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  1. Many of the house price crash related predictions over the last six months have not come true. The house price crash predictions have just not happened. I would say that a property crash is unlikely to occur in the next five years. Home owners in general are very unwilling to drop their price and this fact has been severely underestimated. I have looked at a few properties recently and all of them uttered those immortal words 'and house prices only go up you know'. At the moment I do not see any events in 2006 that will make the housing market crash. There will be some negative economic new
  2. Increased confidence in the housing market looks set to boost prices in some areas of the country this year according to estate agents. Figures from mortgage lender Alliance & Leicester show that the average house price has soared from £101,550 five years ago to £189,852 now – an 87% hike. But market stagnation means prices across most of the UK have remained relatively flat in recent months. There are indications that this will change in 2006, however, at least in some parts of the country. Savills, an estate agent, believes that prime central London property – or homes in the cap
  3. The 2006 housing market is set to be the most stable for many years, with the lowest level of price growth and smallest number of sales for over a decade. Experts have rarely been so unanimous. Almost all say a soft landing has taken place, so the threat of a crash has been discounted, even by the most pessimistic consultancies. Now most commentators say there will be modest growth this year: 4 per cent according to property website Rightmove; or 3 per cent (Nationwide); or 2.5 per cent (estate agent Knight Frank). Property consultancy Savills says there will be no overall change at all, alt
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