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  1. I have been granted planning permission and building control for a large house renovation project in the South Belfast area (predicted cost of £100k+). I had been due to put this project out to tender two months ago. I have decided to hold tight to see what happens with prices due to Covid-19. I have spoken to a builder and he informed me material prices have shot up due to Covid-19. I guess my question is how long should I wait before getting quotes in for my project. I believe Covid-19 material prices will start to normalize as production resumes due to Covid-19 restrictions easing. I g
  2. How do all these doer uppers make any profit I wonder. Are the developers buying them off market directly from the estate agents? Take this one for example. That will have been back to brick. Where is the profit? https://www.propertypal.com/36-brookland-street-off-lisburn-road-belfast/636917
  3. It was in a bad state, it had been converted into offices, the ceiling was those horrible tiled panels for example. From looking on the outside they have fitted a new roof. But still there is at least £100k profit in it I reckon.
  4. I remember this selling for £190k. Now up at almost £400k crazy. https://www.propertypal.com/4-south-parade-ormeau-road-belfast/504434?utm_source=EmailAlert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=&utm_content=propPhoto
  5. Ok that does make sense. You reckon that is a good street?, seems to be the best street on that side of the Lisburn Road.
  6. So you saw the photos of inside of number 21. 50k it cost to renovate, so that puts the house next door up to around £310k so £40k more expensive and its only been just over a year!
  7. It has a back garden and an enclosed square courtyard.
  8. https://www.propertypal.com/23-adelaide-avenue-lisburn-road-belfast/497413 The last time I checked on the bidding with this one it was at £250k after two weeks of being listed. A week later it is sold, so it could have reached above £260k. Is over £260k reasonable for a north facing garden, badly done extension (there is a massive hole in the middle of it with a second court yard) and north facing garden. The house next door to it was stunningly renovated with a much better spec and went for £270k, though that was a year and a half ago.
  9. I see this property on the Lisburn road does not appear to be selling. It was listed with Templeton & Robinson at offers over £315k https://www.propertypal.com/3-marlborough-park-central-malone-road-belfast/481000 I see now its up for auction at offers around £290k. It will be interesting to see what it achieves. https://www.propertypal.com/3-marlborough-park-central-malone-road-belfast/487505
  10. Yup. Which is annoying because the bedrooms are tiny, I wouldn't even say its worthy of the 3 bedroom title, more like 2.5 bedrooms. That street is considered one of the best on that side of the Ormeau Road.
  11. Hate to tell you but I was also looking at that property called in this morning to see where the bidding had got to and its sitting at £210k currently I can see it pushing £230k tbh as it has no one facing you and no one facing the back thanks to the large garden.
  12. That postcode falls under Windsor_4 and is listed as the 78th worst crime rate for all of NI, based on figures from Oct 2011 to June 2016. It is even higher than the Annadale Flat area of the Ormeau road which is 85th. So does not seem particularly good.
  13. I used http://www.ukcrimestats.com/ and https://www.police.uk/
  14. Yes I completely agree with that. I also have heard negative reviews of M B Wilson who are the management company of the Bakery.
  15. Ok I will get the details tomorrow from the land registry. It will be interesting to see if it sold at 199.
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