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  1. Do you mind me asking where in the Midlands you are? It's a big place, but I am from your neck of the woods too, so may be able to give some pointers of you're moving to a new area I'm familiar with. More generally, if you're moving to an area you don't know well then renting may be a sensible thing to do so you can get to know the place before committing. I moved back up here a few years back, initially to a market town in Shropshire. Glad we didn't buy straight away as despite looking alright on paper, the town was a bit ropey and it was good to be able to escape with minimal fuss.
  2. Can you even *begin* to imagine the backlash from the blue benches - and probably a significant chunk of the population - if a Corbyn led government had been elected and then spent more than a year paying millions of people 80% wages to do nothing???? It was a nice idea at first, but as one of the many non-key workers dragged into work through all of this to do 'essential' activities (for my employer), I want my free lunch now.
  3. Is this a creeping nationalisation of the housing 'market'?
  4. The government have managed to engineer a house price boom out of a global pandemic. Anybody still in any doubt about the government's priorities needs to have their head looked at.
  5. For the voters Boris cares about, falling house prices represent economic failure. Boris doesn't like 'failure'; therefore, don't bet against him throwing the kitchen sink at the market to keep things looking rosy. There's a massive magic money tree when it suits the agenda.
  6. Oh I don't know.... If people have put their lives on the line for a country, then the last you can do is something like this. They should roll out a red carpet for some of them after the things they've endured in our name.
  7. Not the sort of place you want to hear a door creaking open by itself in the middle of the night, then?
  8. Tesla shares took a hammering overnight, presumably in part due to association with Bitcoin. Wonder if Elon is getting his ears chewed to come out with some positivity on Twitter.
  9. Not seeking to disparage crypto, but I've been wondering: is it mathematically possible for absolutely everybody that invests in Bitcoin (for example) to exit in profit?
  10. Does such a thing really exist? When it comes down to it there are plenty of events that can affect the workplace that will let you see who you 'friends' really aren't.
  11. What did the 2017 crash look like at the time, hour by hour, day by day? Was it a bloodbath, or a case of boiling frog syndrome?
  12. All this talk of pumping, c*mrocket, t*tscoin and going in hard and deep is making me feel lightheaded.
  13. I saw PEN 15 on the road about 20 years ago. On a silver Merc if memory serves (probably not)
  14. Alcohol hand gel is excellent for small-scale cooking projects
  15. It's mental. It will come home to roost for people that are celebrating all of this when their kids grow up and face a massive and avoidable hurdle to getting on with their own lives.
  16. The key words here are "the party that under Blair". Are we still to judge the party against the questionable standards of Blair 100 years from now?
  17. Why are so many people talking like there's been an earth shattering collapse in value? Do you expect more to come? By my reckoning it's only the US holders that are affected, and the tax change is priced in now since all the people that were spooked by it have run away. You have to have gains before you can be taxed upon them, and are any other asset classes affected significantly different?
  18. Are you sure it's less risky? A few years ago you could put hundreds in and make thousands, now you have to put thousands in to make hundreds.
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