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  1. It had better do. Made sense at first but now it's just billions of pounds being thrown at keeping asset prices high, among other things. Also I resent people being paid huge sums to do nothing and thought Tories wouldn't countenance such a thing.

    I've said before, but imagine the gnashing of blue teeth if Corbyn was in power and had introduced a furlough scheme as generous as this!!

  2. 27 minutes ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    You could argue that it has always rewarded the reckless. When I bought my first house it only cost 3.6 times my wage but my 90% mortgage was at 13.25%. Add in the rates, utilities and commuting costs and there was almost nothing left to live on from my salary.

    The gamble back then was, could you make it through the first few years until inflation and pay rises made the mortgage payment sustainable. 

    Without wishing to sound contentious, had anything really changed? The same applies, but moreso...

  3. On 09/07/2021 at 00:37, dirtyduck said:

    I remember when living in Kingston/surbiton at 1996/7 and the landlord selling up saying it was a bubble. He was expecting around £240k.  I think now it’s probably close to a million.

    I bit the bullet and purchased in 2016 due to age and sick of renting.  Life goes by fast and I have lost count of the beds sit’s , crappy flats and landlords I’ve gone through. My pet hate is the conservatives (may as well call them new labour).  I thought they were going to stop the madness, but instead gave me almost another 10 years of pain and my stuff in boxes.  

    I wouldn’t mind a HPC at all - I just can’t see it any time soon.


    Sorry to read that and I can empathise. Hope all is well in your new(ish) place. If only there was a way to blast a bit of spirit-sapping reality back at the ******* responsible for causing so much heartache.

  4. Do you mind me asking where in the Midlands you are? It's a big place, but I am from your neck of the woods too, so may be able to give some pointers of you're moving to a new area I'm familiar with.

    More generally, if you're moving to an area you don't know well then renting may be a sensible thing to do so you can get to know the place before committing. I moved back up here a few years back, initially to a market town in Shropshire. Glad we didn't buy straight away as despite looking alright on paper, the town was a bit ropey and it was good to be able to escape with minimal fuss.

  5. Can you even *begin* to imagine the backlash from the blue benches - and probably a significant chunk of the population - if a Corbyn led government had been elected and then spent more than a year paying millions of people 80% wages to do nothing???? 

    It was a nice idea at first, but as one of the many non-key workers dragged into work through all of this to do 'essential' activities (for my employer), I want my free lunch now.

  6. For the voters Boris cares about, falling house prices represent economic failure. 

    Boris doesn't like 'failure'; therefore, don't bet against him throwing the kitchen sink at the market to keep things looking rosy.  There's a massive magic money tree when it suits the agenda.

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