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  1. Careful now... Surely taking responsibility for yourself is the worst thing you can do in this day and age. Say goodbye to any means tested assistance once you do retire!!
  2. Last time anything like this happened (landlord stamp duty) everyone predicted the market would implode. Instead, demand and process surged in the rush to beat the deadline and a new higher price level was set. I don't like or agree with this, but don't rule it out (although with everything else going on...)
  3. It really boils down to how happy you're going to be if this costs you the house. How much have you spent in fees already? The vendors make it sound like they hold the cards, but the closer to completion you get and if they are in a chain then they stand to lose more and more of they lose the sale and they're going to have to listen. Also the estate agents are working for their vendor now, but the more convinced they are that you might follow through with any threat to withdraw then the risk of losing their commission will loom larger and larger and may tempt them to put a few words in their vendor's ear. Realistically would you be able to get the same or better house for the same price? If you can give a reasoned argument why you would be better pulling out to the estate agent then I think things would work for you, but it needs to have substance in my opinion.
  4. Jesus that does seem like nothing, my blood pressure is rising for you! Best of luck.
  5. Sorry to be nosey but how much are you looking to knock off again? Your outlook sounds like mine would be. To be honest, all things considered, it probably isn't worth pulling out. It sounds like this could negatively impact your marriage and that's worth more than a few grand. Just find out where they're moving to and write "****s" in their lawn with high strength grass feed.
  6. I cannot imagine paying more than 300k for a house without a major cash injection, would almost literally never sleep.
  7. I resent being lumped with boomers and landlords!! And a Midlander
  8. Well, several years after moving away from the South East to escape ridiculous prices, I'm seeing those same prices here (200k plus for an uninspiring semi) in Staffordshire. Glad we got on with it and bought a place or I'd be feeling pretty pig sick now.
  9. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do. All I would say is that 10k is new garage territory (single?), not new roof (we've been quoted less than that for our flat roof three bed house, although only for re-felting etc). If this garage issue has genuinely just come to light, make the vendors aware it's a possible sticking point and get some quotes from builders for the minimum outlay required to get a serviceable garage. If they denied you access when viewing they seem to have been trying to hide something. Maybe this approach would seem the most genuine way that isn't just making up rounded figures.
  10. That pretty sums up my position at the time. I remember taking about it with my dad, bitching about what I had thought were already insanely high but then predicting that HTB would be inflationary and he said "why don't you just buy a place". Honestly I thought people would just reject higher prices. How wrong I was I think part of the problem is that the HPCer goes "Jesus, house prices have increased by X% last year, that's insane and won't take much for that to come crashing down. And I'm not paying some numpty thousands for doing nothing" while average Joe thinks "cor, house prices have gone up by X% last year!1!!1 If I sell my kidneys to raise that 5% deposit I'm going to be rich when they do the same next year"
  11. Many of us have only relatively recently capitulated and bought, and it's hard to break the habit of the previous lifetime
  12. You have to hand it to them, they don't do things by halves- presiding over one of the world's worst economic outcomes from the virus while also somehow maximising its wider impact upon the population ?
  13. That's fair. My issue with the current situation is that house prices have become one of the tools to provide economic stimulus, and I'm not convinced the current administration have the imagination to look beyond using the housing market to cash cheques written by the future.
  14. Unsure if that graph shows the correlation you're looking for: several times falling house prices seem to be a leading indicator for GDP (wonder why...! ) This really is an unusual case, and with the best way of crystallising earnings from the future being the housing market, who knows what is in store.
  15. Don't believe lockdown could be described as a waste of time, unless the objective was for more people to die in recent months. There's no doubt it turned the infection and death rates around. It also enabled the health care system to operate just about within capacity, or else there would have been a compound effect upon mortality rates. What the future holds for vulnerable people is another matter, though.
  16. If emigration is on the cards in the not to distant future, then I wouldn't go too crazy with the fix term, or you might end up shelling out thousands to buy yourselves out of it. And are interest rates really going anywhere? The negative rates voices seem to be getting louder every day.
  17. That's a fair point, but we're talking about a world in which all bags of crisps cost around £100 and the only thing that's looks likely to bring their price down is a one-in-several-generations global emergency
  18. Who knows what the right thing to do is. If it feels like the right house, go for it. Even if prices do start to fall, at least you can enjoy the feeling that the government is working for you instead of against for a change.
  19. The government are so obviously invested in maximum Brexit as soon as possible that they're going to look pretty stupid if it causes an economic catastrophe that turns everyone against them. I think they're too proud not to do everything within their power (and maybe a little more) to prevent it. Long-term I think it will lead to disaster, but in the short to medium-term I'm not so sure. Just look at all the billions being sprayed around at the moment.
  20. Nice! Nice to know that in the landlord's opinion, the house (which only needs to be barely habitable for tenants after all) needed twenty or thirty grand spending on it to make it actually 'desirable' .
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