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  1. It all comes down to individualism vs collectivism but there's some fascinating contradictions on display. This forum, as ever, never fails to deliver some interesting case studies in mental gymnastics. We have the libertarian, conservative types on one side who also generally tend to support the metanarrative of nationalism and shared values whilst the more left or centre leaning liberal group is generally more skeptical of that particular metanarrative but is willing to roll up its sleeve and have the jab as part of a collective effort to control the virus. All very odd.
  2. HB/UC whatever you want to call it. Amounts to the same thing; state support to subsidise landlords.
  3. I am of the bean counting persuasion myself so have run the numbers on letting our existing gaff and the truth is, despite section 24, it's more than manageable. Not going to make big bucks but, as I say, it will wash its face and cover maintenance etc whilst allowing me go use dome of the theoretical price to move on. I think this is ultimately why we never saw the armageddon for BTLers that many expected/hoped for; overall valuations barely faltered meaning most can still just about get away with it and see a house as a sensible place to park their money still, even if it's not really achie
  4. Mine's currently on the market. Getting a lot of interest but it all seems to be "secondary market" interest from boomers in (insert name of trendy towns nearby) who've sold up to people fleeing London. The reality is this house is lovely but (insert name of early stages of gentrification town i live in) isn't posh enough to attract those people yet so nobody seems to be buying. To be honest, it's a house for a young family from the area not retirees. There is a young couple in the neighbourhood we know who would love to buy this place but can't get anywhere near our asking price (which
  5. You need to use your initiative a bit. Too late now anyway given we're apparently into shortage mode.
  6. I don't think this is right. According to nhs England the vaccine must be used as soon as delivered, not stored; https://www.england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/wp-content/uploads/sites/52/2020/12/C01009-COVID-19-Vaccine-Oxford-AstraZeneca-movement-vaccine-7-January-2021.pdf This is why they've basically been grabbing people off the street to use it up and it's working too. Best part of 30 million had their first jab now.
  7. Fellow queue jumper here. Pretty awesome tbh. In fairness, I was actively encouraged to do so by staff at the vaccination centre where my wife (mid 30s, underlying health condition) was being jabbed. They told me they were significantly under capacity at a local centre, told me what to say when booking/attending and told me to go ahead and book. They were spot on too. Had the pick of appointments when I looked, could have gone the same day if not so shirt notice for work but ended up a day later. Staff just seemed to want to get as many as possible done regardless of who you are (w
  8. This is what I did before the crisis and it's what I want to go back to after. I know very few people that genuinely want 100% wfh. I would support them if they did want it though and could make it work. It's easy to cry foul over this but in truth it's not going to be as simple as "yay! No more commuting forever". UK puts a lot of the burden of paying for its rail network on commuters. What do we do when there are none? Probably hike prices, raise taxes and slash services so you might not have to take the train into work any more but you pay peak prices and have far less choice of servi
  9. If you want to "escape to the country" you need a small town that's close enough to the countryside to enjoy it but still has some actual amenities. I'm from what most of my London and other city based colleagues think of as the sticks, I do love the area and the countryside but I'm still not actually stupid enough to move somewhere that doesn't have shops, pubs and a train station in walking distance (and pay through the nose for the privilege), although I have moved out of my home town now to somewhere smaller. If you move straight from "London" (is Kingston on Thames really London?) t
  10. Don't forget freezing tax free allowance and higher rate thresholds too. Tories love a good stealth tax and people fall for it every single time.
  11. I think we've discussed this before on here; how many of the newly unemployed were candidates for a house purchase anyway? Professionals will probably have picked up a tidy redundancy package, a bit of remote contracting and then getting themselves a new job in the summer when the reopening really gets going. If you worked at Sports Direct, tragic to lose a job but the only difference to the property market is the proportion of your rents that's paid by HB/UC. Unemployment is now looking really unlikely yo hit the apocalyptic levels previously predicted and almost certainly won't t
  12. OK, so there's pent up supply but, logically, doesn't the same apply to demand? Headline housebreaking figures that get breathlessly quoted by industry shills are largely based on notionsl asking prices that are designed to be a unpalatable ask yo ensure a negotiation ends up closer to what the vendor will really sell for. Given the market has basically ground to a halt I don't believe there's any way of knowing what the real market is like. Strikes me the market right now is people who have to sell for some reason dealing with people who think they're getting a good deal due to the stamp
  13. Yes, it's a well known fact that no one has ever lost Bitcoin following a hack or similar event.
  14. Unpack this; how does it make more sense to enter into a trade arrangement with a disparate group of countries with a combined population less than Germany, all of which are hours away by plane, than with our near neighbours, sn enormous trafing bloc of several hundred million people, much of which is culturally aligned to the UK and which we can drive or jump on a train to? I'm going to take some convincing here, to be honest.
  15. What? Fancy foods like cheese, milk, vegetables? Best case scenario is there might be a surplus of lamb (which is fine by me, be nice to see the price come down) but my one year old needs milk.
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