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  1. How would you feel if somebody said something so offensive about the italians. I remember you said your wife was Italian, and I want you to think how you would feel.
  2. I thought abbey wood was renamed the Olympic village in 2012, or was that thamesmead!
  3. Didn't tongue come in a tin, I was always horrified at how it looked. Spam fritters were to die for, and chicken hearts too!
  4. Totally agree with your post. i have a feeling gov policy is to continue the devaluation, if our pots, cups, plates and other manufactured goods are going to compete with those from India on cost after brexit, the £ needs to fall much further - parity with the rupee by 2020!
  5. Look, you influence many here on the foamy mouth side, and you are aware that FOM actually isn't that bad. It doesn't stop the uk providing health care for all its citizens, that is a political decision, it doesn't stop the creation of social housing, that is a political decision, it doesn't stop the provision of school places, that is a political decision, it doesn't create the requirement to pay for university education, that is a political decision, it doesn't cause higher public transport costs, that is a political decision etc - yet still you pedal an argument that raises the tempreture
  6. I actually fully agree with you! How unsettling for us both ?. German, Austrian and French nationalism is very much on the rise, so and chance of a successful uk exit has to be minimised, after all if uk hasn't got to play by the full rules, why would anyone else. So the eu must make our exit difficult, unless we accept FOM (which I have no problem with), we will loose our trade concessions. The Irish border agreement goes back to the 1920s and the last but one lib con government (another disaster), and if Ireland retains its FOM, well the northern Irish issue for the uk may well be res
  7. I do the same, but if you were buying a new car, or second hand one, you might well need to save first or borrow. Running budget surpluses is unacceptable to the public, tax cuts demanded, so you have to borrow. Now you will have your own opinion about HS2, nuclear weapon and a new runway, as have I, but you simply cannot pay for things such as this on a monthly basis, particularly when the "benefits" are calculated in decades. As long as you don't borrow too much, no problem.
  8. Well that is too simplistic in its thinking - borrowing bad, saving good. Sometimes we run budget surpluses, and sometimes we don't, no big deal. The total national debt is easily handled at present, and if you are investing in massive national infrastructure projects, of course you need to borrow. The funny thing is that due to the paranoia of the public and to enable politicians to pretend to be prudent, rather than borrow to build power stations so as to avoid the cost appearing on our balance sheets, we get the Chinese and French to pay for them - that really is selling out the next f
  9. Interest payments on the national debt are actually pretty small in the scheme of things http://www.ukpublicspending.co.uk/uk_total_spending_pie_chart
  10. I think you make some good points. Interestingly, I think there are fewer than 150k refugees in the whole of the U.K. Now undoubtedly there is a bit of an issue in mainland Europe, there isn't one in the uk or in the whole island of Ireland.
  11. I think he is talking about America, between you and me, that is a different county.
  12. What would you feed them? I know that refugees only eat finest steaks at present.
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