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  1. Does such a thing really exist? When it comes down to it there are plenty of events that can affect the workplace that will let you see who you 'friends' really aren't.
  2. What did the 2017 crash look like at the time, hour by hour, day by day? Was it a bloodbath, or a case of boiling frog syndrome?
  3. All this talk of pumping, c*mrocket, t*tscoin and going in hard and deep is making me feel lightheaded.
  4. I saw PEN 15 on the road about 20 years ago. On a silver Merc if memory serves (probably not)
  5. Alcohol hand gel is excellent for small-scale cooking projects
  6. It's mental. It will come home to roost for people that are celebrating all of this when their kids grow up and face a massive and avoidable hurdle to getting on with their own lives.
  7. The key words here are "the party that under Blair". Are we still to judge the party against the questionable standards of Blair 100 years from now?
  8. Why are so many people talking like there's been an earth shattering collapse in value? Do you expect more to come? By my reckoning it's only the US holders that are affected, and the tax change is priced in now since all the people that were spooked by it have run away. You have to have gains before you can be taxed upon them, and are any other asset classes affected significantly different?
  9. Are you sure it's less risky? A few years ago you could put hundreds in and make thousands, now you have to put thousands in to make hundreds.
  10. Daily Express equivalent headline: "why you don't have any grandchildren"
  11. Wouldn't it be better to just choose bankruptcy? It doesn't seem to be a negative thing these days, I know of people that have done this multiple times with impunity and still seem to have a higher quality of life than me.
  12. What does POS stand for? It doesn't sound complimentary 🤣
  13. Water cannon and plastic bullets... Well done Boris. Has this been going on at some level for a long time and the media are just latching on to it, or is this as dangerous a situation as it seems?
  14. An earlier article in this series depressed me immeasurably - the one with the house price timeline. In the four years I was at university, 1999 to 2003, average prices went from about 70 to 130 k. That's a back foot I and many of my cohort have never been able to get back off 😥. This was the first time in my life that it became highly apparent that family wealth vs. educational achievements was what really counts.
  15. I know how you feel, but look at the incredulity $100, $1000, $10,000 was met with at the time. The way I look at it, in the absence of any unforeseeable banana skins, the forced reduction of supply vs. ever increasing demand will only do one thing to prices in the long-term. But I've been wrong about things before
  16. There probably isn't enough public data to make an informed decision about many coins (or even Bitcoin tbh). Way too volatile. Just pick one with a symbol you like and hold on tight 😛
  17. I wonder that too. Bad times for the rest of us when he does. How does it work when you sell enough of a commodity that your own action forces its price down in real-time?
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