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  1. you won't get a 450k house to rent for £1125, more like £1700, therefore what are you talking about? where's the HPC potential coming from?
  2. Peculiar how it wasn't in the stuff before they came then really? Maybe if the people at the top took less those on lower wages could have a better rate.
  3. In my experience purple bricks put it on at a realistic price and that worked really well, my house sold for a record high on the road through them, they really knew what they were doing. Loads of viewings and a lot of bids. People come and then fall in love, that's when it all happens.
  4. The 43% figure is 2014 - 2020, between now and then it will be 29%. So that £450k house will be a mere £580k in 2020 :-) People keep coming and there's a lot of foreign landlords buying here now, where I am in Tilehurst most houses are sold with two weeks, even 3 bed bungalows with loads of work to do at £450k, in 2020 these prices will look cheap. Bottom line is there is no crash in the south east, too much demand, nothing being built really and this is where all the money is and social cleansing is the name of the game, just like it was and is in london.
  5. Thanks :-), they all have houses already, but 2 x 40k is 80 and some can get 4.5x so they could still buy now with a deposit, agree the stock at these prices is not great but people are still buying them and doing them up and there's plenty waiting to do the same. There will always be people on lower wages , owning a house is not a given is it? I think it's always been hard to get your first house but if you really want one you can find a way, a lot of people are not willing to make sacrifice for change, the opportunities are here.. Crossrail i agree but all the same it's just one small part of why the place is so popular.
  6. Most people I know are on 40k +, just a few 20k -30k but they are not what you would call ambitious. The university is expanding and building a massive science park like the one in cambridge,crossrail is coming, there's a lot of big companies moving in now, they are building a concert venue by madeski, a train station at green park,a new theatre, a fastrack bus lane on the A33, an arts hub apparently, a new town thing of 10,000 houses on the other side of the M4 and in 2020 Reading can reapply to become a city which it probably will get by then and the council are desperate for this to happen so it brings more investment. Even in 2002 it was quoted that 46% of people who own one property in reading own a second one in the town. The council have their own buy to let company and there's a massive shortage of housing of all types, that's why it's gone up and will continue to do so. Thinking it will halve in price really is a fantasy, there's no reason for it to ever go that low, there's too much money here and too many outsiders want in, it's like a new london developing before our eyes.
  7. There are less renters as they are now buyers, not a lot on the market so if they can afford them they are buying them, no real drops in this town as yet. The ones still renting are those who cannot get the mortgages I hear.
  8. You may find that the message you will be sending is that you're unreliable/erratic and a bit of an end. If I was the seller and the agent told me the game being played, which they would, I would not entertain that at all. Bottom line from my year searching for a house, the golden rule is if you like the house and the asking is roughly what you are prepared to pay then make a close offer either a bit above or below that figure. If not then walk away, nobody likes a timewaster and you will be branded as one whether you realise it or not.
  9. exactly yes ask the people that live there and if they were born in London then they are the very people who made the city great, only for outsiders to come in wanting it to look like some kind of wonderland. I have been in similar flats and they are nice and spacious inside as were most london council flats. When I go back to london now I barely recognise it, yes it was grimey but it was meant to be that way and we loved it like that, it worked. Now it's little more than a shiny over priced yuppie standstill, a shame.
  10. correct I do think that is cheap and if it has only doubled in 15 years even cheaper. Average wage in reading is 27k and a damp draughty in tatty condition throughout 3 bed victorian terrace with no parking or side entrance will cost you circa 300k. People still buy them.
  11. The money from council house sales was meant to be used by councils to build new ones. It wasn't such a bad policy, it was the implementation or failure by councils that made it a bad idea in the end.
  12. maybe because firstly immigration surpesses wages and secondly a large proprtion of that wage gets sent back home where it is worth 3 times what it is here. if you offered uk workers the sam equivalent wage watch and see how hard they work, it's all relative.
  13. You got windows? it's you that's living the dream right there. All you need now is a sleeping bag and your'e really living it.
  14. The difference being that obama could not get anything through, Trump will. Spot on the poster who said obama was like blaire, he was and I think these are the two who left their voters feeling alienated, this is the result, a total change of viewpoint and a new way of governing. People have had enough of standard politics, that was demonstrated in the 2011 riots, no political protest, just looting. So the liberal lefties will be crying in their muesli, I am so happy today. Italy or greece next.
  15. yes it does, buyers falling through for multitude of reasons, classic one being investor makes offer then tries to lower it days before exchange, survey uncovers ugly things, mortgage not approved, chain collapses the list is endless. it's not actually that easy to sell a house and get the completion through, it's not like they show it on the tv, took me 10 months and that's was in a sought after street in a booming area.
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