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  1. Yes thank you for the initial clarifications. Would have been really useful had my wife not been literally months ahead of me Must be a good feeling for you.
  2. Received a message from bank today telling me that the interest rate on my cash ISA is reducing to ***0.09%*** What an utter extraction of urine. Temptation to just dump it all in crypto is pretty high but this recent rocket launch feels a bit unsustainable. But then I said the same thing about the housing market for most of a decade so what do I know 🤷‍♂️
  3. It's an interesting point though: the moment a bomb is used, you've got the sum total of: carbon cost making the bomb + carbon cost of infrastructure destroyed + carbon cost of reconstruction + carbon cost of political hot air
  4. What do they mean by BTL being an important part of the market? They acknowledge it shafts first time buyers, so surely not "vitally important" in a positive way?? Also that guy in the photo. Nothing personal, but is that really a look to aspire to?
  5. Paying the tax, to fund the Help to Buy that screwed me in the first place.
  6. Is this the regional rebalancing away from London/S.E. in action...
  7. Wasn't there an article about a guy who took out a loan to buy bitcoin a few weeks ago? I thought he was a twonk, but if he plays his cards right he'll be laughing.
  8. It's so difficult to make the right decision with this lark 🤪 Unsure how relevant this is to today's antics https://www.forexlive.com/Cryptocurrency/!/tesla-bought-15-billion-in-bitcoin-expects-20210208
  9. What kind of purchase will you be making? We bought our car almost 15 years ago new (poverty spec peugeot 207) and it's still going well just under 230k later. We'd like to buy a new car again because it's nice to know how it's been cared for, but new prices seem bonkers now, inflated by the "you will not own this vehicle" rubbish.
  10. I'm still HPC at heart, bitching about ridiculous house prices despite 'owning' one. My friends and relatives think I'm nuts and to be fair they're probably not wrong.
  11. Congratulations. The only thing I miss about renting is the freedom to move on, but after doing that roughly once every two years for about 15 years it was getting tiresome. Whether we like it or not, there's no doubt who the government is rooting for, and it ain't tenants.
  12. Possibly because a lot of higher priced homes just don't sell?
  13. Bitcoin. Going so crazy at the moment that even people that have invested in it have FOMO.
  14. The figures in the original graph were for hospital admissions, not positive tests. If anything you'd hope more widespread testing plus lockdown measures would suppress numbers but they look pretty bad. And can't see how it's possible to compare Covid19 figures to previous flu seasons. The flu doesn't typically come with the benefit of any lockdown.
  15. Not sure when exactly she bought, but must have been pretty close! I'm just a tiny bit annoyed she didn't ask me first before taking the plunge, as I would have her, but in fairness at that time I probably would have said 'no'
  16. So towards the end of November I started thinking about getting into bitcoin. Talked to the wife about it and she said 'I've got a surprise for you'. She'd bought a few k worth in March... Not the worst financial decision she's ever made (fingers crossed)
  17. I know it's impossible to predict the future, but looking at the chart below it's difficult to imagine an imminent collapse. Things do seem to move quickly in this world however...! The search terms were chosen to represent the interest of people new to the game or thinking about diving in.
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