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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itvJybdcYbI ^If you can wait 10 years, then you can sit through 2.07 minutes of this. "PLEASE SING" along in a lonely quiet dark room with a bottle of whisky....[hiccup] ---- And so I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bed Just to get it all out, what's in my head And I, I am feeling a little peculiar And so I wake in the morning and I step outside And I take A deep breath and I get real high And I scream from the top of my lungs, What's goin' on And I say hey, hey, hey, hey hey Hey, hey, hey I said hey, what's goin' on And I say hey, hey, hey, hey hey Hey, hey, hey I said hey, what's goin' on And he tries oh my God, do I try I try all the time in this institution And he prays oh my God, do I pray I pray every single day FOR REVOLUTION! And I say hey, hey, hey, hey hey Hey, hey, hey I said hey, what's goin' on Don't cry out loud Just keep it inside Learn how to hide your feelings (Hey, hey, hey, hey hey) (Hey, hey) HEY EY EY I say HEY What's goin' on YEAH
  2. I m surprised that Goldman hasn't sent out one there top people in a black Limo and pay him to shut up really. A few million dollars would be small change to Goldmansachs. OR they don't need to because they know they can't continue to rip everyone off and there's nothing anybody can do about it.
  3. On October 23rd, the communists began an uprising in Hamburg. With memories of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 still fresh in the memories of Germans, this must have set alarms bells furiously ringing. Was Weimar Germany about to go the way of Tsarist Russia? The message racing through the minds of many a panicked German must have been “Get out of here!†and spare no expense in doing so! Tales of mass executions and the often violent expropriation of wealth by Lenin and his cohorts surely would have focused the minds of wealthy Germans on getting their wealth changed into a form that was easily transportable and that could only mean gold. With an equivalent amount of silver weighing about sixteen times as much, it seems quite apparent that demand for gold skyrocketed whilst other forms of tangible but more cumbersome wealth were traded in for gold to the extent that people were prepared to give up 90% of their assets to accommodate this dectupling of the gold price. http://seekingalpha.com/article/10885-gold...-weimar-germany
  4. Ah Cameo appearance in Dawn of the Dead Part 2 Financial Apocalypse. I heard make up did not have to do that much.
  5. We're 10x richer now though shurely? £35K annual wage some people get. We've never had it better.
  6. You just keep re-mortgaging? People are still doing that in their 50s - it's free money. Then hope hyperinflation erodes the debt away! Woohoo! Happy days are here again.
  7. And like houseprice increases will erode away interest only mortgages in ten years. *SNIGGER*
  8. In true mollycudly style. Call centre reply - "It wasn't your fault that the global economy collapsed. No one saw that coming. Of course you deserved that BMW 3 series whilst working on the tills at XXXXX*. I am sure the bank will happily consolidate your £50K on credit cards, and re-arrange a suitable repayment schedule. Remember it started in America" *Insert shut down highstreet shop.
  9. New this month July 09 http://www.iapt.nhs.uk/services/nhs-credit...nch-stressline/ NHS Credit Crunch Stressline Tel: 0300 123 2000 In an economic downturn, more people suffer from distress, depression and anxiety. They are worried about jobs, worried about debt, and worried about housing. Early support for their emotional wellbeing will prevent them having more serious problems and expert advice will help them to get their lives back on track. The National Health Service (NHS) set up a dedicated helpline in July 2009 for people who are stressed by the credit crunch, to supplement and link with the range of help already available. The NHS Credit Crunch Stressline is staffed by health advisers who will assess people over the phone and give them the resources they need to overcome their difficulties – which may include referring them to other sources of help about the issues causing their distress. In offering this service, the NHS Credit Crunch Stressline aims to ease demand on the precious time and resources of other parts of the NHS and other services during the economic downturn. The Stressline will 1. listen to you 2. offer you useful information you can trust 3. guide you through your crisis 4. help you to get back in control of your life Leaflet here http://www.iapt.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/...-stressline.pdf
  10. Dictator of Europe. Comand and conquer. It was an invasion by stealth. All hail our mighty leader.
  11. The Woolworths establishment will now be a 99p store in Lymington High Street. Can you imagine the realignment of noses on the breaking of the news? There was uproar when Argos tried moving in, but can you imagine the reaction to a 99p store! Oh the shame! A 99p store right near to Marks and Spencer, the expensive clothes shops, 4* Star restaurants, and Coffee houses. My god, the High street has been taken down a few pegs, right down to Boscombe levels. Lymington will never live it down. Oh dear!
  12. Ah so that is were Cgano went. FURTHER FALLS IN HOUSEPRICES IS 100% GUARANTEED in his famous words.
  13. C'mon - why don't they arrange volunteers to keep the parks up to scratch? There's plenty of unemployed people doing absolutely nothing, getting down, fat and spiralling lower into depression. It's a great way to get the community together cleaning the parks, cutting the grass etc. All for free of course. Perhaps, the volunteers will get good experience in working outdoors, which can be used to find work in the future. Win, win situation.
  14. Good post. I suspect there is such a change, most on here would be able to adapt. The rest of us, I suspect not. These things go in cycles, life challenges its players, always.
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