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  1. I wonder that too. Bad times for the rest of us when he does. How does it work when you sell enough of a commodity that your own action forces its price down in real-time?
  2. 👍 Loving bitcoin at the moment, put some money down and watch it grow crazily with zero effort. For a few months I've got to experience what it must have been like to be a boomer.
  3. Wonder how strongly coupled Tesla shares will be to this event?
  4. Maybe people are buying in, in anticipation of the surge?
  5. Blimey, huge movement. Own up, which one of you just bought in to cause that
  6. Also any of us could die at any time. Not much point in hodling then
  7. There is no right or wrong, just do what feels right for you taking into account all available information. Part of me still thinks that bitcoin is vulnerable to the blackest of black swans that could render it worthless in an instant, at unlikely as that may be.
  8. Does that include the years lost trying to save a deposit?
  9. For what it's worth, I don't think there is ever what feels like a good time to buy in the short-term...but a few months down the line ...
  10. That's the savings rate on my cash ISA. For everybody with a grand saved in that account, the letter the bank sent to notify them the rate was being reduced probably cost the bank more than the annual interest to be paid.
  11. I sympathise, and hope you can work something out. The last couple of decades have ruined my perception of the link between effort and reward. Maybe they just want people in debt as it does tend to make people nicely compliant and nothing motivates like a healthy dose of fear.
  12. It's going to save a lot of people the energy of commuting to work..
  13. There's a few like that near me. One house completed recently without the for sale board getting updated to 'sold' at any point over the preceding weeks. If I were the buyer I'd be irate.
  14. To be fair it roughly doubled in a matter of weeks around the new year so who knows 🤪
  15. Where do you get your charts? In spite of some scepticism I find them fascinating
  16. It is a bit weird how fast they change. Leading or lagging indicator for bitcoin? Or neither 😛
  17. Does anyone else have a feeling we're back on the launch pad?
  18. I'm fascinated by the charts, but can't help thinking that reading too much into them is comparable to seeing ten heads thrown in a row and saying that the next coin toss is going to be anything but 50:50.
  19. Quite clearly this sell off was triggered by @MonsieurCopperCrutchcashing in 😛
  20. If the virus was totally uncontained then we'd probably be looking at many more mutations by now, and even as things are it looks like we're going to be affected by this virus on some level indefinitely. At the other extreme if the virus had been contained effectively then a vaccine could conceivably have snuffed it out completely. I'd certainly prefer if we'd strived for the latter.
  21. Would there be any merit in waiting until April 5th/6th and dividing the transfer in two? (Unless it crashes in the meantime...)
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