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  1. Well folks I thought you guys might find it amusing that I 'matched' with an estate agent employee on Tinder. For those of you who are older - this is a dating app for those of us in society who are too ugly to approach in person. Anyway. All was going well. Until I slagged off Aberdein Co. and their BS propaganda reports of the last 3 years, with only the most recent one really beginning to acknowledge the house market is dropping and sellers have to be 'realistic' with prices - I know, no wonder I can't get a girlfriend with chat up lines like this.... Turned out she actually works for Aberdein Co.... and was most unamused at my assessment of their quarterly reports and crap they say in the EE and P and J.... Oh well, plenty more fish in the sea.
  2. From HTB Scotland website However, the buyer will need to pay back the full equity support in certain situations, such as if they decide to sell their home. The value of the equity to be repaid is based on the value of the property at the time of the repayment. I'm guessing that first sentence means you would have to pay back what the government gave you in the first place, not a percentage of what the house is worth now. https://www.mygov.scot/help-to-buy/information-for-lenders-and-ifas/
  3. Rather interesting if indeed something like this were to happen. I won't profess to understand the benefits/cons in there entirety however. I have heard back with regards to the Bayview flats in Stonehaven. 'This was the decision of the seller to set the asking price higher - because of the location of the properties they are proving popular with viewers and I think that it is the hope of the seller that he will achieve above the valuation' Stating the obvious I suppose.
  4. I'll drop them an email and see how far I get! EME, would not be the case that you bought you're let flat(s) when the prices were low, mortgage rates good for buy to let etc and have thus done well out of it Vs. Anyone buying those flats to rent out surely would need a at least a decade plus of full occupancy every month of the year to break even, going by my fag packet maths anyway. Surely much more against the buy to let or even air bnb in the current climate?
  5. The Stonehaven beach flats, the other one for sale; https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/381165/The-Haven--Beachview-Apartments/Stonehaven/ Offers over 240k Home report - 215k I'm tempted to contact the solicitor for fun to ask the owners why? Have they sunk so much money into it (if it indeed was a B n' b) they are desperately trying to recover costs by just making up their preferred prices? Perhaps they will get lucky and someone with some spare cash wants a holiday home but in the current climate it just seems wild asking a hilariously high amount over the home report.
  6. Just came across this: https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/381166/The-Penthouse--Beachview-Apartments/Stonehaven/ 53 square metres... and offers over 260k.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Home report value 225k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yeah defo a record as far as I am aware. Been keeping an eye on aspc for years now and I'm sure last years peak was just over 6000. I think EME (congrats on new home) has a point about nicer homes selling fast-ish but the numbers speak for themselves, the markets still knackard and I can't see it turning round anytime soon.
  8. 'House prices and sales crumble in Granite city' Stark contrast to the local propaganda. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/property-prices-and-sales-crumble-in-granite-city-wwdglsd2g Edit - sorry had not read previous posts - feel free to delete mods!
  9. Do we not need to mention proportion here, In terms of the population of the NE at half a million? Vs. Glasgow/surrounding area at 1 million? So 5000 homes on ASPC is still significant. It was 6000 towards the end of 2017. I had a look at rightmove Glasgow, 2000ish homes for sale. When I started looking to move out around about the oil down turn, from memory 500 homes were for sale. So a massive increase in supply.
  10. Just walked past the TV at work and noticed ASPC have a new advert boasting of over 5000 propertys for sale! Perhaps they know it's not going to go down anytime soon...
  11. 'People' have been telling me it's bottoming out for the last 2 and a half years......
  12. Things in terms of the Oil price are looking up. Will this price stay solid however? USA wants to extract even more shale. I think volitility will continue (but what do I know) Certainly had a large up tick in O&G job emails coming through and the traffic is worse! I'm still saving into my deposit. Currently tied to Aberdeen as being funded to do an MSc by my workplace charity (I work for the NHS) I have stated before that if I were to buy, I'd want a decent discount. Obviously a lot of variables to contend with there. I'm approaching 28 this year - my MSc will be done when I'm 29 next year. I don't really want to be 30 and still at home! (Financially salary wise moving out has only become realistic in the last couple of years - then oil went tits up) So somewhat of a pressure to move out and my niche job is in Aberdeen. But there is that worry of is Aberdeen going to end up being like a coal mining town? Say oil in Aberdeen has a decent 10 years left - will my house be worth what I paid? Will I be able to sell it? Will I after finnishing my MSc find a job elsewhere but be stuck in a mortgage and house I can't sell if I buy soon? I don't really fancy renting but going by the latest figures it could be worth a shout in the short term. Over 5000 homes still for sale on ASPC (1000? disapeered over Christmas! Delisted?) , 300 on rightmove. All the new homes being build elsewhere. I don't think we are out of the woods yet. So much stock continuing to build up. Surely prices will keep going down for the considerable future.
  13. FAKE NEWS!!! Sorry, I should know better than to not critically read a report and just take the papers figures as accurate!
  14. A/C propaganda machine about to get ramped up in the face of continuing falling prices and stock build up?
  15. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/house-prices/house-prices-scotland-surge-southern-cities-hit-affordability/ Hometrack says 7.7 percent fall over 2017 in Aberdeen
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