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  1. I had a go at getting the message across. As facts and logical arguments tend to make the audience's eyes glaze over I tried a slightly different approach, using rock music videos, and a back story claiming that the bankers are part of an intergalactic ponzi scheme. Unfortunately I created a story that no-one wants to hear. That is the difficulty. Whether you try to explain clearly and rationally, or you adopt a more bat-shit crazy approach, people just don't want to know. Still, it's better to have fought and lost than not have fought at all, so come on HPC'ers, once more into th
  2. If the conservatives win, there will almost certainly be an attempt to form a breakaway remainer party. This party will be just as bad as the others regarding house prices and rents. Is there even one current MP who gets it? How do you influence politicians who think the problem is the solution. Rip it up and start again.
  3. Jezza might come very close. Maybe close enough for a coalition govt. He is probably going to do well enough to hang on to the Labour party should he lose the election. My prediction is a narrow conservative victory, a breakaway moderate remainer party formed from the ashes, and a very left wing labour party.
  4. 80% pay cut. Zero hours contract. In spite of delivering an outstanding performance. Main income is now political betting. Much more secure employment than a zero hours contract. No tax. Only problem is not getting too greedy and getting your accounts limited.
  5. Nomadic Stone Age Humans lived in an age of abundance with a very short working week. Nobody had a 9 to 5 day job. Social capital was more valuable than material wealth. Any attempts at imposing a hierarchy failed miserably, until the invention of agriculture. After the invention of agriculture, human height shrank by 6 inches or more. Life spans halved. Progress? For 3,000 years the first stone age towns maintained their egalitarian social systems. All of them collapsed. Once people had jobs and lived in towns only hierarchical societies flourished. Now we are about to become a wor
  6. Not any more. Residential moorings now have to pay council tax and VAT on your mooring fees. The govt has noticed how many people have moved onto the water. They have to close of that escape route otherwise people will be leading happy fulfilling lives even on a low income.
  7. I used to work at Fords, Dagenham back in 1978. My wages were nearly £200 a week for an unskilled, slightly monotonous job, house prices <£10,000 for a nice family home. I doubt whether I shall earn that much again unless I find full time employment. So much for 40 years of 'progress'.
  8. Thanks for the advice on the legality of zero hour contracts. That is something I will look into. My position is not helped by having savings. With interest rates as low as they are I get very little benefit from my savings. But if I had no savings I would receive approx £100 a week in universal credit and my rent paid, on top of my small wage. I am booking a session at the citizens advice bureau as I suspect I would be substantially better off without any savings. Any suggestions on the best way to blow your stash. I might as well go out in style.
  9. I'm on zero hours contract. My hours have fallen from 18 hours a week two years ago, to three hours a week. Not enough to live on or claim tax credits. If I leave my job because I cannot afford to eat I will be benefit suspended for leaving a job voluntarily. Welcome to the future.
  10. This. All the peer to peer sites have seen interest rate falls of 2 to 3 per cent in the last few months. Some have had to completely change their business models.There's a lot of money coming into what used to be regarded as risky investments.
  11. Went as high as 9/1. Any views on next country to exit?
  12. 1) Pick up winnings from Ladbrokes 2) Place winnings on next country to leave EU. 3) Repeat
  13. Thank God I'm not the only one. Although at the same time. it drives me crazy with jealousy knowing that another human being shares my insane passion for Ms Legarde. I once had a crush on Diane from the TV series 'V' so maybe there is some kind of connection.
  14. I'm with you on this one, with the exception of Ms Legarde. I'm afraid I find her strangely attractive and if she asked me to jump, my only question would be "how high?"
  15. Isis seem to be in favour of a remain vote. No major terrorist attacks till after the 23rd. Either the security services and media are pulling out all the stops, or this is a strategic decision by Isis to keep the borders open.
  16. Thanks for that. A very interesting theory, but according to his critics, his timing is incorrect. I have always suspected that the tale of Adam and Eve reflected a very early awareness of the bicameral mind and the implications of leaving your natural habitat for pastures new. I am not however a luddite, we have eaten of the tree of knowledge and cannot go back. The best we can hope for is a revolution in consciousness, as dramatic and game changing as the bicameral theory, that enables us to survive in a future tech world.
  17. I have just got my rose tinted spectacles back from the opticians so I may have been over-optimistic including the bronze age, the copper age would have been more accurate. The iron age was about short term gains and long term consequences, just like now.
  18. Any species whose technological progress is faster than it's emotional/social development is doomed to extinction. We are just at the tipping point now, hence all the anxiety. As a species we are perfectly adapted to the late stone age/early bronze age, not so well adapted to our brave new world. Maybe our cousins, the marine mammals, had the right idea, go back to the water, remove the threat of out of control technology, and spend you're days fishing and larking about.
  19. I spent 5 glorious years on the River Lea, it is a tragedy that the authorities want to end this of life. It's almost as if they don't want people to live in genuinely affordable accommodation and strong self supporting communities.
  20. I used to work for one of the major bookies so I am intrigued by the discrepancy between the brexit odds, and the opinion polls. Normally I would look out for betting scams and alert the traders. In this case My instincts tell me there is a betting scam, but instead of a financial scam, it crosses my mind that for a relatively small investment of cash the In campaign could be placing bets to create the impression that their victory is inevitable. As most punters are betting on leave, the punters betting on in must be betting fairly large sums to keep the odds at 2/7. Does anyone else think t
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