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  1. Are you familiar with the cartoon series 'Monkey Dust'? Sums this up pretty well (and a lot of other modern purgatory, even though it came out ages ago) Highly recommend a search on YouTube.. eg. monkey dust dinner party <I did post a video link but removed it as I forgot that the ending is a bit grim. >
  2. It amazes me that the purchase of a quarter of a million pound asset could be hampered for the sake of a couple of grand. If you don't have that sort of money available, should you really be doing this in the first place?
  3. Might not be if we get this speculated influx of hongkongers
  4. There's still plenty of time. There seems to be a worrying uptick in cases/hospitalisations/deaths since the end of the full lockdown. The tier system may not be working (what a surprise)
  5. Is it a future we should wish for, though? My local area in Staffordshire is disappearing under wave after wave of huge housing developments (the like of which didn't seem to happen to such an extent when I lived in the SE, maybe its different recently). We need to keep the population down and protect what countryside we have left. I'm not anti-immgration, but I am very much against massive net immigration.
  6. This is exactly the point. Every anti-lockdown enthusiast's baseline of coronavirus risk is based upon the results of our precautions keeping numbers just about manageable. In the USA the mortality rate is closer to 2%. In less affluent nations it's higher still.
  7. That may be so, but what is the actual probability of the average person dying within two days of a given point?
  8. Maybe this still fits in when you consider the declared rises only account for homes that have sold. Reading the press release between the lines, I presume there are sectors of the market that are getting totally reamed at the moment eg. Small flats in crowded city areas.
  9. Brexit success will be measured in house prices by the voters that matter to this government. They will find a way to keep this show going and have a proven track record of hosing money when it suits them
  10. Interesting point.... Would there be any practical advantage against owning 1.00 vs. 99.99% of a bitcoin, though, given that its all digital?
  11. Thanks Where is the best place to read up on such terminology?
  12. I wish I had a clue what that graph meant. Clearly too much to explain quickly but it looks interesting.
  13. N00b question alert, but who actually sets the price of bitcoin? I understand the background forces of supply and demand, but by what mechanism is the exact price you pay dictated? Just curious.
  14. It's certainly fascinating reading the early posts, people talking the investment down, when buying BTC equivalent to the cost of a modest family car would have made them millionaires by now.
  15. I've always thought that the council should take a pro-rata share of any increase in value of a right to buy home, the first time it is sold on. Could be a nice windfall to help fund housing provisions. Your situation sounds fair enough. I live just just down the A34 and in my town there ir are plenty of homes that have been modified at council expense and then purchased at a knock down price. On my estate you can tell many of the recently council owned houses due to the modifications they've received.
  16. The UK isn't in lockdown. In name only. seems more like a targeted attempt to kill pubs and small shops than a serious attempt to suppress the virus.
  17. I do not understand how state results can be called, if they are not at all final. There's too much at stake to mess around like this.
  18. Loving the guy just mooching around in the background like nothing much is happening.
  19. What specifically has happened to trigger this thread?
  20. Is there anybody on here from that era still waiting for a crash?
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