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  1. Google’s Chrome browser should apparently help alleviate intrusive ads, and go someway towards making the culprits conform to better standards. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-43072266 http://www.dignited.com/32658/how-to-enable-google-chromes-built-in-ad-blocker/
  2. What about SPGP (iShares gold producers) as an alternative to GDX? Or the Blackrock Gold and General fund? They all seem to have similar performance if you overlay their charts.
  3. Have a shifty at this: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/shufti
  4. Did he actually say how he would deal with it, just so the rest of us know?
  5. People need educating about the financial markets to make money, not bl00dy houses which are for living in!
  6. What happens after that phase? A new starting level, or system reset? Or does it all come crashing down again?
  7. Another Bitcoin split...? https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-is-splitting-once-again-are-you-ready
  8. Maybe they're spending their savings before Corbyn and MacDonnell "requisition" it to pay off the national debt.
  9. People are living longer, costing more on health services and pensions. Wages are stagnating, jobs are being cut with technological efficiencies or outsourcing. Cheap unskilled labour is coming into the country, taking jobs people here could do. Refugees are being housed at taxpayers expense. Etc. At what point does all this become unacceptable? Maybe once people's savings, investments, private pensions are subjected to wealth taxes to pay for it? All the time it's funded by the government racking up huge debts, it seems less personal than asking individuals to "donate" their own money for the "good of the many".
  10. 500 million, and still an insufficient amount of fruit pickers! So how many more would we need just to save an extra 50% on our strawberries? I don't mind paying an extra quid per box instead.
  11. Needs to be promoted across social media to the youngsters who need lower prices. I'm sure there's enough Corbyn followers who would sign.
  12. How many people still visit branches in person? Even folk who don't do things online can still phone them.
  13. Not sure about the hackable aspect of this, but your link reminded me of this earlier article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/investing/gold/buy-royal-mint-gold-using-bitcoin-tech-via-isa-firm/ It mentions Hargreaves Lansdown, so I thought it would be good if it leads to investors being able to invest through an ISA, rather than being limited to ETFs or mining shares.
  14. I think you can schedule in advance a date/time for Twitter posts to appear, so he
  15. Can't they just paint it beige and add some twigs in vases to improve it? That's good enough for most people...
  16. There was an interesting article on the BBC News website a month ago. What will Brexit mean for Polish 'ghost towns'? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36854272
  17. Surely they can round up enough British "jobseekers" to do the work to earn their benefit money... Put them to more productive use than just dossing at home all day.
  18. Can't they trigger an HPC first, so that all these new houses can be built bigger than shoebox size?
  19. I just got a new Android phone and discovered a few issues with forums. It seems to be a problem with the Data Saver. You need to go into Chrome settings and turn Data Saver off. I've also installed Chrome Beta, so that I can have two Chromes running, one with the setting on, and one with it off for those sites with this problem.
  20. Haven't we got enough of our own that can fill those cheap labour roles? There's probabley enough on benefits that can work but won't work. We need a re-allocation of existing human resources, instead of importing them.
  21. They're still saving up to bail out Deutsche Bank...
  22. If they just keep kicking the Article 50 can down the road, where does that leave us with the EU in the meantime? Would we be treated as if nothing has changed, with the same involvement as before? Or will will we be in a Twilight Zone period of limbo? Surely a decisive Yes or No needs to be given regarding pulling the official trigger...
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