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  1. i'm pretty sure we'll get another altcoin boom at some point. people are people, greed & fomo are hard wired into the homo sapien brain. my guess is that it will be around the end of this bitcoin cycle. personally, i'm adding only bitcoin at the moment
  2. very high volume on the korean bithumb exchange but its having any impact on price. any thoughts as to whats going on?
  3. my strategy is to wait for a change of trend on the weekly chart (alt/btc) on alts with strong fundamentals before going back in
  4. thanks for the advice, goldbug. at the risk of challenging your authority on the subject of cypto i must ask if you know anything about market cycles?
  5. i was so confident it would break the 6,000 sats resistance i bought in too soon. should've has waited for the the break. a school boy error! long term i think it has legs, though
  6. no way, jose once the etf is approved the bigger alts will likely follow long term i see ether dominating the market. functionality, innit
  7. yes, i didn't get the joke either good project but seems to be crawling along at a snails pace
  8. you getting out of bitcoin and into alts before the etf decision or after? i've been offloading alts into bitcoin but not sure when to go back into alts
  9. how are we playing the etf? hodl through the sell off if it gets rejected or sell to buy in cheaper?
  10. years upon years of double digit growth and people are having orgasms over a 1.9% fall in one region. get a grip
  11. its tragically funny. the opportunities are there but people prefer to point blame and moan. most of the posters on this site wouln't buy a house if it was a pound lest it should fall to 50p in next months rightmove index
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