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    Buying Older Apartment And Upgrading Worthwhile?

    Thanks for the replies. I wouldn't be treating the upgrades as solely an investment - primarily they would be for me. I'd just like to spend money in a way that gives me the place I want to live and also when I eventually decide to sell it, the money won't have gone completely down the drain in terms of what I get back. Very good point about the buying price tho. I will offer what I see fit based on what I want to do to the place. If that is acceptable to the seller, then we have a deal. If not then... next
  2. I'm thinking of buying an older apartment (15yo development). I would like to upgrade the interior (new tiled floor, new kitchen, new bathroom) so it meets my standards to live in. It's not falling apart at the moment, just not 100% cutting edge style, and I'm fussy But I also want it to be a relatively worthwhile investment (ie. not completely wasted in terms of how much it bumps up the value of the apartment). With a house, the upgrades above would give you a decent return on investment (in terms of increasing the value of the property), assuming you don't go overboard and install for example, a really expensive kitchen in a small, cheap house in a so-so area. Does doing the above with an apartment will give the same payoff as it would with a house? Or is the potential asking price for apartments a lot more constrained by the development the apartment is in, compared to a house?
  3. interestedoutsider

    Queen's Square Apartments In Belfast?

    Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated! Ulidia can you elaborate on this please? I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on which places you think it's better than and why?
  4. interestedoutsider

    Queen's Square Apartments In Belfast?

    I'm curious - does anyone know much about the Queen's Square apartments in Belfast? More specifically, about where does it fit in the ranking of desirable developments to own an apartment in Belfast city centre? It seems based on the prices and what I've gathered from reading/talking to people, that you have: * "Best" places - St Annes, Custom House Square, ARC, Victoria Square * Middling places - Obel, some of the older riverside developments * The lower end of the spectrum - College Central, some of the developments on Adelaide Street, etc. Now I understand Queen's Square is older than the "best" places I have listed above so the apartments won't be as modern spec inside, but in terms of "nice-ness" (I'm thinking overall build quality, quality of life, the types of people living there) does anyone know if it would be up there with the nicer developments in the city centre?

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