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  1. in the last cycle it went from $5,000 to $20,000 very quickly. i'm thinking we might see something similar happen with $100,000. steady build up then a massive frenzy once $100k is breached.
  2. i'm thinking january 2021 for new ath. i'd expect bitcoin to be around $50,000 by july 2021
  3. this market structure has been in play since december 2017. that is a large chunk of bitcoins life. its not going to just roll over. it will take numerous attempts to break, close above and backtest $10,500 resistance
  4. ok i misread. bitcoin held on exchanges is falling while miners stock is running out so its only a matter of time before the laws of supply and demand kick in. we've got the weekly & monthly close in 4 hours and cme futures opening i think midnight gmt. party time!
  5. i would have thought grayscale would require freshly mined bitcoin so i don't think they would be buying coins pulled off exchanges. more likely miners selling off their reserves. can't wait for them to run out!
  6. i can't believe people are still posting the same old arguments against bitcoin over and over again on this thread
  7. similar thing happened to me. i could have cashed out £200,000 at the peak but i had set a target which didn't get hit. back then bitcoin was just a get rich quick scheme for me but now i understand the value, the technology and the market cycle.
  8. the tax implications involved in trading are too tedious for me so i just hodl
  9. most bitcoiners are expecting a post halving pullback so it'll probably do the opposite!
  10. i thought we would have broken $10,000 by now but bitcoin never does what you want it to i'm looking at the 12 exponential on the weekly at around $8,300 also, ema ribbon on the weekly is around $8,200 so we should at least get a bounce
  11. thanks for the intel! i have no intention of ever returning once i'm gone
  12. can you work out from the hmrc site if you can get away with buying in the uk and selling in a zero tax country after gaining residence there?
  13. lol i'm thinking more cyprus, portugal, somewhere that offers zero tax on crypto and an eu passport
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