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  1. This is already an issue. If you live in a rural community and you used to sign on at your local library (service has been cut to the bone) then you have to travel 12 miles every two weeks to sign on. The first 13 weeks you are excused - but DWP say that 13 weeks is ample time to find work and if you dont find work in those 13 weeks you have to find £13 Train fare every two weeks from already squeezed JSA to go sign on or you lose your benefits. Disabled? Feck you as ATOS says your fit, so that £13 quid you need for food and nutrition that week or to keep warm coz of your arthritis has to be put aside for your 13 mile trip to the Job center where you will be made to feel even more of a misfit in society whilst some middle age numpty praises universal credit and looks upon you as a numpty because you cannot even achieve a basic job like she has, no mention of the fact that there simply are not enough jobs
  2. Im sure i read somewhere that in order for the global economy to achieve year on year growth of 1.5% we need to find a new Saudi Arabia every seven years I think were ******ed TBH
  3. Yep, saw that and was wondering why wiser minds than I, had not commented on the thread? It was one of the best Newsnights lately
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01pbp36/Newsnight_04_12_2012/ They dont know what to do, so why would Osbourne?
  5. Best question from Audience that everybody ducked was How do we get infinite growth on a finite planet
  6. Thanks Im not getting better, i have knee arthritis and a patella injury, but hey, i can walk a few miles and am able even though i am in great pain, i take a cocktail of drugs and hope to get sativex a cannabis based medicine shortly as it helps. It is very difficult on ESA as a single dad, so i sat down for a year and learned visual basic using visual studio and got a job. If you want it, you can get it, just watch these disabled Olympians
  7. After 9 months as a sick person on ESA i have also found a full time job I am happy now i can provide for my kids
  8. It was an absolutely brilliant take on the whole situation, i could not help but feeling we are soon heading the same way, in fact it is already happening with mass unemployment and people falling into poverty every working day in the UK.
  9. Shame nobody commented on this Thread, i thought it was important and significant
  10. http://www.economist.com/node/21553034 I found the comments more interesting than the article
  11. They keep finding puddles everyday, wont arrest decline rates you need to sign up to the oildrum and powerswitch
  12. Pre crisis growth aint coming back, oil is the canary in the coal mine, it peaked in 200/7 by 2020 the world could be minus 20 million barrels a day Game over
  13. How many social houses could be built for that money, how much money could be saved? How many low carbon low cost fully insulated houses could we build? How many people would it put back to work? Most Building materials can be sourced in the UK, how many jobs service sector would this create? How many apprenticeships in the building trade could be created?
  14. well said, i am currently unable to work due to a work injury, i have been on ESA for 6 months now, and work looks like a distant thing to me now, i see myself in a similar situation - worked for the last 27 years and took very little from the state, now i get to live on 70 quid a week
  15. Yeah, not looking good for long term Saudi Future IMO Major wheat and food importer since running out of there own fossilized water, population has increased 3 fold in the last 30 years, lots of young people, lack of jobs and pounded by western culture - when it goes, it will go big. Just look at Egypt, in 1962 it was a net exporter of both Gas and oil, grew enough food in the Nile Delta to feed it's peoples, its population was less than half it is today - fast forward 30 years - population 83 million, high illiteracy rates, imports most of it's food, running out of potable water no longer exports much oil or Gas and Tourism industry dead in the Red. It's heading towards a failed state
  16. This is the problem, Gulf States are using more oil and Gas for RO (reverse osmosis) and bling bling cars
  17. Yes, net exports - declining we are fooked Lets not let that get in the way of house prices and 25 year mortgages - whats oil production gonna look like in 2037?
  18. Beer? wine? Cannabis? opium? crack? or have no clue about geology?
  19. Don't let this get in the way of House prices or Growth, lets ignore all the fundamentals The entire global economy runs on cheap oil, without it we are flucked I have never understood why these fundamentals are not mentioned more on this site
  20. well, this Myers is turning up on everything Newsnight, Question Time, Sky news and to be quite honest she doesn't have an economic cludo, All the Dragons are the same, stick to the Den Guys instead of giving us your laughable economic predictions and what we need to do to get out of this mess Coz we aint getting out of this Mess IMO
  21. Who is that Myers Bint????? Wants to privatize the friggin planet so we all end up slaves Can't these people get Finite world in there dozy little heads?
  22. I have a patella injury and cant walk properly, im up all night in pain. It happened due to excessive knee crawling doing structured cabling at work - of course my ex-employer has denied this although they failed to provide knee pads for the whole two years i worked there, i did ask even by email 8 months prior to injury. I am sick of taking opiates and have asked for sativex (most probably will be denied by pain team) I get ESA and it is quite impossible to live on it and pay for my two young children. I have worked for the last 27 years and i have just about had enough of the way the state treats me, NHS dont want to operate as they think it will worsen the condition and/or they want me to struggle on until they think it's time to operate, im 44 and i see them operating on people who have 20 years on me, you would think they would help me so i can get well and back to work again (Skilled in IT) nope! I am having to fight tooth and nail to Sativex as it is the only thing that takes my mind of the pain and allows me soon normality in my life (It's a cannabis based medicine that costs on the NHS £11 a day) but the opiates make me constantly sleepy and i find it hard to focus, where as the sativex in illegal herbal form which i obtain from my local Grass dealer helps enormously............ Dont get sick during these times, nobody wants to help, austerity is hurting the sick poor the most - i am not a benefit scrounger, i was earning £600 a week up until 2 years ago, now i live a life of misery
  23. If you saw my street and my social house you would love it, walking dead in a place? half my street are private owners with 3 social houses in the street, great street, great town good HA. Like to poster above - i could by for what i pay in rent
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