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  1. What is there to do at Saidia (apart from lie on a beach) ?
  2. To be honest with you I'd rather wait and see the answers I'm going to get from those who are about to invest £000's before I say what I think. My question earlier on was a bit rhetorical as I believe that those who are looking to invest haven't actually visited Saidia, or possibly even Morocco maybe. I, on the other hand, know the country intimately....... And it absolutely amazes me that there are people willing to invest huge amounts without having ever set foot in the place and are hyping it up something chronic and I dare say foolishly/dangerously.
  3. Can I ask a *really* stupid question ?? I mean, really, really stupid. Has any one of you ACTUALLY been to Saidia ?? I have.
  4. What you have to appreciate in Turkey is that everything is "no problem"........ Until it *is* a problem, and then you need to switch on your BS meter or put on your knuckleduster.
  5. What is the root of all this discussion ?? I'm simply intrigued to get to the bottom of knowing why the Brits have very little else in common ??
  6. Re: Porche vs Porsche. That isn't how you spell haven't. Nor is that the way to spell aren't. Are you German perhaps ??
  7. From your first sentence I assumed you were running a Banger (nothing wrong in that). Why are you eyeing £23k cars all of a sudden ?
  8. What knowledge do you have of this ?? I'm talking particularly about Cyprus, then Dubai.
  9. What you mean like the VIs ?? My advice is first hand. I don't live in Bulgaria, I am renting abroad and have been doing so for over 2 years. I speak all the languages, my wife is from my host country, we're about as integrated as you can get without actually being one of the locals. I still say you must be nuts to be buying property in a country you no absolutely nothing about. I don't care how cheap.
  10. I think this is nuts. Yes, go and do something like give yourself a problem rather than do nothing........ FFS do you intend to learn their language, do you know bulgarians, do you like them ?? Do you like their food, their culture, their religous beliefs ?? Do you plan to go there year in year out for holidays or are you the type that wants to explore as many countries as possible before you're not able. I just DON'T understand why ANYONE would want to buy into a country they know nothing about.
  11. The article says; "he asked for a 10 per cent discount. “If you want a bargain, then it is always worth asking the question,” he says. The developer agreed, but with one condition: the purchase had to be completed within a week." Translated to me this means; of course the developer agreed, he wanted to quickly lock this sucker in before he had time to realise his mistake and change his mind. This 'entrepreneur', being a hard-nosed experienced businessman acted quickly since he was already imagining how smug he'd feel with the keys to his new millstone, and how jealous others would be of him
  12. £770k property for 35year old "Entrepreneur" ?? didn't know Wolverhampton was so sought after ?? 10% off, yeah right ! (10% off an imaginary number).
  13. Absolutely, but I wasn't the worst programmer about, though I'll readily admit neither was I the best. I left for something far more creative and something that I was naturally talented at and therefore very very good at. I noticed that my colleagues at the time were incredibly bored but weren't prepared to dive into the water and do something new, unless it paid as good as IT. So they stayed. I'll never forget many colleagues saying that they remember saying 10years ago that they didn't want to be stuck in programming and yet here they were ten years later still in the same job. I also w
  14. Interesting post and great answer from Elizabeth. Agree with almost everybody (that I've read up to) I left IT 1994 (after 6-7 years in it). The most BORING job in the world. I couldn't care how much anyone would pay me (seriously), even £100ks I am simply NOT interested. When I got married I was still in IT and my wife noticed that I didn't enjoy Sundays at all because I knew I had to go back to work the next day (bad sign !). I also found myself driving to work and rather than getting in early, I'd keep going round the block a couple of times in order to arrive in the office bang on 9a
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