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  1. Ok guys, this will be my last post on this site. I’ve probably said too much about my property circumstances anyway when nobody else does and it’s clearly not appreciated or wanted. You’ll get no further updates from me All the best!
  2. Thanks for asking, nice to know some people take notes. The Airbnb is a different property but I’ve had that closed down since mid March, I don’t want to be dealing with COVID issues and mixing with strangers right now even though I am allowed to advertise it again. Will decide what I’m doing with that one if the situation improves or might advertise it for a long term rental as it’s always been popular. The one I’m looking to sell this year is one that I’ve had rented for years to the same person but the lease has come to an end, the lockdown has made me decide I want to put family first rather than deal with unappreciative tenants so I’m looking to sell for funds to put a nice extension on my house, buy a new family car and will probably put the rest away for a rainy day as job security in the oil game doesn’t look good right now!
  3. Trying to get one of mine on the market as previously stated, photographer is booked up for 2 weeks when normally would be a couple of days, surveyor for the home report has said the same. Seems there could be a huge glut of properties about to come on the market. Either that or loads of their staff are furloughed to save cash.
  4. Yes, that flat hasn’t got any kind of private garden access by the look of it, that’s a big consideration for a lot of people now after Covid
  5. I’ve not been to check out the oakhill grange flats in person but I feel that is still mega expensive for a flat in town £2500 per square metre is about the top price to expect elsewhere in town for a very nice flat in my recent experience
  6. Yup I agree, so much so I’m putting a city centre flat on the market ASAP I believe there are many who will come out of furlough with more cash in their pockets than before, at least in the short term Also these government no questions asked £50k loans for businesses coupled with the LBTT changes are a homes under the hammer fans wet dream but could end in tears
  7. That virtual tour is more than pretty good, looks fantastic! I would have liked that option when I was buying a year ago rather than 3 months of looking at bad photos after viewing. That will be more appealing than going to visit a home for sale and having a 10 minute look round for a lot of people
  8. At least 50% by November then another 50% by next March I reckon Those 1 bedroom flats with perfect all 1 home reports will be £250 per square meter by this time next year. Am I doing this right?
  9. I don’t know where you are getting £1.2k for water from, I’m paying business rates on a property and pay about £400 a year unmetered for water maintenance zero community charge zero But hey, what do I know
  10. Yes, that’s right, Airbnb owners who have correctly registered as a business address will be claiming the 10k they are entitled to Should help them through the lean period as they’ve not been allowed to welcome guests. Same as hotel owners, B&Bs and the like
  11. I think you will find that many in the Airbnb business will be taking advantage of the generous £10k coronavirus government grants
  12. I’m from southern Scotland too but I definitely wouldn’t move back, been happy here in Aberdeen for 15 years, can’t see that changing anytime soon. A £20k loss on a property is nothing if you have 30 years of earning ahead of you I’m one of the “one man band limited company” persons you mention. I’ve tried to be careful with my hard earned money, I’ve got what I consider to be an extremely nice family home and other properties in the city centre. Aberdeen has been a good place to buy property to do up and rent out in the past 10 years if you bought smart. There are very few positive posts about Aberdeen on this forum, you could be brainwashed into swapping your house for £50 and a cardboard box if you believed some of the posters on here.
  13. I remember going for a job interview there for Amec more than a decade ago, nice view of the town but I turned down the job offer for a better day rate elsewhere obvs. 20 years old I reckon. It’s been empty for 4+ years now, business rates must have been £300k+ a year for them have to decide to demolish, I look forward to the Starbucks drive through on my commute
  14. I hope they don’t go back 20 years because that would include all the unpaid tax from my paper round too!
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