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  1. This whole thing should just be called 'Man should have got references but didn't and got shafted.' Presumably there was some benefit to him for not checking her out? To be honest I'm not sure who seems more hateful, the entitled landlord or the crooked tenant.
  2. The twitter comments are pretty scathing. I seriously cannot fathom who thought that was a good article.
  3. My old man lives in Melbourne. He says that the flats tanking in value is because normally they are full of students but currently aren't. Whether it's true or not I have no idea but that's his explanation. It's quite scary what's happening in Australia and New Zealand because it shows there is always more the government can do to prop things up.
  4. Surely with the cost of housing and 2 incomes being required to pay for it the birth rate is declining. It looks like the figures bear that out. Births in the UK (per woman) peaked in 1965 at 2.93 and were 1.68 in 2018. It's a well known misunderstanding that global population will carry on rising when the figures just don't bear this out. Even in developing countries, the birth rates have dropped massively. Take Iran. 1980 was 6.48. 2018 was 2.14 I recommend a book called Factfulness by Hans Rosling.
  5. I think that's pretty much what they have in France, if you get laid off your benefits are a high % of your previous salary for a certain period of time.
  6. Sorry I didn't meant the intervention is the problem as such more that everyone expects intervention now each time there is a 'crisis'.
  7. That sounds about right. Most likely would be a bit of both I'm guessing. I think it will reach the point where there is two tiers of benefits: 1: Those on regular benefits from before Covid getting bugger all 2: Those still on furlough or (Insert your own new program name) and kept in stasis on 2K ish per month. I can't see that ending well.
  8. I thought it was related to how long you'd lived in the property. Once you've lived there for the prescribed length amount of time, you go and buy another place and rent out the old house. You then sell the old house to your own Ltd company. I'd be happy to be wrong about this although it might explain some of the current weird activity.
  9. This same idea crossed my mind. If the person had also lived in the property and became an accidental landlord then no capital gains tax would be payable on their gains. The stamp duty was the only thing stopping them moving it into a ltd company. It's criminal, they seem to have given all the landlords a back door out and avoid all the S24 issues.
  10. Nothing in that article about reforming the banking system. They need to stop private banks from creating money out of thin air.
  11. I agree that a lot of redundancies are being put off due to the furlough scheme for all the reasons others have given plus the simple burying of the head in the sand that goes on. There will definitely be a clearing out of old wood now that employers can see who's needed and who's not. It's going to be classic closing jaws of unemployment increasing and tax revenue falling
  12. He was on radio 2 today promoting his book. In fairness Jeremy Vine confronted him a bit about house price increases being related to QE and he basically just said that the alternative was worse. His defence was pathetic. This was while I was en route to a house viewing for an impossibly overpriced house in need of full renovation, no central heating and still with the poor old dear's pictures of her grandchildren and other general clutter in place. 10 viewings today apparently. The agent apologised for the conveyor belt. As a legit homeless person (living at my office) it's a tad frustrating!
  13. The comments aren't too flattering! It seriously seems like a parody as one of the commenter said. The earnest look and padded barbour jacket LOL The sense of entitlement is simply staggering.
  14. It's something I've often wondered. In theory all you are depriving the bank of is the interest. The principle only existed for the purposes of generating the interest. I know understand where the phrase 'licence to print money' comes from!
  15. Seriously the current system can't be predicated on that. It's just not realistic.
  16. My old man is a vet and he has been talking about this for some time. He says that they aren't rescue, just 'cheap' dogs that come from very dodgy sources which may or may not be Romania (often they are from Welsh puppy farms) He was really annoyed because one of the vet nurses he works with got one of these. It came from a dodgy flat in Basingtoke but allegedly had a sad back story that it was rescued from Romania. The problem is most pet owners just think of their own needs first or what they would like if they were a dog (good luck with that!) It's the same with choice of breed. Selfishness often trumps empathy for the animal itself.
  17. I visited a mortgage advisor this week. I'm self employed and he explained that the lenders were asking a lot more questions of self employed people including: -Copies of business bank statements to verify that the business hasn't been affected by C-19. -Negative view taken for any businesses in receipt of government support. The story he told was that prior to covid I would have had no issues but that they are now looking upon the self employed much more skeptically. Our choices are now a lot more limited so a lot of other peoples will be too. The story he told was in stark contrast to the agent talking up the 'mini boom'.
  18. Judging by the number of people I've spoken to who've received grants, bounceback loans etc there is a lot of cash sloshing around at the moment burning a hole in people's pockets. The whole thing is total insanity. As far as props go, a number of the people I know who are in receipt of bounceback loans have mentioned that they only took them on the basis that they are expecting some debt forgiveness in the future....
  19. I have to say this thought did cross my mind. We rent an industrial unit for our business which is 'worth' around 120K so 50K would be nearly enough for 50% deposit (as I understand it what the depsits normally are) There are brand new empty units on our estate. The fly in the ointment is after the first year we would end up paying a lot more back every month that we do now in rent so not really of any benefit especially considering commercial property generally depreciates. With the renting I can just keep moving to new units as and when my old one gets ratty.
  20. Couldn't agree more, I'm a lurker here but really felt like I could have written crumblingcon's post myself. I'm an online seller via my own website and various marketplaces. It's like constantly studying for a degree to keep up with policy changes, New programs, tax etc etc. The idea that someone could just borrow some money and sit back and earn what on the face of it seems like amazing money without doing anything particularly productive seems naive. I've lost count of the number of times I've had people preaching to me about their property savvy while using every fallacy under the sun.
  21. Slightly O/T but I was watching BBC Business this morning and they were discussing the Snap IPO. They had some professional investor guy on there and they asked him what the best investment he ever made was... His reply.. 'my house' Cue breakfast thrown at the TV!
  22. Totally this. You couldn't make it up, seems no-one has learned anything.
  23. A valid point I never considered to be honest. Surely their usual MO of overvaluing to get the deal surely makes this tricky as the agents trying to get sellers to reduce their expectations are likely to be the ones that are given less instructions. I agree about greedy people though, they often don't fully understand the market price for something so can easily have their greed turned against them by someone that does.
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