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  1. If doctors lived in a bubble, perhaps. But they are also humans with skills that do prove useful in other branches of life, so unlikely that their pay could be cut by that much. Also a university education in Medicine costs more than one in English, for example. Rationing healthcare also has the effect of reducing demand, which is why the NHS is so cost effective despite its huge inefficiencies, and why healthcare in the US costs so so much. Went on Linkedin the other day to see how my cohort from medical school are doing. Interesting to see how many had left medicine and seem to be doing quite well for themselves, without the shackles of being called a junior or a trainee for 10+ years post graduation. I don't see how increasing medical school numbers could help when the existing ones aren't tempted to stay despite an apparent shortage of skills. One solution for retention would be to make medicine a graduate-entry only subject. Most 17 year olds don't have a clue what being a doctor really entails, but most graduates do.
  2. Things are and have always been more complicated than that. When Romans conquered a new area, people in the new lands had rights to become citizens and serve the system. To the extent that you could even become emperor. Rome endured because of its system. The empire was a system, not a nationalist or ethnic project, to such an extent that they even moved the capital to Istanbul when the empire required it. The difference then was that some of them would end up in servitude, who could do many of the menial tasks and hard work. The current migration of Syrians is secondary to the utter destruction of their homeland. I'm not going to go into the blame game of how that came to be. Many yes are poor, hungry and diseased due to war. I'd bet their education is much better than the typical Brit however, and the fact that they are still alive and made it to other countries and crossed closed and dangerous borders does prove a resilience of a certain kind. It is our system that lets them in, and despite all the Tory claims to be tough on immigration, the migration figures clearly demonstrate that it is an active policy to let them in. Perhaps they and us are all going to be a new slave class?
  3. You mean like the whites who emigrated to north America and kicked out the natives from their own land?
  4. I don't think they'll be rostered for 80 hours a week on average. It will be for an average of 48 hours a week within those hours (of course, how that translates for them in reality, given the recruitment and retention issues caused by the whole debacle, and the increased numbers of saturday and sunday clinics and operating lists, is another matter.) The contract is on the NHS employers website but periodically gets 'revisions' to confuse the doctors and the public and muddy the waters.
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