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  1. If there was no inventory including photos signed by both parties when moving in, then the landlord has no claim on the deposit, even if it’s in a TDS. In my experience, BTL landlords have tried to exploit immigrants’ lack of knowledge of British law, and charge them ridiculous fees when leaving the property. Your friend should offer to pay for cleaning and rubbish removal and that’s it. He should start a dispute resolution process at Shelter if an agreement can’t be reached: https://england.shelter.org.uk/legal/housing_options/deposits/statutory_protection_of_deposits/return_of_the_deposit/dispute_resolution I’ve gone through this twice myself and they ruled in my favour both times.
  2. Most IT/engineering etc. contractors only take £11850 as salary and the rest as dividends. I wouldn’t call it unearned.
  3. 1. Why would anyone want new 6 story blocks of flats on their street instead of low rise terraces? 2. Not a bad idea. If the govt is buying land for railways, might as well plonk down a few rabbit hutches along the lines. At least it would dampen the noise pollution. 3. He wants to sell existing social housing while handing over 35% of the sale price to the tenant so they can buy a whole property somewhere cheaper. It's like a bribe to poor people to bugger off. Councils will then need to use the remaining 65% of the proceeds to pay 100% market rates for new social housing in their borough. 4. I'm all for tax cuts but he has to make up that yearly £9billion somewhere.
  4. Yes those will have to be scrapped and paid back in arrears too. A difficult job!
  5. Theoretically I have no problem with this. Why should a government prevent people from accessing their own money? Of course, when this lot turn 65 and have no money to live on, they should not be bailed out or provided for by the state either.
  6. I don't think there will be any bank runs in the UK anymore because everyone is covered with the FSCS up to £85k. Even if a couple of banks go under and the govt needs to print money to cover FSCS, I doubt it would inflate the £ all that much.
  7. Why are we subsidising the wealthy? Those up to age 45 should be getting the free bus passes.
  8. The bank is a private company and should be able to put whatever they like in the contract. They obviously class housing benefit tenants as high risk, which could prevent the landlord paying their mortgage. Its the same as car insurance companies charging more for young male drivers. It’s not discrimination, it’s based on data. These people are being subsidised by the the public already and now want to be subsidised by the (publicly bailed out) bank too.
  9. Not the most expensive faggot in soho...
  10. Thank goodness we’re leaving so we’ll never be an EU vassal state. It’s a shame to see a great nation like Italy not being permitted to make its own decisions.
  11. To be fair, the David Attenborough documentaries they produce are world class. Their news service is best ignored.
  12. No govt could throw the over-extended "hard working families" under the bus... The reality is that the biggest borrowers are bankers and other high earners. Rates will be increased at glacial pace over the next 20 years, with inflation running above average to erode debt and make it easier to pay off.
  13. In July I put offers on 2 London flats at around 10% under asking price. I received a sharp intake of breath, some snickering, and "that offer is offensive" back from the agent/vendors. Both flats have been on the market for 4-5 months and have dropped their asking price multiple times since they were listed.
  14. Indeed. This fiasco will probably sink the company. Nobody would buy from them now, especially not off plan.
  15. It's the landlord's house, why shouldnt he charge the top rent achievable? Anything less is silly, from a business perspective. Dont hate the player etc.
  16. Don't worry, we have a burgeoning Sharia court system coming in to play - 80 courts so far. In 20 years we might be lucky to have another 80.
  17. Fake grass is all the rage in Clapham. Even more so than decks.
  18. I've seen entire gardens covered in decking! I don't understand why people choose decking over paving when on the ground floor.
  19. Kitchens and bathrooms are depreciating liabilities, and are usually chosen/installed by people who have no eye for design. I cringe when I see cheap particleboard and plastic bench tops, creaky orange laminate flooring, aeroplane-sized bathroom sinks etc. etc. etc. Extensions that add space are much better and do increase the selling price, especially if you get another useable bedroom, a downstairs toilet etc.
  20. People who opened a HTB ISA when it started, and have invested the maximum permitted amount ever since, currently have about £6600 in the pot. That means they'd get £1650 from the government. The problem is that in London, £450k gets you a one bedroom slave box on murder mile. So the scheme is basically useless.
  21. All businesses try to avoid as much tax as possible - wouldn’t you? It’s like complaining that your neighbour uses an ISA and SIPP to avoid tax.
  22. “Make the vision of the place you call home a reality” When can I expect my vision to come true? I don’t expect the Queen to give up Windsor castle easily.
  23. Jeremy Hunt buying 7 new flats in March made this news a foregone conclusion.
  24. HoF in Oxford st has been old and tired for years. Much like Debenhams. Piles of mid-range clothing brands, dim lighting, and big discounts every couple months. The shop at Westfiel is much more modern and in line with their marketing image.
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