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  1. How would you feel if somebody said something so offensive about the italians. I remember you said your wife was Italian, and I want you to think how you would feel.
  2. I am reading up a bit more on tax credits too, jury is still out on that one, but if I was wrong about LHA, I could be wrong there too.
  3. ? I am a big fan of his, I just wish he came across better on tv. I think he was always a brexiter too, but missed a trick during the vote, he'd be riding high if he had made his position clear.
  4. Well you are correct, f it happened one place it will have happened across the country. I am pretty shocked by it actually. Good find.
  5. Just looked that up, it's pretty good evidence in support of cunningplans argument. I thought it might be more complex, but looks like I was wrong.
  6. Wow your so clever, I am really impressed. Wow, bet your a really big success in life, I wish I was you.
  7. Had a good think about this, Gordon brown's reform of HB to LHA calculates payments locally, so your question is unaswerable I think.
  8. Happy to if you tell me what your talking about? Upon what do you want me to provide evidence?
  9. Yup, your back on the undeserving poor argument. I have banned my dad from reading the daily mail, perhaps you should put it down too. Transfer of wealth from the richest to the poorest is critical to society, you don't want to see pot bellied kids on the streets do you? You don't really want to see homeless families living on the streets do you? So while you may pay a little, you get a place you don't mind living in too much. Also, don't forget all the benefits you receive from the tax you pay too, whether that is social services, parks, the police etc etc. Why would you do that? What benefit would there be in doing so, HB is based on local averages lower end, why would you change that?
  10. Right to buy remains a massive scandal, which was just a hung for votes. race card, ha ha ha, very funny. If anyone feels they wish to discuss criminality in sections of society i am game. However, simple criminal related stereotypes based on anecdotes I will challenge. I remember arguing with the BNP about their claims that 96% of rapes were committed by BME, they too argued I was using the race card! Oh the cheek of it, still the BNP has gone (Nick griffin really did have a swivel eye). So if anyone makes an unsubstantiated claim about a minority, of course I will continue to challenge it, as you should too.
  11. Yeah troll! Yeah troll! Yeah he's a troll coz he doesn't value made up stuff I say. Look if your anecdote is that you don't like foreigners coz of stuff, then ****** off. If you want a sensible conversation fine. Please do not waste my time with anecdotes.
  12. Quite a few good arguments there. Did you know that our tax credits are based on those introduced in the 1970s in America, so they are tried and tested and work when administered properly. i can give you examples of good parents who have looked after their children well on tax credits, and started full time work as soon as their child has left home. Seeing only bad in people can become rather addictive, most people I the world aren't evil, nasty and money grubbing, although of course some are, the majority are not; society would collapse if they were. incidently, I have never met an MP I have liked, all ego and no values, horrible people - these are the exception to the people of the para above. The problem is that those who want to be an MP are often the worst people for the job, far better to draw lots like for jury duty, then real people would decide on laws and policy. tax credits do work, and do get abused, but without some form of income redistribution you are arguing for a return to Victorian style suffering.
  13. Anecdotal evidence isn't very convincing in the scheme of things, it's nothing more than a sumation by an individual, and most often incorrect. Lucky we don't have the death penalty and accept anecdotal evidence in court in many ways.
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