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  1. wrong. I can easily get a mortgage and have a fairly large deposit. I refuse to buy at these prices and know many other people in the same boat. On a joint income of around 7k/net my wife and I CAN afford to pay, but won't at current prices. I'm not going to get into debt for a crappy pile of rubble.
  2. yes, but how else can we show the world that our mortgage based economy is growing? It's also the reason they keep fuelling the bubble. The bubble popping is synonymous with our economy going to shit.
  3. I didn't say the average was 300k, I said that it was no where near the top end. Learn to read and stop telling lies.
  4. Very few. I no longer work in a university with access to that data, but I believe the average for a professor is now just shy of 80k. You will however find that some professors and lecturers earn a great deal more. Most who earn 6 figures do so because of the amount of money they bring in to the university, this is normally through EU funded projects, though I expect that may come to an end in the near future. Either way, universities are funded by students, no longer by the public purse, so I don't think it's our business how much they are paid.
  5. 300k is not even close to the top, you have no idea what you are talking about. The top priced apartments are 10x that, see attached.... It's the average 1-2-3 bedroom, communist style flats are are cheap in comparrison, for instance for around £150,000 you can get a 2-3 bedroom flat in a decent area.
  6. What the hell are you talking about? Where in the UK would you get a house with a small garden for £450k. You must be on about greater London, somehwere close to London or a large wealthy city, you can get a hell of a lot more than that in most of the country. I happen to know Romaina fairly well, you wouldn't get anything other than an old cow shed, slap bang in the middle of nowhere for 4500 euros, a hectare of farmland just hit 10,000 euros. In fact, my mother owns a nice 3 bedroom flat in in Bucharest valued at 300,000 Euros and a fairly large house, outside the capital, 20km away from the
  7. His pention may be good, his salary however is won't be great, if he's a senior lecturer then 40-48k, if he actually has a professorship, then 50-60k.
  8. It's likely that he was hiring them to write code from Bulgaria, the same way, he could hire Indian programmers. It would not be in his interested for them to come and work here, because as soon as they got here they would realise what their real market value is and work elsewhere. If that's the reason you voted for Brexit, you need to get your head checked.
  9. Indeed our leaders do need to get their education priorities right, I sometimes feel there is a hidden agenda to degrade UK education. I speak as someone who attended public schools in the UK until the age of 7, a state school until I was 9, then attended a school in a developing nation until 14. I was a mediocre student in the Eastern European country. Upon my return, until the end of my formal education I barely needed to study anything. I got pretty much straight A's at GCSEs. Sixth form was a joke, as was university where I graduated with a first class honours. The MBA was pretty basic to
  10. I don't know where you get these idiotic ideas from. The "EU kids" with the same or better skills are not and DO NOT work at 2/3 of the hourly rate, they have no reason to do so, UK companies fight to hire them. I work for a fairly large company in London where 50% or more are from the EU and they are all paid the market rate, well, above the market rate if I'm to be honest. When it comes to most skilled jobs, take IT for instance, we spend tens of thousands on recruitment and it takes around three months to recruit a single person. The UK just doesn't have enough skilled people and once we ar
  11. I'm sure the 10 minutes commuters will be saving to Paddington will be well worth it.
  12. £1450 to have the kitchen in my living room! Bargain! It's what I've always wanted!
  13. A crash is exactly what is needed, otherwise most of my generation and the next will not buy (born in the 80s). People assume that we aren't buying because we can't afford to, what they don't consider is the fact that many of us CAN afford to buy. Having around 115k in savings and adding around 2-3k a month, I would argue that I can buy in most parts of the UK, but at current prices, it's just not worth it. Buying a house is a huge risk. Things like the ridiculous 30-35 year mortgages they now offer are just another scheme to help sustain the bubble, interest rates are at record lows, the drea
  14. OK, let's assume the data for March is not 100% complete, even though it includes data for the last days of the month. Would you say the Feb data is also incomplete, considering we are in May? How would you explain that drop? With the push of BTL to complete before 1st April, I would have expected to see Feb & March as record breaking months - this doesn't appear to be the case.
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