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  1. Me and the wife stayed in one in London for a couple of nights. Cheaper than a hotel with all the convenience of a flat. I think the point is that it is a short term no commitment, hence being more expensive. The room is cleaned and keys are also handed over. It worked really well for us. Now looking at it as an option for city breaks etc instead of a hotel.
  2. Have you found a plot of land that has been abandoned perhaps and thinking of trying for adverse possession?
  3. hi, I have recently come across your blog. Its brilliant BTW and has really inspired me to become FI ASAP. My issue is I have a wife and three kids who always need something!
  4. I'm just in the process of renewing my company car. Can either take the £5k per annum car allowance (minus tax and NI) or get the company to buy and run it as a company car (this will attract company car tax). Not sure which way to go yet as only do about 10,000 miles PA and only about £2k of these for business. Need something big enough for the family so ideally an SUV type as my wife likes the high driving position. Any ideas?
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