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  1. Some eye opening discounts there! Check out the pinewood gardens one! Makes me think I could have bagged a slightly better deal on the one I’ve just bought, oh well
  2. I don’t think it will pass 7000 this year, we’re halfway through the year now of course, I would say that as the only positive person in here lol Might top 7000 next Spring I reckon
  3. Traditional B&B owners can’t compete with Airbnb done right Im making a mint with mine in City centre Aberdeen at the moment, loads of tourists, during the summer, getting twice what I used to make long term renting through an agency. Offshore Europe first week in Sept, jacked the nightly price right up and still got bookings early. Happy days
  4. I can’t help thinking help to buy will be the next ppi
  5. Thanks guys, I bow down to your superior knowledge of all things airbnb Try filtering further for “instant book” and “superhost” for a true number nobody books places they have to converse with the owner at length first or are not superhost rated
  6. Ah, most of those will be rooms in someone’s house rather than a place to yourself
  7. I’m not going to link to my airbnbs but there are only around 100 max in that list of 300 that are managed correctly on airbnb and get regular custom. Many people would rather stay in a quality airbnb rather than a cheap hotel, my price per night kind of proves this, cheap hotels have become cheap accommodation for noisy teenagers apparently (that’s what one guest told me) I wouldn’t go back to regular renting now As I say I average 25 nights booked out each month, been doing it over 12 months now Don’t have to pay council tax if it’s registered a holiday let either Edited to say, you’re looking to far ahead too, August isn’t a good indicator as there are always last minute bookings with 2/3 days to go in my experience, try looking at July
  8. I bought in 2007/2008 when prices were higher than now and mortgage rates were 6/7% so no to both However a decade of renting out and a few lump sum overpayments means I’m now mortgage free on them Returns on airbnb in Aberdeen are much better than the rock bottom long term rent prices. £80-100 per night, 25 nights a month is achievable for a very nice 2 bed with parking for example. But it only works if you can decorate and furnish the place to a high standard and can be on call to deal with any issues
  9. I have found recently that if you’re prepared to go into the estate agent, let them see your finances and prove to them you’re in a position to buy they will give you the answers to those kind of questions for any property on their books. Provided you ask politely of course. Why not give it a go and report back? I reckon those flats would do very good business on airbnb, homeaway, booking.com etc, like £2k each per month income based on my experience of doing the same in Aberdeen BnB owners need to move with the times
  10. There are 220 under offer and 49 sold at the time of writing, 269 total, no might be, actual fact. Normally takes 6-8 weeks to go from under offer to officially sold, not several months. How about this though, many houses that go under offer sometimes have “sold” plastered across the sign immediately when they’re technically only under offer, mines have, work that one out lol That one in Stonehaven is a belter, I know those flats well and would be a very nice place to have but I would say it is worth £3k per square meter in current climate, £200,000 would be generous. Let’s keep an eye on it
  11. Yawn, change the record 220 in this same price range are under offer, including my new one and the one i’ve completed on Very soon after they are marked as sold they disappear for good, how do I know? An estate agent with a special estate agent log in to ASPC was showing me the pages we can’t see.
  12. nah you’re lying too mate, total fantasy, opposite of what I want to believe *joking
  13. I’m not going to post a link to my house or the one i’ve just bought for obvious reasons. I’m pleased to say it will be my forever home and I definitely couldn't have afforded it back in 2013 when I last bought. What I will say is that a big house with a decent garden that’s been valued in last couple of months will sell at or very near to valuation in a short time. Look back a couple of pages to April when someone else was saying the same. Why not go into any estate agent in Aberdeen / shire and have a chat? They’re obliged to show you the info you can’t see on ASPC like number of days to sell, valuation, floor area and sale price if you’re friendly enough.
  14. If you exclude under offer and sold properties there are only 5384 for sale Work that one out lol
  15. As an example, search under AB15, scroll down a bit and bingo 2 under offer that were both listed less than 2 weeks ago https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/379511/72-North-Anderson-Drive/Aberdeen/ https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/379544/26-Concraig-Gardens/Aberdeen/ But of course you all know best
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