should have a party in this country with a viable chance of being in power who represent the people who do support progressive policies and being part of the EU which means open borders not just between four countries (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales) but open borders with our European neighbours. The idea is we're all European and being able to live and work anywhere in Europe is a good thing, not bad. The majority of Labour members supported remaining in the EU. But the
  13. Yes, exactly!!! But from there you have to understand further why this isn't a good thing. Our generations will still be paying off those houses for years longer than the boomer generation had to and we are just completely priced out of owning the same quality that boomers did at the same age.
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