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  1. Haven't lived in London for awhile now so had to DuckDuckGo that as never heard of it: "Boxpark is the world’s first pop-up mall – fusing the concepts of modern street food and placing local and global brands side by side creating a unique shopping" Sounds awful, so basically just big businesses pretending to be little guys while you get to pretend you're edgy and not into brands?
  2. How about taking it out the £23.9 billion spent on housing benefit given out to the idle, cheats or immigrants who have all been in the country for all of 5 minutes vs people who get themselves out of bed in the morning and actually produce and pay taxes.
  3. Shows how f***** the economy is when you have to transfer the entire risk of a business onto the employees.
  4. Yup it's the availability of credit that is the problem. Give it a decade or two with the advances in technology you'll probably be able to print a house for less than a cost of a night out on the sauce.
  5. Interesting as it was built on site. Shame we don't live in a world which would let this technology have an effect on house prices.
  6. I've already got a banking app. How the f*** is having less banking options (high street branches) "disruptive" as these idiots would call it? Oh but wait, sorry I spoke too soon. Apparently, Monzo uses lots of emojis. I honest to god think that this world we're living in isn't real, it can't be. I'm believing more and more in the theory how life is a computer simulation and things like Monzo are just bugs in the system.
  7. Same thing happened to me. I wasn't remote as had an office base but I tried to spend most my time in the field actually doing the work I was paid for instead of sat on my ass gossiping like the rest of my team. I was pretty young and naive but soon realised that because I was the one person who was out the most I was the prime candidate to have the s**t stirred about me. Realised it was just a fact of life that there's a lot of sad people out there.
  8. It's in the arts so I guess the crap pay is part of the industry unless you make it big. Think he'll end up in teaching so will probably be ok in the end.
  9. All guide price and offers in excess of. Just checked the school performance in Cambridge, either just average or just below the national average at all levels. Crime is above average esp physical violence and burglary. A friend of mine has recently moved to Cambridge for a pretty s*** paying job, 13k and it's not even perm. That's after going to two of the best universities in the world and getting a top class masters. They are convinced that everyone who works in Cambridge apart from uni staff commutes in and everyone else who actually lives in Cambridge commutes to London. Seems pointless if you ask me.
  10. Average house price in Cambridge stands at more than £500k , Terraced properties had an average sold price of £512,099
  11. A quick DuckDuckGo tells me the average salary for a software dev in Cambridge is £35k. Average house price £500k. I'd hazard a guess most people commute in and don't actually enjoy all the touted benefits it has to offer. Based on that Cambridge can stuff it's so called culture up its ****.
  12. I personally think this is good business for Unite seeing as they've now got access to vast amounts of free cash. Keep building and take any short term pain of under-occupancy/zero profits/losses while you push every student HMO slumlord out the market. Doesn't matter if student numbers are dropping as long if you're taking a bigger slice of a shrinking pie.
  13. I've never met a tenant farmer and I feel sorry for them as I'm sure it is hard to make a living, but when I refer to farmers i'm talking about the few land-owning ones I've met, who are all filthy rich. I remember years ago I had a weekend at some coastal town, turn up and I'd never seen so many brand new top of the range £70k Land Rovers/Rang rovers. There must have been nearly a thousand of them. All driven by 18-year-olds. Turns out it was the young farmers association annual get together. Nice. I stupidly volunteered with a wildlife/conservation charity a few times, was in some wood or field somewhere doing some pointless work and ended up chatting with an employee of the estate. Turns out the guy was the woodsman/estate manager. I asked him what the deal was, who owned the land etc turns the "farmer" owns vast swathes of land and his job is to apply to every grant out there. We were there so they could get some grant for making it a wild butterfly meadow or some BS like that. The "farmer" was getting filthy rich from doing this and other schemes, milking the tax payer and apparently kicking back some to the upper echelons of the "charity".
  14. Sadly natives in their mid twenties are just grist for the mill. The government couldn't care less if you're able to afford a house or have children. Child creation has been outsourced to immigrants and they're being given the council houses along with it which would have been for the working class. Your only point in life is to work skilled job (if you can get one) for peanuts, pay a little bit of tax and get up to your eyes in debt.
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