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  1. Panic over – well played by gov to say they wont invoke until October BOE – we are ready etc. I think we might regain some lost ground. House prices to come down though - that's for sure!!!! :-)
  2. It is being reported poorly. RICs data is +19% which means 19% more surveyers think house prices will go up in their area, vs those who think they will go down. Granted it is less than the forecast of +35%. Something smells fishy here.... It's only the director's prose in his press release that is the most bearish - he could have been asked to write it as such by the remainers. I want house prices to come down, and I want out of the EU, but I think this is being done to scare HO into voting to stay in - that's what worries me.
  3. I have been in touch with them. They said it won't be worked on until July as they are busy...... Others are welcome to contact them too. More people that do, the more likely they are to fix it more quickly
  4. Thanks all. I will just have to wait and see if he goes through with it, and then perhaps the old agent will help me!
  5. Hi, Our Landlord came round this morning for a personal inspection and he mentioned he was considering changing agents in the future as he wasn't that impressed with the current ones etc etc. Our money is with the current agent through the protection scheme, and we have a rolling 3 monthly contract that we negotiated after the first year ended. I am not sure of his motives - whether he is genuinely unhappy, or is trying to save money - as he mentioned 'he has a friend' he might use instead. I just wondered your thoughts, and where we'd stand. Can management agent be switched over without affecting the terms of our contract? Thanks CI
  6. They've updated it now. There are a few bugs. I've sent them some examples, but at least it's back up and running.
  7. Regarding their new site and Property Bee. I messaged Nethouseprices and they told me it should be fixed in a week or so.
  8. Has anyone got to the bottom of why the Telegraph have stopped their comments on articles? I rang them up, and the 'customer services' guy was rather sheepish when I asked him. He said it was due to a website upgrade, but they didn't know when comments would be back up. I said, tongue in cheek, that probably after the referendum, and he chocked. They blatantly have an agenda. Nothing like free speech, hey.
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