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  1. Also stoking demand by passive-aggressive efforts to reduce home working
  2. Don't be asking for that pay rise, though, you greedy little plebs.
  3. An excellent opportunity to negotiate 5% off a house that has gone up 20-30% in 24 months...
  4. Or, supplies from one of the world's largest producers to the UK has been significantly curtailed and petrol stations are a cartel of gouging *******s.
  5. PS obviously the same needs to happen in the housing market, whenever stamp duty is reduced 🤔
  6. Photo caption: "A car is filled with petrol at a filling station, in Knutsford, Cheshire, Britain, March 10, 2022." How laughably precise for such a generic image 🤣🤣
  7. Too lazy to read the rest of the thread, but in case nobody has already made the point, the title of this thread is in unarguably correct (assuming one ever happens again!)
  8. That was what the news just said, but fair point. Just trying to think of any Tory politicians in their 50s with a high 53X drive 😛
  9. Is it perhaps a case of these people being the most useful to the government when it comes to not rocking the boat? ...a bit like Maggie and her Right to Buy, which turned your average Union man into a wonderfully compliant mortgage slave.
  10. All of your points are significant. Maybe one of my underlying issues is that the PM is apparently a narcissistic p*sshead. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE alcohol on a school night, but then I'm not running the country, as he is* *Supposedly
  11. I would happily take on my local MP's job for half he's on, which apparently requires very little effort at all, apart from making misguided defence of Johnson from time to time. Wins all round.
  12. The problem I sometimes face is that saying that makes people think I'm a massive racist, but it's not that at all. Population growth, locally and globally, is just unsustainable in its current form, but it's a discussion most people refuse to have because there are some uncomfortable truths. That's for another thread though, sorry.
  13. This is wonderful, but aren't civil servants real people too, with their own cost of living struggles. Another headline to further convince me that the government are pretty much insane. How about cutting MP expenses? Even salaries? Many do naff all anyway.
  14. Really not keen. PS I edited my post as you responded but it doesn't change anything really.
  15. I don't care about immigration, so long as it is not net immigration. What's the end game? Either the population density in residential areas becomes so great that quality of life plummets so far that people don't want to come here anymore or we lose all of the countryside to the likes of Taylor Wimpey. A policy of zero or gently declining population growth would be nice, but fat chance of that.
  16. Doesn't this only work if salaries keep up? I don't say this to be contentious but I'm either unlucky with my career choice or many employers are not rushing out those massive double digit raises.
  17. Can there be an extra option for 'I am not educated to a level at which I am sufficiently literate to be able to read this question'?
  18. Exactly. And to be honest taking out a massive mortgage at that time, with the GFC fresh in the mind and Carney promising to start ramping up interest rates "next time honest", should have been the actions of an unsound mind.
  19. There are people that have never felt that the government spoke for them that have embraced this bunch because they know they may never have it so good again. There's a good reason they aren't usually spoken for too!
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