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  1. @Yellow_Reduced_Sticker it does seem to be a very good rate for a savings account but not sure whether it's a bond or not ..... Nobody's got any crystal ball but for such a short duration of 2 years seems very good. If it's a bond like the headline seems to allude then different story. My almost worthless tuppence 🙂
  2. I was thinking the same as @harp. At least in terms of it being increasingly over the air... Definitely cables and lots of data needed for streaming and such though. And average size of all this data is generally increasing with 4k etc. But still feel that 5g and onwards they'll be a trend with more share of content consumed via mobile.
  3. msm media and clickbait that describes reactions or opinions of "The Internet" ....to me for some reason it always come's across as alluding to "The Internet" as a distinct collective identity and not just "People". Could be just me though!
  4. With regard to a crisis in China this is something we seem to hear is constantly round the corner. I don't have particular knowledge in China except anecdotally through work colleague who is has family there. He seems to think everything is corrupt (at least low level ie visits to the hospital need gresy hands) and whilst average working wage is low house prices are astronomical...... However bad these things seem though, I do wonder how far China is in BETTER state to weather a storm compared to us in the West. It has a massive growing population firmly controlled under autocratic rule from rulers -that in my eyes- has a focused big vision that has/had carefully studied the mistakes the incumbents like the US (as well as Russia) have made. Anyway despite their problems they sound like they have better trains and less crumbly bridges (and can achieve this feats in a tiny fraction of the time it would take say a beurocratic unionized fasttened? workforce in the US to do.
  5. Weird, a fake button! My favourites are the crossings that after a set period of time instant! And for the record I never press the button if the coast is clear, and if quiet then will deliberately wait to save unnecessary stops - I actually think of it more as environmentally friendly action rather than avoiding the ire of some random driver! However if it's cold raining/ in a hurry and busy traffic it's annoying seeing people standing there gormless obviously not able to cross until somebody Else presses said button.
  6. Sometimes openly the whole raison d'etre. The fashion Street brand supreme I think is a perfect example, hawking clothes to the lucky few who have waited longest in the line or paid double on eBay.
  7. The old style 'material' plasters definitely never came off but always gave me a raging rash. Recently tried the same materiel style and whilst not giving me a rash they definitely stayed on longer than those normal waterproof ones that fall off if you breath to hard.
  8. Definitely fair enough... My confusion (more than annoyance) is why they don't press the green man button in the first place!
  9. A perpetual slight annoyance of mine are people who stand at pedestrian crossings but don't push the green man button. It's just something I notice all the time... Sometimes the same pedestrians don't even cross when the coast is clear (i.e they are waiting for the green light). Worst by far is when it's busy and nobody presses on either side just stands with blank faces waiting. First world problem for sure.
  10. I've started keeping those small uht single use milk pods for just that. Had been using at work for the coffee machine so took a few home... Good po peace of mind
  11. Yes very true, and increasingly Africa too? I'm commenting from a very western centric vista and the importance of the West in leading the way is no doubt on the wane... although still critical?!
  12. It definitely feels like the consumer era has had its day for now, at least in the macro sense dB etc talks about. I know this has been going on for a while and the macro shifts that have so called been baked in have stalled prematurely due to global state intervention etc? I may have mentioned before that I sometimes watch YouTube videos about dead malls in the US. Some give a very nostalgic slice of juxtaposition between say the booming 80s and the in places retail wasteland of today. Of course party this trend may have happened with the move to online but still interesting to watch in a slightly voyeuristic way. One channel called Bright sun films did one on sears the US retail giant I just watched that I thought was rather good. There is no in depth economic analysis but easy to watch and presented well. I was stuck by how recently sears had reached an all time high valuation... Think mid naughties or something... There now closer to bankruptcy.
  13. Re the China hustle... Honestly wasn't surprised at all.... A few scam Chinese company's trying to cash in to the lucrative US money hole. Bigger American institutions not caring when presented with some facts not all as it seems (as long as there commission train keeps chugging). Notorious big name rating agencies pimping out their "legit" name, again without a care as long as they get there fees.
  14. Crucially, humans live extremely short lives at least compared to timescales of say geological ages. Anyway the point being that regardless generation's and individuals only see at a relatively short time frame. Arguably on a whole at a micro time frame... Ie. Just there single generation. I guess the point I'm getting is that even if we knew the world would end in 200 years then 90%+ people would carry on for at least 180 years as normal (the outliers being the Elon musks of the world looking to freeze our dna or something). Maybe the last 20 years or so the younger generation would degenerate into some kind of mass of sex drugs brawl, or create different cults to give themselves up to. In fairly optimistic in the long run be it (at the moment far fetched) scenarios of AI solving our problems or genetic wizardry helping us say live off planet. No doubt I too ignorant of any of these subjects so will continue in my relative bliss unawares!
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