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  1. Yeah I stand by what I said. That guy started off reasonably balanced and got pounced on. Their really dodgy posts were after they got pounced on and they then saw the opportunity to troll as the thread and argument rubled on. I really came in not because of that single poster, but because I've seen tons of people treated the same way and i got to my wits end with the whole theme. Can we stop this conversation, we're probably all tired of it by now? On a side note, I really don't get why you post with all these different accounts, it's shill behavior. But whatever. Rick rolling me was f
  2. Ah ffs. Just seen the comment that it doesn't apply to re-mortgages. Perhaps just a matter of time tho
  3. If you want a longer read on the history of free market economic thinking, and some of the criticisms, http://www.amazon.com/How-Markets-Fail-Economic-Calamities/dp/0312430043 is really good. Released 2009
  4. Haha I've made a name for myself as troll already. Thanks for taking the time to reply ghost bird. I don't want to be a troll, I just came on and bothered to post as I was at my wits end with seeing people castigated for their views, and with the momentum moving as much as it is right now I'm sure there are lots of new people questioning their hi forever ideas. So I kinda came in moody, it was the point I bothered posting rather than just consuming. Anyway, I'll cool it now. We're coming from the same place in general. I do realise it's not the best way to make friends to come in as Mr gru
  5. The argument to just get out of london is fine for those who have already got skills and proven themselves, so those with 10 years under their belt. If you're 22 and finishing uni, the other cities of the uk simply can't offer enough entry level jobs in professional industries for everyone to move. Some can chance it in another city, but there's absolutely no choice for that many first and second jobbers to look elsewhere for work. Starting out on 18k in london was bad enough in 2001. Now you basically have to have rich parents, family in london, or go into debt to even consider it. It's c
  6. Is this the same Tokyo whale that was recently trying to become president of fifa? Busy guy, amazing name https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Sexwale
  7. @ghost. It was succinct, I'll give you that. Must be a first for venger I don't agree on the influence of Internet fora and blogs, and theres plenty of research out there about how opinions are strongly influenced by niche internet sites Other places similar to hpc where opinions are shaped and formed: doctors.Net, pistonheads, zerohedge, Guido fawkes (and many other political blogs), Facebook in general. Max keiser's YouTube channel and other media... There are absolutely tons To think that fora or blogs have to be as enormous as mumsnet to influence opinion within a niche in a tangible w
  8. Just to play devils advocate here, if property prices remain flat rather than rising, and you're able to have somebody else paying a repayment mortgage (never io) then btl hasn't worked out badly as an investment even though those prices have stayed flat for 10 years. It's a standard btl argument, but it does hold water. Im not saying that btl is morally right, but as an investment having a half paid off mortgage on a place that you've only put the deposit and upkeep into looks ok, assuming you can continue to have someone cover the mortgage which is now down at under 50% ltv. If you've use
  9. Hi venger, that's really helpful Thanks. I really meant, is the person who runs the site someone who also comments and might be contactable through some known route rather than me having to try and track them down and spam then on linkedin? But you know, I should have expected some miserable ass response from you, as it basically seems to be what you spend your life doing. Nice one though, very welcoming. Cheers
  10. Does anyone know who actually owns/runs the housepricecrash website? I always assumed hpc would have tens of thousands, perhaps even close to 100k unique users, because of the broad interest in house prices and the economy. I posted in the affordability article yesterday, about how i think hpc actually should play a part in helping the Contrarian view to be more visible and perhaps cause a change in mainstream views. Somebody called me delusional for thinking that the site could have that impact, but I fully believe that good quality information on the Internet is more trusted than anythin
  11. Just wanted to come in and say hi. I've posted elsewhere but a few of my comments are still in mod. Is there a topic anywhere that outlines how to use the forum format, eg how to quote, how to insert images? I've found since I logged in that the mobile user experience isn't as good as when not signed in and just reading. Eg every thread now thinks it's unread, so puts me to the start of the thread. I can't see a skip to end button, so end up typing the number of pages into the url to take me to the last page!
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