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  1. I'm Aberdeen "Born and bred" and your comments are true... Certainly not insulted. I'd always thought I'd 'escape' eventually for some of the reasons alluded to in your post. I haven't posted in a while and ABZ above has asked about prices etc in Aberdeen. I joined this forum years ago in the frustration that the 'non' oil folk (and plenty oil folk!!) couldn't afford to stay in Aberdeen. I thought I'd never be able to buy and I'd have to leave or get a job in the oil industry. I worked with a healthcare support worker back in 2011 who's take home pay was about £1100 and her rent for a one bed flat was £850. It sickened and saddend me. I thought what chance did I have if I knew I'd struggle too and I was two pay grades higher at the time - only a couple hundred quid better off. Fast forward though the oil crash till now and I'm glad I didn't jack in the NHS career as I'd have probably been made redundant in O&G and god knows what I've had done job wise. I bought my place in October 21". Good area, end terraced house with a drive, front/rear garden. 3 beds. It's not huge but suits me fine. No kids etc. I paid £155,000. It was offers over £165,000. I've had to do it up a bit, including a new bathroom but all budgeted for. I should have probably low balled the seller further but I don't regret buying. The house was last sold for £155,000 in 2003, so I felt I did alright paying the same in 2021! Most similar houses in the area had been going for 180kish around height of the madness in 2013, early 14. Echoing the comments above. I do wonder what the future holds for the city. I held off buying for so long as I share the same concerns in that 'is this a dying city?' What happens when oil goes? Council debt? Heaps of housing stock etc. I held off for personal reasons too in that I really wanted to move elsewhere for better career prospects outside the NHS and most potential employers see Aberdeen as back water miles away from anything. Jobs like clinical trainers and sales want you to be based more centrally, so I held off and off. And of course now that I've bought the house I've had 3 bloody jobs come up since then!!! Sods law. I had applied for two senior NHS posts in Glasgow and been unsuccessful. Disappointing but also part of me thinks as much as I like Glasgow, I'm not sure if I'd want the commute. It's vastly busier than Aberdeen and the traffic can be nose to tail, with the rush hour seeming to last for hours.. Aberdeen used to be awful to commute in but its much improved over the years. I think the AWPR and 3rd Don bridge have helped but no doubt the down turn has had an effect too. I was a 31 year old still with parents, I still felt like a child so I had to go! I could have rented but I just didn't fancy it. I'd been saving for so long I felt it was the right time. Staying with my parents for so long allowed me to save like mad, which I am very grateful for. I think I can always leave Aberdeen when I'm bored to go explore wherever. We've got some great countryside in the shire. The weather is much sunnier/drier than a lot of Scotland, despite the temperatures tending to be crapper than the west coast. I don't think it's all bad in Aberdeen, especially seeing most if my friends and family are here. I think it's very much circumstancial. It's a good time to buy if you have a future here, my money has gone much further than it would have 7-8 years ago but if your a seller it can/is a very difficult climate.
  2. Anecdotally I spoke to a solicitors practice this week. Asked about putting a note of interest in. She said the market had changed massively from previous with people fighting over houses and paying over the odds. Perhaps she was just trying to spur me on if I liked the property but she said they weren't taking notes of interest. (I can't imagine they aren't). It was a verbal note of interest, so perhaps that could be a reason, route out the time wasters! She'd suggested that most serious offers are taken up with the first people to show an interest and normally an agreement is come to with that first contact as opposed to going to closing dates.
  3. P&J OIL BOOM AHOY! Rental's uptake/cost per month up apparently. Funnily the article mentions Scotland as a whole first and then gets to Aberdeen... Trying to make it sound better than it is? I find it odd that the chart they have included in the article still shows costs for 1-2 beds for rent dropping, 3 beds costs look like they are flat and theres been a slight uptick in cost for renting 4 beds plus for all of five minutes and it's made out to be like theres a major shift upwards... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/lifestyle/home/3400006/oil-boom-bounce-back-as-aberdeen-rental-property-demand-soars/amp/
  4. Tried to buy in, on several exchanges, but no luck for hours! So frustrating to miss that wild dip. Have been DCA'ing for months, happy to buy at highs, even happier to buy at lows - but Kraken/Binance shat themselves. App has only just started working again and we're back up to £28k. Frustrating!
  5. 1st Quarter 2021 Aberdein Co. Report out https://www.aspc.co.uk/information/house-prices/
  6. This tickled me! Estate agents hit out at claim Aberdeen housing market is slowest in UK https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/aberdeen/3035767/estate-agents-hit-out-at-ridiculous-claim-aberdeen-housing-market-is-slowest-in-uk/
  7. Hello folks. I purchased 1k of BTC back in October 2020 after a natter on here. Thats now sitting at a decent unrealised gain of about 2.5-3k. It's all speculation - but where do we think this is going to go? Looking at previous charts, these large swings upwards don't last long and come crashing back down eventually. I do wonder if we get blinded by the good times and the gainz will keep coming, until the music stops. So the temptation is there to at least remove my initial investment. BUT. Is this time different? With mainstream adoption etc. The more I read the more I'm convinced that 'this time is different' (even if we do crash by 40-50% - its just part of the process from what I gather) I'm tempted to put some more fiat in but are we approaching a top or are we going to hit 100k?... All part of the fun I guess. At the very least this has been a major wake up call/learning point for me. If/when the price crashes - its time to start accumulating (not to say I won't now - some BTC better then no BTC!) for the next rise/halving - likely to take years but I'll hopefully be ready next time (hopefully theres a next time...) , even if the 'buy in' cost is higher from now on.
  8. On a side note, I wonder if anyone could offer an opinion on council tax. Looked at two houses. Detached house in Aberdeenshire, tax band E. Terraced house, again shire, tax band C. The terraced house isn't massively smaller but would be much more affordable mortgage/council tax wise. Scottish Gov have recently changed the multiplyers for council tax - so E onwards will pay an even larger proportion plus the up to 5% increase per year. I had looked at the E graded house and thought I could justify it by it being detached own drive etc but if I've done my maths right, council tax could go up by £1000 in less than a decade (for grade E) or more given COVID. It's particularly gauling that I've saved for so long to buy somewhere 'nice' but the assumption is that just becuase it is somewhere nice that I could afford these rises in council tax. Surely theres people in more expensive homes but don't make much money and struggle? Am I being silly? Should I just pay the extra £50-70 a month for the nicer house?
  9. Pay wall: North Sea oil boost as prospects hailed 'most attractive in world' https://www.heraldscotland.com/business_hq/19029804.north-sea-oil-boost-prospects-hailed-most-attractive-world-glasgow-offices-set-roar-back/ I thought North sea was one of the most expensive places to produce, am I missing something?
  10. I love how they are still managing to push out the "Encouraging signs" line, which they have been using since the market started slowing/prices declining since 2014/15 and that was pre-COVID!!!
  11. Thanks for putting this up. I'm not a subscriber so couldn't post this earlier when I came across it!
  12. Yes I've probably made a modest gain considering my small purchase!
  13. Is there any basis to your logic here? Or just targets to aspire to in building up your bitcoin amount? Does anyone dable in other coins? I note the increase in bitcoin price looks like it has caused ertheum (spelling..) to increase/other coins can follow bitcoins trend? These alt coins would appear to be riskier but one does wonder who the next bitcoin will be e.g. will there be a crypto I can buy now that's £100 now and be worth £1000 in a year? The flip side of course is the opposite could happen too! I note some coins appear to have found their value and have stuck in a particular small variation range for years.
  14. I now own 1/9th of a bitcoin.... Thanks for the advice - it's been helpful.
  15. I'd like to have some exposure to bitcoin. Probably £1k just to get my hand in and what I'd be comfortable losing. I'm not too fussed about the current price - I just want at least some exposure portfolio wise. I have a question though. For those that own, what site have you used to buy? Secondly do you use an online or hard ledger? From doing a bit of reading a USB stick like item is considered safest. Cheapest I've seen is about £50?
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